Worms dream meanings


– Decomposition & insignificance. Degradation & irrelevance. Disintegration & unimportance.


– Where in my life I am prepared to assert myself?

In general:

In its basic meaning, the worm can stand for the penis. Depending on the gender of the dreamer and his attitude toward sexuality, the worm may be perceived as threatening. Worm stands for sexual and other impulses, which can even reject them as low and suppressed. In a broader sense it may symbolize the past, the new comes, often related to manure.


The invertebrate reptile, which we see in the dream, may indicate our helplessness in a particular case in waking life, because we’re a helpless worm. Or, if the worm eats something, then this dream could point to the conscientious worm that gnaws at us. The worm in dream also can express feelings of ineffectiveness and unimportance (in relation to the dreamer or someone else). If the worm is larger than a man, then this can be close to feelings of inferiority. If the dreamer sees the piles that arises when an earthworm eats soil and excreted, so he has to do with an image of transformation. It shows him that he can change his life and do something more fruitful. It may be that the dream consciousness with this image of sexual desires, which the dreamer is considered immoral and indicating his guilt.


To transfer (hand over) the worms is a metaphor for death. The dreamer should therefore be prepared, that something will occur on the spiritual level and it may soon change.


– Dreaming that you are eating worms: you will get transitional sojourners and collect pension money from them.
– Separate worms from someone through the anus: he will be saved from worry and annoying people.
– Dreaming that you remove worms from wounds: you will be richer.
– To see: you will be experiencing horrible things, you will be exposing yourself by carelessness of an inconvenience;
– Also to see worm in dream: threat of an unpleasant opponent, and one must beware of dishonest people and confidence in own decisions rather on his own intuition, and you must get rid of an onerous problem;
– To see worms in food: you have an enemy;
– To kill worm: you will be freed from an evil.

– General: meaning is not always clear. Sometimes can also be understood as erotic-sexual symbol.
– But the meaning, when worm eaten fruit in dream, is clear: intrigues, evil enemies to harm, risk of infectious diseases;
– To see worm or worms in dream: someone is hurt intentionally or unintentionally; Also: friend or acquaintance is becomimg more unpleasant, possibly that someone undermining your position; Also: strange premonition of a plague, but it still in dark burrows;
– Dreaming that you search worms for fishing: promises profit and success;
– To use worm as fish bait: ability to use even hostile forces for your own good;
– To see tapeworm, or even have tapeworms in stomach (or any other part of body): there are poor prospects for your own health and vitality;
– If young woman is dreaming, that worms crawl over her, she will tend to pay for a marriage. If she shake off worms of the animals, she will free herself from the material lethargy and lead to a good and meaningful life.

– Dreaming, that your stomach is filled with worms, which fatten themselves in it, a lot of foreigners will come to your house and endure for so long can until they drop to you a nuisance;
– General for woman: woman will go whoring and may become pregnant.
– To look at someone and his whole body is full of hungry worms, he is unwilling to grant to other people living;
– If poor man is dreaming worms, then he will come according to the amount of worms to this amount of money.
– To see: you can hope for good counsel;
– To have worms: pay attention to your health;
– Dreaming of worm-eaten wood (furniture): by secret hostility you will suffer damage.

Russian dreambook:

Worms interpretation by The Russian Dream Book

To dream about worms symbolizes an inheritance or a new acquaintance with a rich man.

The New Family dreambook:

  • If the dreamer have dreamed about worms, then the reality says that dishonest people will try to intrigue him.
  • Aspirations and hopes of a young woman who dreamed that worms crawling on her, will always be attached with something physical. Usually if she managed to kill or discard those worms, then in reality she will tend to the spiritual and moral values.
  • If the dreamer have used worms as bait for fish, portends that his ingenuity will help him to outwit enemies.
  • The dreamer should consider that sometimes dream about worms could be seen as a call: look after of your health!

Shuvalov dreambook:

Worms dream meaning by Shuvalov

The author says that dreaming of worms is the first sign which warns about accumulation of negative experiences, lack of balance between what is desirable and necessary. Worms in dream also can be evidence of negative effects or conflict in family and work.

Antique French dreambook:

Dream Interpretation about Worms by Old French Dream Book

Worms (mulberry silkworms):
Silkworms, that were dreamed of, mean that friends will give you a hand in difficult circumstances when you will be aming for help.

Chinese dreambook:

Meanings of worms in dreams from The Chinese Dream Book by Zhou Gong

Earthworms represents  happiness that is related to life in a village.

East women’s dreambook:

Worms dream meanings by Oriental women’s dream book

This dream foretells that the dreamer should be aware of selfish friends. If the dreamer is a young woman and the worms crawling on her, it means that she is looking to attain a material well-being. If the dreamer wipes the worms away or even kills them, then there is a possibility that she will disappoint the material side of life, and will pay attention with all of her strengths on trying to obtain particular spiritual values.

Velez dreambook:

Worm dream interpretation by Velez

Dreaming of worms – possible success in love, relationships and also the mercy which you will give to someone, especially, if being in relationships.

Miller dreambook:

Worm dream meanings by Gustavus Hindman Miller

  • To dream about worms means that you will be suffering from consequences, which will be made by dishonest people.
  • If a young woman sees in a dream that worms crawl through her – the dream suggests that her hopes and aspirations will always be associated with something physical. If she kills or throws the worms away, therefore she will be able to get rid of material significance and will be capable of concentrating into more valuable purposes such as harmony and peace on her mind.
  • If the dreamer use worms as a bait for fishing, it foretells that his or her quick thinking while dealing with past mistakes will bring him or her joy and happiness.
  • The dreamer must consider, that sometimes dreaming about worms warns about health, which might be at risk.

Tsvetkov dreambook:

Worm dream interpretation by Tsvetkov

Worm can be interpreted as:

  • Sudden death – (rare case scenario) if a lot of worms in dream were very disgustful ;
  • Beware of levity;
  • Angry friends – if worms was crawling through the grass.

Modern dreambook:

Meanings of worms in dreams by Contemporary Dream Book

  • To dream of worms means that you are awaiting for intrigues from your surroundings. Your gut tells you, that there is something about to happen very soon.
  • For a young lady to dream of worms that are crawling on her, means that the dreamer seeks to achieve a material well-being. If she swipes those worms away or destroys them, she will be disappointed at the material aspects of her life, and all of the effort will be focused on the achievement of moral and spiritual values.
  • Fish that is covered by worms means that you will have to concentrate on every detail and prepare yourself to be smart, because ingenuity of your enemies will try to make your life as a disaster.

Meneghetti dreambook:

Meanings of worms in dreams from Italian dreambook by Meneghetti

Dream about worms indicates:
Most common explanation indicates a subtle, deeply hidden negativity. Worms might symbolize negativity towards obedient, dependent, loving and kind man, which might be you. In some cases, the image of worms reveals the state of your mind that ”has been eaten” by someone or something. This feeling would be felt mostly by women, as they are the ones who suffer a lot from feelings and different emotions.

Azara dreambook:

Interpretation of dream about Worm by Azar

  • Worms (most common) – frivolity will bring you troubles;
  • Intestinal worms in dream – the joy;
  • Worms were eating the tree – damages and losses;
  • Killing the worms – escape from trouble.

Assyrian dreambook:

The Assyrian Dream Book interpretation about worms

If a person eats worms in his dream – he will achieve great success and the triumph of great honor will be waiting for him.

* Please, see also interpretation of Earth and phallus in dreams.

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  1. I dreamt I was maneuvering some large earthworms, they were the size that a common adult snake would be. I was showing my cousin how friendly they were but also that I want afraid to handle them, they did seem to me out of place, but coming to the end of it all, though I was handling these earthworms one of them gently nipped my finger, then when I looked properly had a definite head and open mouth, and screamed!! An unbearable scream. I woke up.

