Yoga dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Control The Yoga as a dream symbol refers the wholeness. The goal of yoga is to control the body, emotions and consciousness. In most cases, this dream is a recommendation for the dreamer to develop a holistic and spiritual disciplines. When women dreams that she remains in a particular yoga pose, or when she sees a person who just runs a yoga practice, then this is an indication of an unsatisfactory extending sex life.

* Please, also look into meanings of ascetic, guru.

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  1. My dream last night was weird one. I dreamt I was in this huge hall, filled with 100s of people in orange robes practising yoga; some of which I recognise. I was joining in, but occasionally I would walk out from the group, and this wind would pick me up and lift me. It would land me on a statue, and my dream self would decide to pull a pose on top of it, and then I’d fly back down.
    This continued until one wind took me too high, and I felt frightened. That was when I woke up.
    Brain, what the hell.

  2. I dreamt in a lake with ankle size water so
    Many people are doing yoga in seated
    Position and some have there head
    Buried and aredoing yoga
    All are Hindu man with long
    hair till shoulders and gave beards too
    So I go around the lake and try to walk
    Over them a d feel scared to walk on there
    Heads as all are in prostrating condition
    Like head under the water wonder
    What does it mean tks so much