Dying and coming back to life dream meanings

The act of rising from the dead or returning to life is resurrection. Dying and coming back to life in dreams is also qualified as resurrection. For deeper understanding see meaning of resurrection.

Here are meanings of the dreamer’s own resurrection. If you had dream where other people were dying and returning to life, see meaning of resurrection.

General meanings:

The central meaning of dying and coming back to life is about the best luck, that the dreamer got now or will get very soon.

Dying and coming back to life in dream represents clear mind, self confidence and mental energy. Resurrection also means a rebirth and new beginning. Dreaming about returning to life from dead shows for the dreamer a new period. This period will be much easier than last one. The last period with great difficulties has ended and the dreamer can now breathe more easier:  obstacles have been cleared and certainly are not coming back.

Other symbolism of dream about rising from the dead has religious significance. The religious meaning of this dream is to prepare the dreamer for long journey to places of religious interest.

Psychological meanings:

Dreams about dying and coming back to life are clearly about fulfillment of wishes. Dreaming about resurrection refers to the recover from a disease or to the rebirth of an idea or a goal or to the renewal of a romantic, platonic or professional relationship. These wishes or the wish might be already reached or will be fulfilled in short time. Coming back to life is sign of success for any kind of wishes.

Spiritual meanings:

At the spiritual plane dream about returning to life symbolizes spiritual growth and the desire for higher spiritual consciousness. Meaning of the resurrection, of dying and coming back to life, is obviously clear – new heights of the spiritual development in the dreamer has been successfully achieved.

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  1. I’m so sorry delete the first comment please, These dreams I’ve been having for three nights in a row.I see my self dying it’s not horrific or anything, It’s just the thought of seeing your own self dying… Iv’e been depress and angry for a very long time, I really can’t remember much of the dream however I get up crying and I’m praying to god so I don’t have anymore but I still do. It’s start to freak me out a lot. Thinking my future of dying well be that way.

  2. some people belong to the spirit of the dead and these means that they will be very rich and they can get all that they want, live in peace but they will be sad in life most of the time

  3. I had a dream where I was stood at what seemed to be an altar of sorts, where people were gathered, chanting in a language I couldn’t understand. I realized that I was about to become a human sacrifice. Before I “died” I prayed to God for forgiveness, where before I could finish I was struck down by lightning. Everything turned white, and I began experiencing the afterlife. However… I ended up coming back to life, even going to talk to friends and family members before doing so. The dream was so vivid… I was sacrificed the same way, and came back to life multiple times before I woke up. It was so vivid, and even continued after I woke up and fell back asleep during the night. The places I entered in the afterlife consisted of different locations… I’m still not sure what it meant.

  4. I am very scared because of the dream that I had last night. Hi I am Celeste, I am only eleven but I am very mature for my age. Last night I had a dream that I am still very scared because of. I don’t remember the beginning vividly but I am pretty sure I was already gone. Me and my sixth grade class along with other classes got back from a giant field trip that was where we spent three days on a camping trip and we learned a lot and we had so much fun doing activities. Okay now that you know about that so me and my friend Julia who is one of my new volleyball friends, she is actually my closest volleyball friend. We went to alliance together about a month ago. So, first of All, I was with her and we were getting her little sister and my little sister ( they are best friends ) ready to go on the big field trip so it was obviously a year later anger we were talking about how fun it was and so her dad said that we could go but asked us if there was any other place we would rather go. And at that moment we both said “The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter”! Because we both love Harry Potter. And her dad said that we could go. ( they didn’t have tons of money so this was a very unusual thing ). Then it flashed forward to me her and my best friend in the whole world each on our own real hippogriff. We were not at Harry Potter world bird were were soaring through the skies on real hippogriff’s. And then I woke up in my bed and for some reason there was dust everywhere and my alarm clock said person unconscious and I started freaking out so I left my Room and my mom was sitting on the couch and when she saw me she started crying. I asked her why she was crying and she stopped, looked up at me and hugged me. She hugged me so right saying this isn’t happening. She told me that I died in my sleep two years ago. I started crying and I said ” I am here now ” she told me that my dad died after I did from stress fishing him a heart attack and so it was just her and my brother and now me again. And then I woke up crying hysterically and my mom comforted me and I told her this story, I am trying to find out what it means. So please tell me if you have any ideas. I am also still very scared and not in the right mindset so that is why thing is kind of messy and is not nicely written because I am still shaking and crying from last night. Thank you for reading this