    • You should heed your dreams though.
      They are your true inner projections being played in Ultra 4k display. You used the word ‘can’t’, which is a synonym for self-denial.

    • You should heed your dreams though. The are true projections of you subconscious in 4k Ultra HD. You used the word ‘can’t’, which is a synonym for self-denial. When you are consciously aware of your subconscious you can repair what’s needed.

  2. I had a dream i was pushing worms out of my skin…but from my pelvic belly button area. I mean i spent half a day freaking out about these worms coming out of my belly! I was on searching for people for help… if i pulled them out they kind of sucked back in but if i pushed like exerted they would make a complete exit.i was moving quickly…i ended up in this el dorado dam looking thing…with tunning water sliding down …like the dream went from kind of a slow day to a very fast finish. With the stress from these worms and exhaustion from looking down at them in disgust…i was panting and awaiting the end of this waterslide like tunnel. There was many people at the bottom and for some reason a tree…i climbed the tree when i reached the top i could feel a triumphant cry in my teeth…i could hear the emotions from the stand byers applauding heroism. And that was it..i dont know if the worms had all cleared… it was like if i ran fast enough and in the comfort of these people i could be saved.

  3. I’m in my 50’s don’t smoke or drink and I dreamed of little white worms and 2 big worms brown coming out out my mouth the white worms just kept on coming out and two big ones too . what dose it mean ? I never have dream of worms coming out of my mouth it was scary . please let me know soon . I already have heatlh problems heart attack long ago . I take meds for it

  4. Ok, so I had a dream that three (or maybe two, I don’t remember well) giant worms were crawling at the top of the wall. They were striped and seemed to be moving together? Like they were joined or something. Does this mean anything significant?

  5. I dreamt that i was looking in the mirrior and i saw this thick wriggling string-like shape beneath the surbface of my eyeball. So i stuck my fingers into my eye and grabbed a hold of it. I pulled and pulled and out came a thick grey worm. I had to dig into my eye 3 more times. Then i woke up. In the dream I felt disgusted but also very determined to get all of the worm out. I’ve never had a dream like this before… What couldn it mean?

  6. I dreamt that i was looking in the mirrior and i saw this thick wriggling string-like shape beneath the surbface of my eyeball. So i stuck my fingers into my eye and grabbed a hold of it. I pulled and pulled and out came a thick grey worm. I had to dig into my eye 3 more times. Then i woke up. In the dream I felt disgusted but also very determined to get all of the worm out. I’ve never had a dream like this before. What couldn it mean?

  7. I saw twice the same dream , and everytime i wake up afraid … i saw that small worms came from my body , from my chest , and I was trying to pull them out and to kill them … at that time I wasn’t upset , i was happy and playing , i didn’t care about the worm, but after that I went to bathroom to remove them from my body … please help me to get explanation for this dream , as soon as you can

  8. I was with an old high school friend. He is a guy I foresee getting married and disappearing into his marriage… Actually he already has. So the fact that we were hanging out was kind of a big deal to me. We had eaten someplace and then we were going to buy a CD at a record shop. Pink Floyd was playing… And there was a Pink Floyf CD Anthology on display. We looked at it briefly then went back to browsing the other CD’s. Something else came up… And then I was supposed to purchase it and get “cash back,” this probably in reference to a situation I had the previous day, being without cash and wanting to leave a tip for my masseuse.

    Anyway suddenly I am making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich while my friend patiently waits. There are some paper towels but not enough to wrap in sufficiently.

    I find a couple of strangers sitting at a picnic table… The scene has shifted to a backyard patio. There is a roll of tin foil on the table. I ask the patrons if I may use the foil. There is some chatter about who left it there. Then one of the anonymous figures says “yeah sure go ahead.” As I am wrapping it he says, “you might want to look out there is a worm in your sandwich.” I look into the foil and sure enough there is a large earthworm slithering into the sandwich. It is on top of the bread though not inside… The patrons are clearly disgusted and I have to remain poised as I grab it with my thumb and forefinger.

    Finally I grab it and yank it out quickly, and fling it wildly across the patio… It lands underneath another picnic bench where no one is sitting. No the light is shining a little more clearly and I see it, moving and squirming around.

    I think the dream has to do with my land lady. The sandwich was made with the kind of cheap, wheat bread that she uses. And I felt as if she was giving me the stink eye yesterday because I didn’t have my rent money. My car broke down so I haven’t had a chance to get to the ATM.

    The dream about my friend might represent the fact that I have always regarded him as a close friend, but this is probably unrequited. He is moving on with his life and girlfriend. I have acknowledged it but internally i think i am still reorienting myself around that. I’ve already prepared myself not to be surprised if I am not invited to their wedding (his girlfriend hates my guts; no matter how civilized we might act it is plain as day).

  9. I’d a dream of a fat long worm was crawling in and out from a one big peach fruit I went took the knife and cutting it open in half so that I can kill that worm before I eat it. Then the worm came out with a man head with a worm body. I was a little hesitate to chop the head of cuz it was a human head worm body but then I decided to chop the head of anyway and I was doing it fast so it doesn’t feels the pain. So what’s that dream meant for me? Please I want to know. Thanks.

  10. I dreamt of earthworms coming out my sandwich and fruit that im holding, 1 crawled on my hand but threw it because im really afraid of worms even just seeing it. Then, 1 worm crawling towards the garden. I even offered the sandwich to my aunt but worms (3-4) still coming out, i felt so disgusted and sorry for i offered grossed food.

  11. I dreamt that I had just had a baby and things were all going well. I go to run a bath though and there was water already in the tub but it was full of worms and maggots all dying and bleeding and some still squirming. I let the water out to try to drain the worms away and then I wake up.

  12. i just dream that there are too many little white worms coming out in my skin…they are in my face and arms and im trying to wipe them specially in my face area

  13. I just dreamt that I had a worm in ny left eye… I looked at it in the mirror and I saw that the worm was attached to my eye in one end, like it was biting my eye….
    When I tried to pull it out, it splitted in half and blood started to come out of the remaining half that was still in my eye… But it was human-looking blood
    I just woke up really freaked out

  14. I had a dream that there was a long white worm across my chest and right arm. The worm was cut in half and the half with the head on it was seeking affection from the other half and I was trying to shake it off. I have been going through some internal conflicts with the current relationship that I am in, may be related to this. I am seeking help with interpreting this dream.

  15. i am always dreaming about worms..long sometyms color brown..sometyms white .in my dreams its coming out of my hands.shoulder or face.and i have holes removing those worms.it really alarms me and im so afraid.pls help me.

  16. I dreamt that I caught a large blue worm diving in and out of the ground about 5ft long and like 6-12 inches wide with pinchers and trying to get a crawling baby. I caught the worm and stabbed it in half but found that it got the baby’s foot. The baby ended up being ok and the foot was surgically put back on the baby but the sick part was that I got the large worm surgically inserted into my head like I had a huge bulge off the back of my head and on the tip was the worm pinchers sticking out. The pinchers were like dead and crusty. But the worm would glow through my skin except the part where I stabbed it so there was like a dark spot and then glowing on either side. This was like a huge oblong bulge off the back of my head and it was my prized possession because I caught this amazing one of a kind animal. It was like a trophy for me. But in the end of the dream the bulge was like sagging and I could feel the pinchers that stuck out of it touching my upper back and neck and I get totally disgusted with it and immediately snipped a skinny cord made of skin around my neck to get rid of it but then I woke up. Very very disgusting dream. Any advice? I can’t stop thinking about it.

    • But to add I felt sadness and remorse having to snip the cord but I was so disgusted I had to. And in real life I hate worms that’s why I keep cringing at the dream.

  17. I read this text and I was pretty unsure with what my dreams means.
    I didn’t remember where it started and how, but I dreamed about that I was going to eat an apple.
    Then I saw a tiny hole, had a second thought of not eating it since it might be a worm.
    Then I saw the worm, small, crawling out of the hole, and I got so much more bigger in the pace of getting out of the hole. I was scared, It looked like a normal worm a pink one, you know those thats appearing in a rainy weather (from the ground)
    I’m really unsure about what this means, I’ve dreamed about snakes too, but I wasn’t scared by that.

