Work/Working dream meanings

General Meanings:

Need to finish work The task to do work signifies unfinished work in your real life. You had huge plans or desires and now you have to be more active and to continue your work and you will reach everything. You work hard to reach your goals in the dream, this denotes the importance of this task. On the other hand, over-exertion may also marks as a self-punishment.

Psychological Meanings:

Fear to fail The dream symbol of work may be a sign of stress and worries at work. When you are looking for new work in your dream, this may indicate that you are afraid to meet new challenges in your life. You have to trust yourself, to find the strategy and to make a plan. Only then you will get back your confidence and will be ready to implement everything.

Need for rest On the other hand, such a dream may show that you are tired and now you need to relax. You have to leave your work problems at work, do not bring them home and try to relax with the most important persons in your life.

Spiritual Meanings:

The twelve works of Hercules supposedly represent the movements of the Sun through the twelve signs of the zodiac. They symbolize efforts of a man to implement their own work.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Success if dream of work –  To dream a work is a good sign of success for your own life;
  • Good future if do work (no matter what type) – In the dream you do any type of work, this is a very favorable sign for a successful future;
  • Exploited people if let other work for you – In the dream other people work for you, this marks that you use people for your own purposes and this will not bring you happiness and satisfaction of your life;
  • Fear of challenges if looking for new job – In the dream you are looking for new work or occupation, this denotes that you are afraid to meet new challenges in your current work, you are afraid to fail;
  • Concentrate if apply for different work – When you apply for new position in your dream, this means that you have to focus on your aims and try to reach them;
  • Work harder if dream your own work – This dream is a sign that you have to work harder in order to implement your desires and projects;
  • Need to relax if tired at work – This dream warns you, that you are too tired and now it is time to relax.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Success if work and enjoy – This dream shows that you will succeed in everything;
  • Need of changes if work hard – In the dream you work hard without satisfaction, this indicates that you do not like your job and now you may need to change it.

* Please, see meaning of files, healing.

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  1. I am currently retired on medical grounds. However I keep having a recurrent dream that I’m back at school/collage. In this dream the deadline for a final project /thesis is approaching. However i still have a small piece of work left unfinished. This panics me so much in the dream that I’m unable to complete it. In the dream I’m aware that I’ve had the dream before.