Workplace dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Comfort or Dissatisfaction We spend most of our day with work, and the workplace is really very important to us. While working to feel comfortable then it stands as a symbol of confirmation, stability and reward. To have negative feelings and feel not so pleased then this stands for degradation and dismay.

Your attitude to work To work in an office or a factory the workplace probably sometime appears in dreams. The images of the own workplace represent your relation with this work, a particular problem or more generally the feelings or the attitude to your own life.

Personal problems To be surrounded by many people or colleagues, typewriters or computers that work in full swing. This means a lot of problems, which do not necessarily connected with own work. This may be that you have worries in your relations or in family affairs.

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  1. Dreamt at work and one of the organisation drivers came and looked straight into my face and told me that he wanted to have sex with me. He was serious and manhandled me but I overpowered him and started assaulting his testicles with a bottle until he lost power. He fell down and he went away.

    The second dream during the same night I dreamt of my human resources manager clinging on my back. i tried to shack him off but i failed. It seemed he was trying to possess me. It was like I was carrying a child on my back.