  18. I had a dream I was at the beach sitting in the water and a big black worm was crawling underneath my hand. I picked it up and all the sudden it started burrowing into the top of my hand and I couldn’t stop it, it crawled all the way up my arm and disappeared. The dream felt so real I woke up and started checking my arm trying to see if I could see anything. What does it mean?

  19. For 3 nights in a row now, I have dreamt that i was sleeping in my bead when I suddenly felt a dull ache, nothing but a discomfort, in my left or right leg (couldn’t pinpoint it exacly). When I looked there was a long worm, in an almost upright position, coming up from within a small hole in my calf, wiggling slightly. the first time I had this dream I managed to rremove it. The last time I tried removing it but ended up retracting my hand before i could even touch it. I somply floped back on my belly and went back to sleep ignoring the discomfort from my leg. What doeas this all mean?

  20. I had a dream about being in a hotel room with one person I didn’t know then these people came in trying to take all my material possessions I was clung to a beats boombox which I loved so much and they said they had to take it there was no escaping there were cameras and snipers everywhere I would try to run Then I saw this black eyeless mouthless intergalactic worm that was making galactic noises under a cup and I moved it The worm went through my mouth inside of me then I started hallucinating (like acid trip) saw two of my friends in the mall and woke up?! what does this mean?

  21. I’m in the midst of contemplating divorce. I dreamed that I was in the house with my husband but worms, huge worms, were everywhere in the house. They were just appearing out of now where, along with other bugs as well.

  22. I have desame dreaming, they have a lot of worm come inside my body
    Then I force to let them out from inside my skin, because I feel real happened. I’m so scared when I wake up, so disgusting and weird dream.I think somebody make me black magic.

  23. I dreamed I was on a moving car with someone else(possibly my brothers & cousins) And there’s this itchy feeling in my anus so we stopped the car and checked, there’s lots of peppermint green worms wiggling in it and oozing out. My cousin was helping me to swap them from the oozing area but it wasn’t enough to get them out and next thing I know we’re at a Japanese bath-house and I was naked and insert the fingers inside the hole to get them out. I manage to get some out but there’re just too many and I woke up with this itchy feelings in my anus. Feeling disgust and confused since it was the first time I dreamed of something like this???

  24. I dreamed I had several (between 3 and 5) white tapeworm type worms coming out of my feet. I didn’t pull them out because I was afraid they would break apart-then in another part of the dream I was walking in my boots and could feel them wriggling and pressing against my feet-I think at one point I was looking for an antidote to get rid of them. I did not like the feeling of them in my body at all!!!

  25. I had one of the most disturbing sexual dreams of my life last night. I dreamt I was having sex with my girlfriend and I was going to come. It was going to be a big one, as I could feel a huge build up to the point where my whole mid section was burning. Finally I came, but to my disgust, hundreds and hundreds of worms were shooting out of my penis. And as soon as they hit the bed, floor, my hand, my girlfriend, they hardened and soon had what appeared to be a shell around them. All I could do was keep grabbing at them, by the handfuls, trying to get rid of them as I was embarrassed and disgusted at the same time. My girlfriend didn’t seem affected by what was happening, so the dream was really focused on how I was feeling. Then I woke up. What the hell would something like this mean?

  26. I’m not sure how my dream began, all I remember is that I was cleaning some gunk out of something small enough to hold in my hand, like a small cornucopia, with a big q-tip the size of a pencil. And the gunk was green, when I had cleared some of it out a few worms fell out. Repulsed, I had vomited… Not normal stomach acid, but worms. ALOT of it. Every time I heaved, I volleyed more and more worms. Then towards the end of this heaving episode I could taste stomach acid leave my stomach with all the worms. Weird stuff. Any ideas anyone?

  27. Please help me out here if anyone can….
    my son was sleeping and i was in my living room when he screams to the top of his lungs in a dead sleep so i jumped up and went. to him he was still sleeping. but he had moved all the way across my bed. which is a California king to the other side so i was rubbing his head and asked him what’s wrong did u have aa bad dream? I had a feeling come over me to get him out the room right now ! So i carried him in the living room. with me. and ask what was the bad dream about.. “my son says mom Libby (his sister ) was eating a bowl on noodles and they turn in to worms and was trying to eat her and the they tried to eat me.they were coming out her mouth .

  28. Last night i dream t I was in a riot. Half the city people went mad and i was in a crowd surrounded by armed officers who protected the good citizens and two of the people i felt and know and loved had a white worm on their tongue and they seem to want to keep it their. what does this mean?

  29. I was sitting at a table chatting casually and having a conversation with the recently diseased 14 yr old Alice Gross. Then I saw two worms wriggling on the table, then I felt two worms crawl on my face, then I went to get something from the room in the house and I saw worms crawling on the carpet, then the worms multiply and was crawling all over the walls and carpet heading up to the ceiling. Then I started screaming help…help…..alice gross alice gross and she said what? enquiringly, and I said get in here and she came in the room, and me and her stood there looking around at the worms.

  30. Last night i dreamt of worms moving inside my skin on my arms. There were different types of worms, but mostly tape worms long thin white. Some had a black head both sides.. I would try to squeeze then out of my arms. Some i managed to pull out, some would crawl back.My skin was ver itchy and redish and I was soo freaked out.

  31. What about long worms in the toilet. Connected to some kind of round device. Some guy that was in the dream held it up. It was in my grandmother’s house. She passed some years ago. The old home got home sold. Grandmother wasn’t in the dream.

  32. Dreamed of a green worm with a big head with huge eyes, creepy eyes. Even though I was scared of it, really scared, I saved the worm after it had fallen to the ground from some kind of plant and everybody wanted to squish (kill) it.
    I saved it, does anybody know the meaning for this?

  33. I had a dream last night, I am forgetting most of it but it involved people or entities that I really wanted to talk to or meet but they refused until I got rid of all the worms. There were about 15 to 20 worms hanging from some plastic object..Not disgusting, I did not want to kill them nor did they want me to kill them, simply get rid of them and then we will talk was the message…I did not find the dream disturbing in any way. I love all creatures large and small. Also I might add I am just out of a 7 year relatively unhealthy relationship and am considering heading to Peru seeking (Spirituality) I guess..Would this have anything to do with it..What does the worms symbolize ?..I am a male in my thirties.

  34. I am so worried,I woke up this morning n had dreamt lots of small white worms comin out of my pussy.I was with friends around campus and just chillin,suddenly she told me that worms are coming under my skirt,when I pull them out they were lots of them n I was busy crying n evryone was looking @ me.I don’t know what could be the meaning of this,I need interpretation of this dream please people.Ts haunting me.#sadface

  35. i dreamed i had a small curly hair on my cheek i started to pull on it… it got bigger and bigger….i continued to pull and it got longer and thicker soon i noticed it seemed to be alive as i kept pulling this out of my face i could feel it moving through my body from my left hip area through my intestines my stomach, heart, neck and out of my right cheek… completely.
    it did not hurt and i was not afraid but i threw it and then i woke up. it was black and didn’t seem to fight back.

  36. I dreamed my brother was running behind and I could hear my mother say out loud you have worms on you looked white and tiny worms wr put him in a tub of water to wash them off what did this dream mean?

