Chinese people dream meanings

General Meanings:

Warning If you see in a dream Chinese people then this stands as a warning before unexpected inconveniences which are associated with changes. Also this dream is a sign that you have negotiating skills that need to be shown and used.

Psychological Meanings:

Support and advises Chinese person can be a wise teacher and counselor who accompanies us on the way to the inner world of the personality. The interpretation is based on old prejudices, it is a warning against the cunning of others and exhorts you to be more honest.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • False people if talk with Chinese – In the dream you communicate with Chinese then this dream is a sign that you will have to deal with the wrong people which wants to make damage to you;
  • Welfare if see lots of Chinese – The dream indicates that your hard work will be pay off and you will have great property.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Satisfaction if see Chinese – In the dream you see Chinese people, then this dream denotes that you will leave the place where you were unhappy and will come into area where you will fell satisfaction.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Travel if see Chinese people – This dream will bring you a journey with people you love;
  • Old friends if talk to Chinese – In the dream you are talking with Chinese then you will have a visit of your old friends from far away.

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3 responses

  1. 1) I had two dream one is where i was eating out and there was nothing but Chinese people around me i was eating Chinese food then some lady took my food and ate it saying mm good. then all a sudden there was a boy being rude say i cant sing because im English and ima lose… So he goes up to sing then i fall in love but i dont know the rest because i woke up…
    2) my other dream is where i guess i was gonna get killed by someone i dont know this dream was weird but there was only one Chinese boy with other boys walking to me there where gonna bully me but i said something about his dads stools that he works with then found out he can help me and save my life because im in danger then the bad guys seen me and i told them all to hurry and get in the van so we all left flying while the bad guys are coming after us then i had no choice to sit in the bad beside the Chinese boy and we both fell in love too…
    but whats funny is in both dreams the boy almost look alike… ? Can you help me on what this means please

  2. My dream I was in a Chinese community ; there a chinese female suggesting me to try on a beautiful garment I was very happy (1). Next I enter into another store and greeter acknowledge I didn’t speak before entering , I was over whelmed because of the surroundings I did not see him there were also beautiful objects there as well. Can you explain?

  3. I dreamt I was in a plane with chinese and one of the chinese male figure always behind me when I was coming off the plane some of the steps were missing n I was affraid to step down sO he slightly pushed me n I got off the plane