Dying and coming back to life

The act of rising from the dead or returning to life is resurrection. Dying and coming back to life in dreams is also qualified as resurrection. For deeper understanding see meaning of resurrection.

Here are meanings of the dreamer’s own resurrection. If you had dream where other people were dying and returning to life, see meaning of resurrection.

General meanings:

The central meaning of dying and coming back to life is about the best luck, that the dreamer got now or will get very soon.

Dying and coming back to life in dream represents clear mind, self confidence and mental energy. Resurrection also means a rebirth and new beginning. Dreaming about returning to life from dead shows for the dreamer a new period. This period will be much easier than last one. The last period with great difficulties has ended and the dreamer can now breathe more easier:  obstacles have been cleared and certainly are not coming back.

Other symbolism of dream about rising from the dead has religious significance. The religious meaning of this dream is to prepare the dreamer for long journey to places of religious interest.

Psychological meanings:

Dreams about dying and coming back to life are clearly about fulfillment of wishes. Dreaming about resurrection refers to the recover from a disease or to the rebirth of an idea or a goal or to the renewal of a romantic, platonic or professional relationship. These wishes or the wish might be already reached or will be fulfilled in short time. Coming back to life is sign of success for any kind of wishes.

Spiritual meanings:

At the spiritual plane dream about returning to life symbolizes spiritual growth and the desire for higher spiritual consciousness. Meaning of the resurrection, of dying and coming back to life, is obviously clear – new heights of the spiritual development in the dreamer has been successfully achieved.

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  1. Thank you for the interpretation, my dream of dying and returning was extremely vivid and spiritual for me. I never experienced any dream quite like it before. Your interpretation allowed me to have insight that was very important for me. Thank you!!

  2. My dream was very different. I was home getting a ‘procedure done’ by a health professional. I was given some liquid to drink and asked for water. Water never came and next thing I knew I was waking up and could hear the doctor say that because the water never came, I choked on the medicine and died. I couldnt move and laied there still. Then I was like a prisoner on a bus or train after my funeral, trying to get the attention of family members to tell them I was alive. 1 person saw me but then I woke up. Not really sure if I was really dead or forced to fake a death for somene elses benefit.

  3. I read in ur site that seeing people dying and then they come back alive means fulfilment of wishes but is there a time frame when I can see them happen

    • Hello,
      It depends on many factors. Best solution to frame in the time the meaning of your dream is to look deeper into other parts of your dream. Think, how close to the resurrected people you was in your dream. Could you touch them? Could you feel them? In your case there is big chances that fulfillment of wishes is not so close to you than you wish. You wasn’t that person, which has been resurrected. Because of this option, longer time should be expected for fulfillment of wishes. But this time framing is just fast opinion and it can be not 100% accurate, because dedicated analysis of your dream needs more time and more information. So you should look deeper inside yourself or outside to the processes that are taking place around you. Maybe you are now in the process of some kind of fulfillment? If not yet, then you need to wait a little bit.
      Best wishes, A.Goldberg.

      • Thank you so much for this post; it was very helpful. I had one of these dreams about my husband coming back to life. It was so vivid and real (I don’t usually recall my dreams or have vivid ones like this). I woke up crying because of it’s intensity. And he was right there, not distant at all.

        So in a dream like this, the other person really represent yourself? My first thoughts were maybe I was letting go of some pain or grief that’s lingering, but your assessment of this dream meaning also fits perfectly with where I’m at in life. And I mean totally perfect. Thoughts?

        Again, thank you for this page. Very interesting.

      • I had a dream where a close family friend who is like a little brother to me died on his birthday and then came back to life the same day, throughout the dream i was almost always close enough to touch him i cant remember if i ever did.

  4. Nice respond to what I was looking for.

    It is exactly what I was looking for. It is like hearing God’s speaking to me.

    I want to commit my entire life to Jesus and bind my life and what left of my matrimony under his arms. I want him to guide and protect me in all my life journey. I want God love to dwells in my life and in my soul for ever and ever.

    Bless my life with the strength of your love their God. Bless my spiritual life to the highest that I will never ever lose faith in you again and hold-on on to you no matter what. Bless my physical life that I may have the strength and courage to go-on day by day and live a total healthy life. Bless my professional life and guide me so that I can use my profession for your glory and your kingdom Lord Jesus. Bless my finance and at the same time give me a generous and cheerful heart that I will be able to not allow money to overcome me but be as astute enough to see the needing ones and stretch a hand to them. Bless my family – my mother, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters with the effusion of your power. Bless my matrimony, and no matter what bring harmony in me and my husband lives. But this I asking you according to your knowledge and will and according to what my husband really want in life.

    Teach me to forgive, to love and go-on in life.

    Bless me there father.

    In Jesus holly and precious name and blood I plead for this great petition. Amen, Amen and Amen!

  5. I dreamt of a guy I don’t know, that he died I passed by his body 2x and the 3 rd time I passed by he woke up and said he knew he died cause he saw his body and me looking at his body, and said heaven is very rea and I said I know heaven is real. But I don’t know this old man was.

  6. I had this dream that I had died a hundred times and then I came back to life only once and then I died again and all I saw was white space I felt like there was no air I could not breath then this angel came from a snow storm and said you are a good person then the angel vanished into thin air

  7. In my dream my husband was dead. He was laid out in our bed and it was so real. The agony and heart break, our 2 children and myself were saying goodbye and grieving. And then he was alive and the relief was also real.

  8. I keep dreaming of deceased dogs (ones I knew and one I dont know) that are alive in my dream- however, The one I didnt know- In my dream my kids wanted to see if the dog was really dead and I told them it was but they insisted on digging him up (???WTF) So we dug him up and my 18month old pulled a large dog out of the grave by his collar and said ” He’s still alive” Then a small dog (that was alive) kept tryingto wake up the dead dog by jumping on his chest and the dead dogs chest heaved and then opened his eyes, tongue rolled out and he started panting. Id like to point out a) I would NEVER dig up a dead anything b) my 18month old cant speak well, let alone can pickup a 25 kg dog by the collar with one hand. The other two dreams were about dogs I was close too.. the most recent was just plain ol weird…

  9. Thank you for this. I dreamt that I was with two of my friends, one of them unknown, and we all drowned in a pool. The next thing we knew, we woke up in a room that we could not escape from. Two weeks later (supposedly) we heard a knock at the door and a man revived us and we came back to life to a room full of people happy to see us alive. Strange…

  10. Hello!
    I dreamt that I was on a bus or some type of transportation vehicle and there was a woman on a bed covered to be transported to a morgue or funeral home.
    As we were riding, I was standing right next to her and noticed her head moving, well that was enough for me to get back out of the way! Later, someone covered her head back up.
    Then it seemed as though we were in a building and the “dead woman” got up and went into another room and people were running and screaming, then I woke up!

  11. I dreamed I was looking in the mirror and I saw my own spirit coming back to me there was no scene or whatsoever of me being dead infact, how can I go near the mirror if I was right? Maybe… my real self is coming back.

  12. I keep having this dream that my deceased husband of 12 years came back to life, and I kept telling him I knew he would come back.

  13. Recently I have won the heart of someone I have been trying to for years. I had a dream that I was gunned down a point blank range and I was to fall for a few seconds and return to my standing position, seeing the man before me and his reaction was priceless… well long dream short he got what came to him.

  14. Hi,
    I had a dream that my 4 year old son and my baby (which i am still pregnant) both died and then hours later i was holding them and they both just started breathing again! I woke up thinking that maybe this dream meant that I might misscarry again.

  15. But when we see someone as like my parents are dying then coming back to life in my dream. what does it means?

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