  37. I saw alot of worms.the once u usually find in old food/dust bins on ny kitchen zinc but this time my zinc was at my late grand ma’s house in the front yard.it was a whole lot of them and i was sooo disgusted. I called my cousin to come and see and she replied by saying she is coming and i felt she was taking too long and worms were gonna get inside the sink which was outside the house in the front yard; so i started killing them with my own hand and searching for doom so i can spray them but continued to squash them with my hand.when i turned mu dad was walking towards me saying i must leave them cause i must go. I’m gona be late but i just went on killong them then woke up

    • *years later* that’s similar to the dream I just had, but also quite different. My dream was that I was cleaning my bathroom & I found two small earthworms on the floor (gross) so I picked them up with a paper towel & flushed them down the toilet. Then as I was on the floor cleaning, I looked behind the sink & there was this HUGE, blobby fat disgusting worm wiggling to hide from me behind the sink. I was so freaked out by it but I grabbed a hot washcloth & kind of threw it on top of the big fat worm & picked it up to run it outside. It was wiggling around & so strong, ugh nasty. So I ran it to my garden, & my family was outside. I threw the thing into my garden & then I grabbed a sharp wooden stick & started stabbing the crap out of it… lol. Did I mention the thing was disgusting? Glad I killed it in my dream. Seems to be a better sign. Also I feel terrible for anyone who’s dreamed a worm was inside your body… so disturbing I hope I don’t dream that, I would be terrified

  38. I dreamed that there was a bothersome patch of dry skin on the inner side of my left thumb. I picked the piece of dry skin only to find out that the seeming dryness was deeper than I thought. As I dug into the side of my thumb I saw I worm that was lodged there. I pulled it out and it was fat, dirty white with a black core. I pulled it out but the tail-end got stuck inside so I dug it out some more. I did not bleed nor perceive pain in my dream. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

  39. I had a dream that I was patching a hole with dry wall mud and hundreds of thin, white worms were in the dry wall mud and a few got on my fingers and they were penetrating my right thumb and index finger. They were difficult to remove. They reminded me of whip worms. Can you help me with this dream, I do not know what it means. It seems everything I’ve read doesn’t suit this dream. Thank you

  40. I dreamed I was pulling a large worm out from
    Many parts of My body. When each one was half out, it would turn into a serpent. Most came out but a couple stayed inside wiggling around.

  41. Day 1
    I dished out food for myself and as I was doing so I saw two white small worms in the bowl seems like they were dead.
    Day 2
    It seems I was in a court house filing some documents to a response on my ex wife. And as I went to seat down at the waiting area I saw my aunt and uncle. I gave my uncle a hug first and it’s like I had to go around this table it fills like a long walk and gave my aunt a hug too. Then they disappeared. I got called by the clerk and she showed me a huge bowl of white rice and she said that I have to bring it back because it was sour. I looked very closely and there were white worms in the white rice. The bowl was filled with water. Saw I told the clerk ok. Then that was it.

  42. In my dream I was using my mouth to pull black rope at the end of the rope there was earthworm that I was about to bite I just spite it out. What does it mean?

  43. I had a dream that my son came to me and said look mom I have a lump on the back of my head. I looked there was a lump and two small worms 1 lighter than the other I told him get the benadryl and the razor so I can cut your hair down that way i could apply benadryl on it. before I could cut his hair 1 warm fell off. then I woke up

  44. This is not the first time I had this dream. I’m in my grandmother’s house and I feel something under my .I pull it out and it was a purple blue color worm that came gem under my tongue I kill it in the upstairs bathroom sink then a lot of little White worms started coming out of my mouth. I open the medical cabinet and wash my mouth out with mouthwash.

    What dose this mean?

  45. I had a dream that my boyfriend had small sores with small worms in them all over his abdomen which spread to my arm. At first I tried to treat his wound, then realized they were on my arm. I was awoken by a loud noise and did not finish the dream. What do you think this dream meant?

  46. I just had a dream that I was holding a baby I assumed to be mine…. I looked inside the head and half of the brain was gone due to little white maggots moving around eating it… they didn’t try to get out, they were just moving around and half of the brain was gone… PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS MEANS. THANKS IN ADVANCE..

  47. I dream I was walking or driving on a road on the warn lane and me and anotherperson and got on The right lane iand saw two worrms fitting and one worm jump towards us trying to bite me and i wwake up

  48. I had a dream that I had lots of worms in my mouth and then I went to brush my teeth and the more I brushed my teeth the more worms were in my mouth so then I tried to bit them in half n spit them out but that didn’t help either

  49. in my dream, my skin had different kinds of worms coming out, mostly thin ones but some more round and colored ones. some would jump of and leave and others coiled and remained on my skin. i brushed them off as they came, one as it was coming out of skin. thank you Dream o mania, much appreciated.

  50. I dream of earth worms inside my right legs .and im struggling to take it out 1 by 1 and they’re all alive coming out. there were few left inside but dead and hard for me to take it out…please explain this meaning of my dream.

  51. None of this helos me…
    in 1 interpretation youre saying things will be good in the other youre saying Im going to loose everything to those vendictive and in another youre saying its my health!
    What am I suppised to think when I dream I squeeze a tender skunny bluster sore on my finger nail bed anda swarm like mass of white thin worn like things come out and Im racing to get them away from me then Im woke up not knowing if I was sucessful…?

  52. I had a dream about a worm (a long one, fat and white in colour) just entering above my toe. I took it out as soon as I saw it and then I shake it off all the others completely.,

    Can somebody tell me what it means?

  53. I dreamed someone showed me my son as a baby..that something was on his back. I looked and saw a blue flat worm like a canal above his skin. the end part was moving up and i ran to see if someone could help me get it out. PS I just moved him from St.. LOuis. he got a new job in va. left yesterday on his harley which i have hidden fears about. That was followed by me neing on a pole and a bat flew on the side of my face. they took it off and gave me a shot..my husband and daughter ran..and THAT was followed by seeing my exhusband in a rehab area. CRAZY dreams as of late. PS I do a lot of meditations with stones.Thank you for any info you can give me.

  54. I saw a disgusting dream where a white carpet was covering my bed and on that carpet was lots of white flat tapeworm-like worms. They were very mobile and I tried to fold the carpet and lift the carpet away from the bed, but everything was already contaminated, I lifted one worm up between my index finger and my thumb, it squirmed, then I woke up, it felt real, a worm squiggling between my fingers. Also in the dream my mom was in another room and I called for her, mom there is worms in my bed… so disgusting..

  55. I had a dream that I was picking black heads on my face and I ended up squezzing a fat chubby black worm out of my face. One got away and I can see it moving under my skin. This has to be one of my most disturbing dreams Ive ever had.

  56. I dreamt that I was going down a slope and there were these huge trees by the side of the slope. As I started to decend I realized that the trees were full of tiny white worms hanging from the trees and I was running into the worms. It was the most horrifying experience but I couldn’t stop running. At the end of the slope, I was covered with worms and was shaking them off like a mad woman. I can feel them crawling on my face, hair and body. At one point I saw my husband and told him about it and he helped me shake the reminding worms off from my hair since I couldn’t see them.

  57. Last night my boyfriend and I had an disagreement, and I dreamed that worms where coming out of my mouth they where med in size, but they had some very small ones coming out of them and they where multiplying. I have never dreamed of worms be for what could this mean?

  58. I had a dream i was walkig with my mom over a bridge but there was water on the bridge also. In the water were earthworms. They were peekig out of holes in my legs were the water touched. My mom and i began pulling them out as if nothing was wrong but it was painful to discard them. In the distance is the mother worm. What doesnthis mean?

  59. I dream about cleaning a counter-top and pour salt on it, then after the salt fell on the counter-top, worms began to come out. I didn’t felt any negative feelings, instead I watch in amazement because the worms weren’t disgusting, instead it comes in different colors, white, gray and mostly light green (the bigger worms are light green). I wonder what’s the meaning of that dream. I’m currently in a financial crisis right now… I don’t know if that dream is related to what is happening right now and what will happen in the future.

  60. I dreamed that I was in the living room with my son. Everything was normal. He was playing. Then he started crying and he ran to me pointed to his stomach and there was tapeworms braking out of his skin and coming out if his stomach. I took him to the hospital. And had to leave him there wouldn’t let me stay with him

  61. I dreamt that maggots and when where coming out from my right leg, small toe. I kept on pressing on my toe and they kept on coming out. Millions of them.

