General Meanings:

The dream symbol of Antennas denotes uncertainty or curiosity in relationship.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • News if have or see an antenna – In a dream to see or have antenna. this shows that you will get news of friends who are far away;
  • Challenge if connect to the wireless – This dream indicates that you will start to use or to make something new for you, and this will be a challenge for you.
  • Answers if pull out (portable) radio -This dream signifies that you will get answers to questions that are related to a specific person or situation, which was suspicious for you;
  • Finished work if buy new antenna – In the dream you buy the latest antenna, this indicates that with the strength that you have you will complete the great work;
  • Don’t waste your time if see a broken antenna – The dream of broken antenna indicates that no matter how hard you try to finish the task , you will not be able to do this;
  • Worries if cut antenna – This is not so positive sign, this announces that you will get bad news, which will make you worries.

Definition of Antenna:

Short explanation

The long rod, wire used to transmit or get radio or television signals.

Synonyms of antenna

noun: feeler, aerial, tentacle; plural: feelers, aerials, tentacles; related terms: dipole antenna, dipole, directional antenna, electrical device, nondirectional antenna, omnidirectional antenna, receiver, receiving system, sender, transmitter.