Y (letter) dream meanings

In general:

Y as a spoken, written or formed letter usually points to something unknown, which is to be further explored. More rarely it shows sexual needs. The Y symbolizes the man who takes up with outstretched arms to spirituality or God.


Ypsilon, the second last letter of the alphabet is the symbol of the union of male and female in our soul (the Yin and Yang in Chinese mythology), which makes a burden lighter. A ypsilon shaped piece of wood (such as a branch fork), placed under a load means, for example, that a particular burden is imposed on our lives, easy to carry or even be taken from us. Ypsilon is the divining rod-shaped, so that the characters or objects in its form can sometimes translate to a finding of new opportunities. In the spiritual mind Y stands for the duality which need to be united.


The Y stands for the spiritual questions.

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