  62. In my dream I was pulling out a green worm from my mouth about 3 feet long I think, then it got red and spiked at the end. When I got the entire thing out I stared into its gaping face and woke up.

  63. hi ,im dead seriouse by the way.im a big beliver in visions also i had a dream me and my crush where “doing it ” when she pulled two worms out of my penis ever since iv been very scared that it might be a vision that i might have worms in me or is this just a sighn please tell me soon iv never worried so much, i would also state that my granma is very sick in hospital. please help asap!! 🙁 thanks

  64. Is 4:09 am in the morning i just had a dream of me … that every time i put my hands on water worms come out i was riping them of intul there was no mora and im my dreams i ask my dad about it he say that notting to worry about … so i wanna know wat the dream is all about like should i be worry or something

  65. i dreamed that i was removing green colored warms from my both hands and they where full of with my blood.and after i had loads of holes in my hands.could you please be kind enough to tell me the meaning of this pls.

  66. I dreamed a pink/tan colored worm who stood upright as man, taller than me, followed me where ever I went. It had a blurred face but it had a dark mouth and sharp teeth – what is that about?

  67. I dreamed about worms crawling in my fathers arms and i was so disgusted by it. In my dream my father said he wants to be taken in the hospital indicating he was aware that worms crawling on him. Then when i go to the bathroom i saw some worms crawling on me too. I take a shower to get rid of them.i think i inherit the worms from my father. What does it mean pls help.

  68. In my dream I was with my nice and my husband,my husband was in another room with our nephew. I was Lyons down on a mat in my bedroom floor,when all of a sudden the pillow mat became damped.
    So I got u to see why this was happening but when I looked down at the mat there were silver tiny worms scurrying fast toward the end of my pillow mat.
    These worms were not ordinary worms they were silver worms.
    can someone tell me What does that mean?
    I had told my nice What I saw and she thought I was going crazy and ran and told my husband and he said to her my wife is crazy but I’m going to look and see what’s wrong.
    I said I’m not crazy I know What I saw to both of them. Then I woke up.

  69. I had a dream that I was covered in small gray worms. They were all over my body, everytime I rubbed them off or pressed down on my skin, more would come. During the final part of the dream it happened again (actually in one dream this happens 3 times) but the final time, they came out of my face, covered my entire face and continued to come out of my legs and arms. I could always shake them off but they would come back or it would appear that all was not completely expelled from my body.

    Needless to say this dream freaked me out. I’ve never had a dream like this. What does it mean? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • Hi,

      Your dream means “Punishment”. You are being punished for something.

      I pray that I have helped you. God Bless You, in Jesus name, Amen!!

      • Thank you for the answer and ur prayers. They are greatly appreciated. Funny thing is after I posted here, I figured out that it was along those lines, (punishment or the purging of) when I remembered what was going on in the dream while this was happening. I was surrounded by all the negative people in my life mainly family, while this was happening. Whenever I would get away from them though, the worms would disappear completely. but when I would go back, or be surrounded by them again, the worms would come back. In any case thank you for ur input 🙂

  70. I dreamed i was in a bathroom at my man’s house, ran my bath and just as i was about to get in the bath tap, i saw worms in the bath, what does that mean?

    • Hi,

      Your dream is a warning dream.. There is something not correct in your life that needs to be changed or it can bring “Death”. Maggots in a coffin means “Death”!

  71. i keep having this recurring dream, im sitting in a classroom like setting and the guy in front of me has this white worm that just keeps sliding in and out of his left ear. he acts as if he cant feel it and im the only one who notices. no one in my dream talks and it seems like i cant talk out loud. i feel like i know the people who are sitting around me but ive never seen them before and the guy with the worm in his ear, i feel no familiarity. its like everyone around me is blurred or blocked out and i can only focus on the guy with the worm in his ear.

  72. I dreamt yesternight that I saw dark brown worms creeping and I poured peperish earth soil on them and they became unmovable.After the first event I saw a large penis with big cap,then someone big picked it up and fixed it as his private part as if it was his and then walked away.My next dream was that I was in the midst of many people like a meeting,a fair unknown guy and a fair unknown lady was obvious to me in the dream,though they didnt know me also.

    • Hi,

      The dark brown worms means Voodoo and when you poured pepperish earth soil on them and they became unmovable means that there is a Curse that have been placed on you that you cannot removed!

      MY Advice: Someone have put a curse on you. And only Jesus can remove it!!….

      The large penis that a man picked up like it was his means: “MASTERBATION”.

      The fair unknow guy and the fair unknown lady that seemed obvious to you but they didnot know you means that you are being “BETRAYED”.

      I pray that this have helped you! GOD BLESS YOU!

  73. Hi,
    Those pink Worms hanging on the Ceiling means “DEATH THREATS”. You have either been exposed to people that have threaten your Life or some situation was Life Threatening. Or that if anything have not happened yet, you will experience these things in your future to come , “SO BEWARE”.

  74. I was with my boyfriend at a carlot that he works at ( owned by my aunt) and i went to pop a pimple outside thru the side mirror on a car and a white worm came out and i threw it on the floor and then i would pace around and walk over to the car and take another one out. After 27 worms came out of that pimple i noticed it was all black, then my left amd right big toe were turning black and my left pinky toe. I started to rub my big toe and the black started to spread so i screamed for my mom who came running outside as my bf went in. (Ps he was cleaning a shop vac on the stairs to the back door while this was happening) then my mom said oh these are 27 tumor larve. They grow to be tumors but you got them out b4 they hatched. Sorry for all the crazy details but what does this mean?

  75. I had a dream last night, that those small white worms that normally be around garbage, was coming out of my right ear…i kept cleaning it and more and more just keep coming out…when i ask someone in the dream what does that mean…the person replied and said to me “that’s how it does be” am scared because this dream don’t sound too good at all!!!!

  76. FIRST OF ALL I AM VERY FREAKED OUT BY WORMS AND BUGS & I REALLY NEED SOME HELP FIGURING OUT THESE 2 DREAMS I’VE HAD IN A ROW……..The 1st one was about me coughing up a black thousand leg worm like thing…..and the 2nd was about me having this long white hard worm with black rings/stripes on it in the crease on my ear and I flicked it off and poured something on it to kill it

  77. I had an extremely vivid dream I was scaling a sheer rock mountain. I came to a clear shallow river and noticed flecks of gold in the rocky bed below. I keeled and started panning for gold with my right hand. I noticed a couple flesh colored fish cruse by in the strong downhill current. Then my hand went numb and I felt a dull tention between my fingers. I pulled my hand from the water to reveal long pink parasitic worms intertwined in my fingers.I killed most of them by pulling them apart. Later I was at an unfamiliar house pulling worm fragments from my hand when a slightly smaller worm burrowed out of my palm and quickly scurried under a bed. Alarmingly my little brother had been hiding under thw bed and crawled out. After him came the worm, moving much slower then before. I grabbed a pencil and stabbed the worm repeatedly. It swelled laterally it’s head becoming pronounced. I stabbed it’s head noting it’s forcep like mouth and it finally died.

