Working dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

In the dream you were working, you have to ask yourself: What kind of work was it? Did you enjoy or give you satisfaction? All these questions will give you correct interpretation.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if self working – This dream means success when you use your own energy;
  • Support if see others at work – This dream signifies that you are surrounded by hopeful circumstances which may help you to reach your goals;
  • News if look for new job – In the dream you are looking for a new job, this dream marks that you will have interesting meeting and will get news.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Better life if see someone working – The dream announces that you will have good business and this will make your life better.

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  1. I had ended up going to work n it wasnt at my usual job site, im a floater so i always do something dirernt anyways its just i was lined up with the crew n my mannager at this unknown event. I stood infront of my coworkers n i only noticed the women coworker n how pretty they were when i reached to check the contents of my pockets i noticed i didnt have my pants or boxers… I grabbed my junk n i reachd down as if my pants dropped n i found a long black cloth like a curtan at my ankes so i pickd it up n tied it like a towel around my bottom half but i had my work shirt on n badge n my boots nothing i did or how i tied it nothing kept it up eventually the curtan wás at my ankles even when i began working and people notice my dick but they admired it but without pointing it out but i felt i just had to finish work n then i could finally get home n get boxers n pants because my boss was short handed n needed me to work so i couldnt even be right back even though i lived around the corner.after a while i didnt even care i wasnt wear anything i just workd walkd around conversated but i ended up going into a building n it turnd into a bedroom that i had never seen but it was warm n i think it was my room but i got boxers n took my shirt off n stood in a farmiliar hallway with the feeling of friends around me but it faded out n i woke up…. I dont know what it means but thats my dream.