Relax, let yourself go; irresponsibility; pleasure.


Where in my life I feel overwhelmed or stressed out?

In general:

Bar is for people who feel lonely, the request included to seek more social, even though it may remain only in superficial acquaintances. Sometimes, the bar also warns against too much addiction to pleasure and “fragmentation” of feelings that remain ultimately unsatisfied.
– Alcohol consumption in a bar, the need for more intellectual stimulation and exchange with others to bring to expression.
– Who sits alone in a bar wants to slip in the conscious life once out of his skin.
– In other go to a bar usually reveals that you are looking for casual acquaintances, it is but a matter of who you are in a dream at the bar sees only from those other symbols can then interpret the dream.


You sit in a bar and fear of being accosted by someone there, or recognized? Then you should be maybe even think about how open (or tense) you deal with your individual presentation of everything, which means pleasure! They are afraid of succumbing to a stimulus that is taboo for the – at least officially. Who would often erotic Barszenen where he wants to remain undetected as repressed desire for sexual adventures “outside the home” – or with friends.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– sitting in one: it will make a passing acquaintance;
– to take care of itself one: to use questionable methods in order to move forward more quickly;
– points to further community engagement, short streaks and the fulfillment of desires through illegitimate.

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