  78. My drean was that I had little and long skinny worms coming out of my face and also from my little son face, head and after that there were big ones on his head but at the same time when I pulled them out they will turn in to writing pens and they will hut him when I would pulled them out, so I went back to a doctor that had prescribed some medicine and it was doing him wrong and fought for my son to be seen becasue there was a full clinic there, so finally I got to see the dr. and told her what was going on and faced her and told her about it, so the dr. told me so proove me that and tell me what is going on so I told her in a loud voice and everybody was looking at me because I was telling the dr like to cure my son and do something faster, and she said ok I will help you n then I woke up don’t remember the end because I was so desperate in the dream, please answer me if there is an explanation I am so worried of my children health, thanks…god bless you…

  79. I dreamed something was choking me,then I coughed it out,it turned to be a small creamlike worm,with black dots and eyes,it had distinct grooves on its body. It coughed it out living,so it crawled as it was on the groùnd,when I tried to pick it up,it broke into the middle and was in two pieaces the and tail sections,and the head part continued to crawl away,i.e.trying to escape

  80. i dreamnt in my dream an old analog tv i use to own and video cassettes no longer used and a miror that was there but i didnt really see myself in…..i dreamnt eyedropps and in the dream i told my mother i will not use these eyedrops again beause its making me get worms, and in my dream i would remove big black long worms from my eyes through my tear organ the womrs mostly i removed from my left eye not my right …..by i would remove them and i got rid of them and took them out in my dream they were so black and disgusting i read up there that if you remove them from a wound it meant that you would be richer i would remove them but from my eye and organ i dont know what that means

  81. i dreamnt in my dream an old analog tv i use to own and video cassettes no longer used and a miror that was there but i didnt really see myself in…..i dreamnt eyedropps and in the dream i told my mother i will not use these eyedrops again beause its making me get worms, and in my dream i would remove big black long worms from my eyes through my tear organ the womrs mostly i removed from my left eye not my right …..by i would remove them and i got rid of them and took them out in my dream they were so black and disgusting i read up there that if you remove them from a wound it meant that you would be richer i would remove them but from my eye and organ i dont know what that means……

  82. i dreamt that i was on my bed sitting and there were alot of long worms crawling and i killed them and then some how i end up with a cola bottle full of worm lenght like the bottle and then some how i saw them in my mouth over flowing and i woke up

  83. Last night I had a very weird dream. It starts that I notice a little pimple at the base of my hand, this is the opposite end of my thumb. Next minute i remember seeing a big fly still holding to the area where my pimple is and strangely some octopus look alike tentacles hanging from the pimple. I pulled these tentacles energetically and it turns out that I looked at the curve between my thumb and my pointing finger and the flesh had a cut and I could see worms inside my hand, this is between the palm and the back of my hand. I then begun to dig with my left hand into the cut of my right hand and removed lots of warms…white warms, not small but thin and about the length of my fingers. When I looked trough the cut to see what was left, I still saw some and next minute they disappeared in the flesh. I then started squeezing my hand between the palm and its back and lots of warms kept on coming out, hundreds, thousands, very scary! Please someone help with the meaning of this dream!Thanks to all.

  84. I had a dream that I was going to see some friends and I had on a new outfit and they were all in a huddle and they said I see you have your new outfit on. I said yes I am just wearing it for the first time. and they said we want you to taste something for us and I said okay. And all of sudden worms start ozzing out of mouth and I began to try and make my self vomit because it was so many worms, they were like magots. I woke up and it really bother me I pray and ask God what does this mean spirtually.

  85. Two nights ago, I had a dream that I had a baby girl, it felt super real, but the weird thing is that the baby had pushed through my stomach with her foot, then last night I had a dream that I had earthworms coming out of my anus, but I had to push them out, like I would have to push a baby out. Could these dreams mean something ? Answers, PLEASE ?

  86. My dream is a bit hard to explain. I was my parents house outside with my boyfriend, at some point I notices a hole in my ankle and something pink movong around inside. So I brushed my finger over it and it disappeared. I ran over to where my boyfriend was to show him my leg and a new hole was about 4 inches above the other hole. This time though it looked almost kind of like a weed. There were long green almost like leaves all curled around around itself. So I touched it and it was squishy. Then in the middle of the squishyness the pink worn was there. So my bf rushed me to his friends house who happened to be a doctor. While I was showing him the the holes I noticed my toe nail on my big big toe was up, like the hood of a car and inside of my toe nail another worm with the I guess you can call it. stems where moving all around. The weird thing is if you touched any of the worms they’d go back into my skin and hide.

    • I didn’t finish. So the doctor came over with a needle and wanted to give me shot in the same where. I’m not scared of needles ,but in my dream I was terrifyed of getting a shot. So I begged him to give me the needle and I kinda sprayed the “juice” directly onto the worms and they died. So I picked them up and threw them away. After that I took the needle closed my eyes and just shoved it into my skin as fast as possible and woke up. The whole dream I never felt any pain whatso ever. I’m totaly freaked out

  87. I had a dream that there were big worms and gr
    ub worms in my hair. I combed them out and then found worms in my daughter and neices hair. They look like big fat fishing worms. What does this mean?

  88. I dreamt there was a worm in my eyelid so I was in my room at the tym takn out the worm dan anda appeared in the other eye & I removed it dan when I gt to my mums room I sat on the make up chair to see what was gng on with my eyes dan & there thousands of worms startd cumn out from my eyes & all died once out(fluffy worms)

  89. Please help me i hade a dream that i vomited worms which evantually crowl away like snake in diffirents dirictions am distorb pls someone should help me i will be thankfull.

  90. I dreamt that there were worms on my couch and there was a really fat one and it slithered really fast and then the next thing I knew I was eating a sandwich and the worms were in it.. I was so grossed out 🙁

  91. While eating a keiser roll, I was listenting to a conversation between two who obviously were aquainted with scripture. It appeard as if they were compeating about what they knew. One was a woman and the other was a man. The man was a pastor and the woman was a writer. I don’t recall what they said but just as I pulled apart a peice of the roll a worm stuck out from the middle of the torn part of the bread. I pushed the plate away from me. The worm was colorfully translucent. It wasn’t horrible to look at but it was not beautiful. When I looked at the dueling couple then back at the plate it was now two of the worms. It was strange and I was disgusted. I woke up wondering what this dream means.

  92. I dreamt that i was on our old small house before it got renovated. My Mom and my two lil brothers looked so young. Then i saw a blister or a circular wound on my youngest brother’s right lower back, i tried to squeeze it to remove the secretion but i was shocked when little round things came out of it and then i saw a tail of a thin round worm,an ascaris. I pulled it out and then i saw more of them with yellow mucus. Then suddenly i noticed some blood coming from the left side of my chest..there was a fresh wound but i don’t feel the pain. I just felt afraid and a lil suffocated because i saw long round white worms coming out of it too. I pulled some of them and i felt more shocked and disgusted as i saw more and more from my chest. What was more weird is that my Mom was staring at us but she doesnt do anything to help. I was calling out “mama.mama, help us, take us to the hospital! ” but she just looked afraid and she didnt want to come near me. I told her i will take my little brother to the hospital but she refused! And then i woke up…i usually remember my dreams very clearly before waking up…what does this dream signify.. By the way, the other brother i didnt mention was also in the dream with us but he also lookd younger. He’s been dead for 7 years now.

  93. i saw a dream that on my nipples was covered with worms and when i sqeezed my nipples more worms coming out the color was white and i went to the sink and i was wacking them off me in the sink and the more i tried to rid of them the more i had .

  94. I dreamt my sister had a baby less than a year.We were from church,I was holding the baby and I suddenly realised that the babies head was covered with brown worms which my sis said they were harmless but I was scared of them!But the worms were removed from the babys head.What does it mean?

  95. I had a dream that on my hand i had a pimple. but when i went to squeeze it, i worm came out. I kept pulling on the worm and a white silk kept coming out as well.

    ive seen others with this dream! what does it mean?

  96. Last night i dreamt about worms inside my ears, i mean first i saw wound and then i started removing the bad skin from the wound and as soon as i removed it i saw a long green color worm inside, and i removed it and showed to friend and i kept a side and i didn’t killed them.

  97. I had a dream last night that I was either looking down at or holding cooked(brown) meat covered in worms. Long worms too. Through out it and on top of it. What does it mean?

