Chinese people

In general:

If you see in a dream a Chinese, it is an unexpected, usually before inconveniences associated with change. Does the Chinese a long, thick braid that dreaming must soon make his negotiating skills to the test.


Chinese can be a wise teacher and counselor who accompanies us on the way to the interior of the personality. The interpretation is based on old prejudices, if you look behind it a warning against the cunning of others, or is exhorted to be even more honest.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– Chinese people in a dream: very different and often fear of cunning or revelations own craftiness;
– communicate with one: you will have to deal with the wrong people;
– see one: hard work will pay off.

– you leave the place of your stay and will come into an area where it is you really liked.

Arabian (Islamic)
– see chinese people in a dream: take a journey;
– talk to him: get visit from afar.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation
Of or relating to China or its peoples, languages, or cultures.

Complete definition
Han Chinese or Han People (simplified Chinese: 汉族 or 汉人; traditional Chinese: 漢族 or 漢人; pinyin: hànzú or hànrén) are an ethnic group native to East Asia and are the largest single ethnic group in the world.

Synonyms of Chinese people
adjective: china; related terms: Sinitic, Sinitic language, Beijing dialect, Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin dialect, Mandarin, Shanghai dialect, Wu, Wu dialect, Cantonese, Cantonese dialect, Yue, Yue dialect, Amoy, Fukien, Fukkianese, Hokkianese, Min dialect, Taiwanese, Min, Hakka dialect, Hakka, Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People’s Republic of China, PRC, Red China.

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  1. I dreamt I was in a plane with chinese and one of the chinese male figure always behind me when I was coming off the plane some of the steps were missing n I was affraid to step down sO he slightly pushed me n I got off the plane

  2. My dream I was in a Chinese community ; there a chinese female suggesting me to try on a beautiful garment I was very happy (1). Next I enter into another store and greeter acknowledge I didn’t speak before entering , I was over whelmed because of the surroundings I did not see him there were also beautiful objects there as well. Can you explain?

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