X (letter) dream meanings

General Meanings:

Be attentive When X appears as spoken, written or plastic letter in the dream, then it is often interpreted as a cross or a symbol of the unknown, uncertain, and sometimes in terms of number ten. Maybe something needs your attention or a decision. It may also indicate an error or an object or a person to whom special attention should be paid in order to avoid disaster.

Psychological Meanings:

If a cross appears in the dream as X-form, it usually symbolizes the sacrifice. Sometimes symbol X indicates and refers to the Roman Ten, number 10.

Spiritual Meanings:

The X in the dream refers to the cosmos – boundless space and minds.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Sadness if see X as letter – In the dream you see a letter X then this may be a sign that you will experience disappointment and sadness;
  • Be patient if see X as a 10 – Such a dream denotes that you should not count win before success, because this may bring disappointment.

* Please, see also meaning of cross, ten (10), religion, numbers.

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