  98. I dreamed that Im removing a worm of 5 to 6 inch worm from my food,I remove it worm and the rice around the place where the worm was and start eating my food. I dont remember properly I think my mother and sister both were also with me.
    What is the meening of this dream

  99. Meat turned into worm on top of the stoep,there were a lot of
    People around me,my relatives but it loked like it was my uncles
    Funeral.he is still alive though.my bag and my jeans were also
    On top of the stoep,when I took them,the worms were on them.I removed
    Them but I woke up

  100. part of a dream i had, there was this tree and it had something to do with a friend. I went near it, and I was about to apply something by the roots. Like a fertilizer, but It would not penetrate. There were dark red cuishons and pillows and I picked them up an moved them all, and underneath them was like a little hallow, and it was filled with lots of worms! and also some other insects liek large transparent pink/white earwigs and some other strange bug. Strange. I hope this is some kind of healing and not a problem somewhere in me lol. any ideas?

  101. I dint know why i got this dream. first i saw few people where they were bitten by snake and they themselves changed to snake thereafter. But it did not bite me, i was scared to see those people and started running. Later, when i came home, i locked my door and sat inside. Then i used to peep through the window and see if snake or any other worm comes. That time, my relatives at home found 2 or 3 worms in my house and they took it from here and there. What does this mean? 🙁

  102. i had a dream that I was choking on Something, so I spit a few times and earthworms started coming out of my mouth. I immediately started to panic and I felt them crawl down my throat. I stuck my finger in my mouth an started to pull them out of my throat.

    • Oh my gosh…..I had almost the exact dream!! I felt like there was something in the back of my throat and I was trying to swallow it but it wouldn’t go down. So I reached into my mouth and began pulling this huge earthworm out of my throat. It was more than a foot long, all the way down my esophogus (sp?). Very disturbing.

  103. i dreamed that both my soles have holes in them & inside is dark, there is no blood coming out of it. then I started pulling out worms from my big toe, initial worms are white & then as I pulled more of them they became black.

  104. In my dream, I was in a world where people birth worms, and you raise the worm until it grows into an infant, then a baby, then, a toddler, and so on. To feed them, you coat them in some kind of wax or gel that they absorb. My aunt in real has a child who currently five, however, in this dream, she too birthed a worm. She gave it to me to care for while she was away. I rolled over it in my sleep ( in the dream i was sleeping ) and found out it was dead. We were all very sad and my aunt produced another worm. This time I took care of it and coated in its food gel. I had only it for two days ( for some reason, days were passing in my dream ) when i went into my room. The worm kinda grew baby arms and legs and its skin became brown and it had fingers. Suddenly it grew a face, my cousin’s face, and it had clothes. It was suddenly my cousin at age 2. I handed him over to my aunt and I woke up. I’m terrified right now…

  105. I relate to your dream in part. I was taking an afternoon nap when suddenly I had a dream that a white non repugnant worm was trying to exit my throat. I managed to pull it out and then one by one I was pulling out white worms.When I woke up I had no uncomfortable feelings. I have no clue what, if any, meaning can be drawn from this.

  106. i had a dream i was at work but cutting down trees when suddenly a bunch of bees come out its hive, i thought i was gonna get stung but nothin happened and then i see the trunk of a tree n my mom tell me to cut it in half. i cut it in half with the chainsaw but my mom tells me not to kill it when suddenly the trunk kind of chainges n my mom grabs from the trunk like a large black bag with worms that r moving n then i woked up

  107. Hi, my dream was about a little hole in my right hand..at first just little but when I looked closely I saw a worm like black caterpilar small..I took it out from my hand..next I little shark I tooked it out..also then a couple more I don’t remember but the last was a cucaracha (roach) big white it run away I couldn’t kill she hide but the hole in my hand ..right in the middle makes me think a lot….I am Catholic…but always in every dream for some reason my Wife is on it somehow..even if the dream is good or bad…

  108. I always dream that worms come out from my mouth and when I woke up I use to be scared, shaking and having a lot of spit on my mouth, please what does this dream mean.

  109. I dream that my back and neck was decomposing so I told mother that and all she could do and say in the dream is AAA WHAT DAT and she was just coming my hear can someone tell me what does this dream means

  110. In my dream, at first my thumb seemed to get bubbles on it out of no where, until one popped and you could see a deep dark hole and blood. Then a white small worm poked out of the hole. Then I began to see my skin moving, it was worms traveling under my skin on the top of my hand, making their way up to my other fingers, I tried squishing them by pressing down the parts of my skin that showed movement until someone, two people, came up to me with tweezers and pulled one out somehow. I just stared at the small white worn and then woke up. I was so frightened to waking up and in my dream. I quickly checked my hands when I woke up and rubbed them. It was so creepy….

  111. I drempt that a worm was crawling in my cheek and i told my supervisor at work and she said there was’nt any, but then i made her look and she confirmed it was. Then all i could think about is getting to the doctor to have them take it out. then i woke up.

  112. I was dreaming that I was somewhere in a big room and noticed something on the table. As soon I would come they would go away. When we sat in the car the front of the car was covered with fat worms. I would try to lean on my seat and my husband would just eat them!

  113. amity,
    I am about 6-8 weeks pregnant and i had the SAME EXACT DREAM LAST NIGHT! its horrible, i dont even know where it started but i was at my house and i woke up in my dream and then i went to take a shower i look down and i had these worms kinda of creamish color and all wrinkly with grey heads kind of looked like wax worms just kept crawling in and out a couple of times i went to go grab them and they went back in, finally i started pulling them and they kept coming and coming and i told my mom she brought me in and before the doctor could tell me whats wrong i woke up terrified and i dont know what he dream means but its very scary!

  114. I was dreaming of black hard shell worms, I had found some. I took them and put them on my dressing table of my grandmothers. They were ferocious eaters and in seconds they had multiplied and had churned up 3 big holes in the dresser. I was stressed that I had done that and woke with a bad headache. I think it has something to do with my attachment to things but also I feel that I am poised for a creative burst. Could be sexual tension too. We will see as the days go by.

  115. in my my dream, i ate a rotten banana, i did not notice there’s a lot of worms inside it,after i ate the banana, i vomited what i ate and there’s a worm on it, what doe my dream all about?

  116. I am 26 weeks pregnate an im not sure who the father is of my baby an i had a dream last night about me having white skinny long worms coming out of my bellybutton (navel) an i was pulling them out an they kept growing back an i kept pulling out more then i woke up terrified what does this mean for me?

  117. I dreamt that my side of my right hand was hurting only to look at it was swelling. I could see that my flesh started to ooze out like a bubble. out of the flesh i saw maggots coming out and crawl back inside. I would squeeze them out and would pull them out. I felt my spirit cry out in pain, and my mother whom was already dead appreared and I screamed “mom.” I had already squeezed all of them out. She then took a treezer and she pulled out an earthworm like five to six inches long and then I woke up. What does it mean? in spiritually. I’m christian.

  118. I was dreaming that I was removing all the worms in my underwear and I was sooo afraid and worried that they will go inside of me and then I woke up suddenly I don’t understand the dream and it was very weird and strange.

    • I also had this dream last night, tiny yellow maggots gathered inside the bottom part of my underwear.. I was with dear old friends, that looked like we’re on someplace on a vacation. I remember at first I thought it was just dirt on the bed, i brushed the bed with my left hand, then I looked inside my underwear(the same one i was wearing before I slept) looked closely noticed many very tiny maggots gathered inside my underwear at the lower section. I immediately ran off to wash it, but finding the door to the shower room was not exactly a door but part of a wall beside an electrical cord plugged to an extension. As i opened to get inside sparks came from the cord and the shower with four holes was facing the door so water gushed out intensely, i also saw a hand fixing it from outside thru a window supposedly from the caretaker.. beside it was also a shower head with just three holes that was already off. I WOKE UP. I think i wasnt able to get rid of them all, that some was still left BUT I KNEW that it was just a dream. Godbless You!

  119. I was in my childhood home about to have Thanksgiving dinner, my father had passed away and my mother had invited a new man. He began to say grace in the living room, my mother joined and soon they went on an on and on. I became upset because all I wanted to do was eat (I’m not religious) so I ran into the bathroom down the hall. As I stood in the bathroom fuming, I noticed a graceful blue and silver worm that danced by the faucet. I then began regurgitating brown worms from my mouth which I threw in the toilet. I became distressed and decided to flick the blue and silver worm into the drain and wash it down but was unable to do so. As soon as I reached for it would wither away and reappear on the tub, then the window pane as if it was a spirit.

    This dream reminded me of how bratty and difficult I became after my father passed away. I felt embarrassed and ashamed of the grief I gave my mother as somehow she let me be.

  120. I dreamt i was in Mexico running through a river. i stopped to rest on a rock and looked down and saw two worms crawling into a hole in the top of my foot. i seeked out medical attention but no one would write me a perscription or help me!! i was so angry that no one would help me and my foot just kept getting bigger and bigger. I had to wait until the worms couldnt breathe and came out a little for air and attempt to pull them out. it was terrifying.

  121. Ok i dont understand were and why i had a dream like this but i went to bed and all of the sudden in my dream everywere i was walking i had a very bad pain in the buttom of my foot, it hurt so bad that i had to see what it was, once i sat down and looked there was a lil hole on on the buttom so i took my finger and rubbed all around the swollow part. Everything i pushed down or tryed to squeez it i felt something inside and it also felt like is was bittin or a weird pain, i was so scared that i wasent sure what it was. Then i squeezed very hard and different colors cam out of my wound. I was so freaked out that i must of tookin about 8 or 9 out of my foot and it felt like it took forever. Sitting here talking about really bothers me and my day will be thinking about that also i still feel the same feeling as if i was still dreaming. Can someone help me with this and tell me what this means ?????????????????

  122. I dream i walk into a lobby waiting room it was a blue room i walk to the clerk desk but know one was there it was a very short hall ay with two doors a snuck around the desk i knew i was not pose to but i went anyway i walk in and iwt wasvery dirt it had pee all over the floor and toliet paper it was wet and nasty in there i walk towards a mirroer and i touch somethin then i touch my face all of a studen my face stareted to itch and i look in the mirrer and the hunge nast pumps came on my face i went to bust it when a lady with a babyin a carage walk in i pop the bump and out came this magnet it was a lot the lady help me pull out the magnet and i saw them fall to the sink and the dream was over

  123. I hate worms. In this dream, my sister’s room was filled with weird crawling black fat worms a few days ago then now my room suddenly has millions of skinny unidentifiable worms all over ceiling and floor covering the whole room, moving and some dropping disgustingly. When I woke up my heart was beaten so hard and i was so stressed I kept thinking of the worms not able to erase the vivid image. It even made me have goosebumps. Normally I fear crawling things very much and if I see one I will jump up so quick. Does it mean I am overloaded with things I am helpless in.

  124. This is my second time having a dream like this; not sure how started but I was at a family members house with all of my extended family and we were dressed up. After long day we decided to all get comfy and when I went into bathroom/bedroom to change there were a pile of little black short worms on the floor, not moving. I was so startled and told one of my aunts and was told not to move them or kill them as they would multiply. Needless to say I was grossed out I could not continue to get dressed. Later on another member of family came in and the worms we’re no longer in the same pile/place. Rather they were underneath a big blanket. I woke up! Any suggestions on meaning?

  125. I dreamt that I pulled what looked like white thread out of my left hand and kept pulling it. Eventually a large worm came out. It was horrible! Do not know what it means than after that I went to my mother and showed her the strange white thread looking thing she pulled it and it was all through my body like it was a root of a tree would be than i woke up! Explanation?

  126. I don’t know where my dream started or how it took place, all I remember is looking at my face,arms,hands,stomach in different mirrors and I cld see little worms moving arnd inside of my body! And the only way I could kill them was by using my finger nails to cut through my skin stabbing the worm and it wld either pop or turn into a black bug and jump out of my skin. But the more I cut and killed the more appeared nd bigger they got. They ranged in diff sizes from like a maggot to 2 inches long and they where all white or clear. As I continued to cut through my skin I eventually started ripping pieces of skin of my body and literally pull the worms out and toss em I freaked out so much I woke up out of my sleep at 4:30 am. And never went back to sleep. This dream bothered me all day!

    • Something is eating you up and realise that’s what is happening. The good thing is you don’t like it happening to you , but because it is beyond your no matter how much you try you always have bigger challenges than the original one. BUT THERE IS STILL HOPE.

  127. i drearmt i was sleeping then i heard small things crawling in my bed. I woke up to check and i saw small white worms. So i swept them and threw them away. I was complaining that im tired of sweeping them everyday.

  128. I had a dream of white parasitic worms coming out of my anus, i was so grossed out by them i just wanted them out! I tried to pull out as many as possible and id got freaked out by this. I had them coming out the whole time and told my mom about them. Long ones and short ones came out. There were so many of them that i couldn’t believe that they were all inside of me.

    I seen people draining out a pool and i thought why they doing that. Maybe its cause there might be some of my worms in there. Then when i spoke with my mom. It seemed a plague was on us all, i had been hit with a bad case of worms, they were washed away with a flood and lost all their belongings. Then something else had happened but cannot remember what. I even had the tickle sensation in my anus as if they were starting to come out again. Wow i was so freaked out when i woke up.

    • This is a shot in the dark but maybe since worms can represent sexual organs and they came from your bum. Maybe your either repressing something or something sexual with your bum is bothering you like maybe you have done something you didn’t want to.

    • Max i just had the same dream last ight it was soooo weird… that’s exactly why i am searching for an answer of to what this meant… i am confused and had the weird feeling…

      • Last night i had dream that i had too many pimples around my pelvic area. Then when i squeezed one, a lot of white silk worms came out. I was soo scared. What is the meaning of this dream

  129. i was running or like walking in this particular direction but then on my way there’s a lot of worms on the path but i think i wasn’t stepping on them and i was just looking at them. there’s so many of them on the road but what’s got me confuse is that they we’re not looking messy on the road, they we’re like coming in straight lines. i think im going into this direction where this worms came from. i don’t know but i think i got some company but i wasn’t sure who are they. please help me with this because this is my first time dreaming of something this confusing. thank you.

  130. Dreamed that I was in bed then I had to long worm like or parasites in my hand they felt like pencils in my hand. I put them in a bag in the bathtub and I started to draw the curtains and they grew to half the size of the tub and exploded?!

  131. I dreamed having to make an abortion, then I was sent to this one place called a hospital but it was small room. There was a guy who was suppose to help me and he gave me medicine to drink over night which I did not do. The next day when they came they, a lady discovered that I did not drink that medicine, and she kept on asking why did I not drink as instructed. When I looked at the medicine I realized that it had turned into lots of maggots – and woke up. What does that mean?

    • It could mean that something in your life is coming to an end or your putting it to an end. The medicine in the dream sounds like the decision you will have to make to put this thing to rest. but you don’t want it to be put to rest so you won’t do what it takes or ( take the medicine) to fix it. Obviously if your having an abortion in your dream you had something but wanted to kill it but you are having a hard time doing it. When you see maggots that’s symbolic of death to this unwanted pregnancy or situation in your waking life. sounds like u are holding on to something bad and the thought of ” killing it” scares you. Hope that helped.

  132. Old fibre lounge seats in a long row.
    Man come up to me in first chair and I wave him to sit, he not sit but ask with nod of head ‘You know what your sitting on?’
    I look and under fibre maggots.
    Then I say ‘no’ and check all seats in row and all in various states of decomposition. End.

    • I had the same dream! A looooot of worms crawling all over my body… It was so disturbing. I took out some of the worms but more were just coming to me. I was in terrible panic. And I’m really very afraid of worms.
      Was there anything related to your dream that happened in real life?