  5. I am so frightened about the dream I had last night and no idea what it’s saying to me. My mum died in 2011 (my sisters and I were with her during her death which took several hours she had the onset of dementia but still had good awareness) In my dream my mum was lying down in a single bed in our original family home and I knew she was dead (I was packing bags while looking at her face in the dream) all of sudden I could see her lip moving, I was shaking and terrified in the dream also disbelieving she was coming back to life, in my dream I was taking photos of her coming to life so I could send them to my sisters so they could see for themselves. My mums eyes then opened but it was clear she was still dead and she began talking to me, telling me she had to stand up but I knew if she did she would fall down because she was still dead, my mum was also afraid because she appeared to know she wasn’t right and or unwell where in fact I knew she was dead. Next she was attempting to walk with 2 strangers holding her up, she kept asking me to help her. In the dream she had longer hair and was wearing a nightdress and a yellow cardigan. I was so frightened I woke myself up and I still feel really frightened thinking of the events in the dream. Can anyone assist me in this with interpretation and or to ease my mind in some way? Thank you x

  6. I dreamed my self waking up in a coffin when I looked I saw that my brother was with me I tried to wake him up but he was dead then when I walk out I noticed that people where preparing for my burial they where shocked when they saw me what does it mean?

  7. I had a dream where a guy were in an accident. But I dont know this guy at all. I was with people I know but the guy who died was covered in snow and blood. When I got out of the car the guy who died walked past me. I heard a male voice from behind that shouted “everything will be okay” what does this mean?

  8. Wow. . . thank you very much. I did a spell last night on the full super moon and got pretty anxious on why I had this dream. I thought it meant that the spell went wrong some how and that dangerous spirits came making the opposite of my desires happen. But it turns out that my dream can mean one or more of these dream meanings and that makes me very happy and relieved! Thank you :DD

  9. I’ve dream that im crying on a dying child then when im hold him he stretch his hands and then he woke up,then were just normal that the child that im holding is alive but we still crying and im talking to the child saying “don’t leave everybody loves you” :(

  10. My dream was me on a school excursion and we were walking along a few bridges after I didn’t notice that there was another bridge and I fell in to the gap I woke up in a year 3 classroom and they were going on that same excursion the strange thing is it was the 90s.

  11. So last night I had a dream that the world had ended in there was fire every were but the scary part is as the fire was spreading the it only stopped at half the world. While the fire was burning all you can see was bodies floating up. While that was happening all I could do was cry and pray but for some odd reason God himself told me your staying here I’m giving you another chance to turn your life around.. Why somebody please help me

    Later on the next day I took a nap and had another dream but this time my sister had died and I went through hell and back to find out what happen in tried to bring her back but at the end I hugged her n she came back to life…. Why am I having dreams like this back to back

  12. I dreamt that i died from my body tempreture being too low, and was brought back to life by some lady doing cpr cant remember who she was i was at work at the time,
    Never dreamt anything like this before, im interested to know what it means?

  13. Thi is the second time I dreamed of myself dead. I could hardly remember the first one but I experienced my soul leaving my body. The second one was the same but this is time when my soul had left the body and as it was ascending towards some higher state I was sucked back into life. What does this mean?

  14. Helloo I’m yuva n MBA grad,i gave an pretty screening job interview test two days from now n I’m preparing hard for it n slept with a tot of will I get through the interview of Deloitte or not and I dreamt the following……
    I went along with my friends to a waterside we were spending good time there.There was a sudden change in the location we were on a hill where there was deep water between the rocks n besides which I was giving poses n my Friend who was on the other side was clicking pics and rest of my friends climbed the rocks and where in a save zone.. then slowly i was slipping into the water n another friend rushed to pull back finally I was pulled back but there were few other visitors who unknowingly pushed me into the deep waters down in the mid of the rocks.And I was dead.
    Everybody including me were thinkg that I am dead. But fr everybodys’ surprise I came back alive n was waking towards my friends with loads of happiness and was told that deep water swimmers saved me.
    Can u plz let me know what does my dream interpret.?? And one fact about me is I basically avoid going to waterside, water rides with a fear of death and I dreamt being dead in deep waters.
    Am really scared and I request you to interpret my dream please.

  15. I had such a vivid dream that I had died by lethal injection. I literally felt my breath vanish from my body as darkness filled me. Every heart beat I had felt like it was my last until it actually was and I had fallen to the ground. Then I wake up, only 3 months later and I see how life had adapted without me there. Reuniting with my fiancé and having his friends tell me he had an emotional breakdown saying that he would never find someone like me and that I was truly the only one who loved him unconditionally. Then returning to college and everyone telling me I was doing a hoax. I was taken to the hospital suddenly and they had confirmed that I had died somehow? It was such a crazy dream that I awoke in tears.

    I’m not sure what my dream meant but hopefully it means that I’m entering a new stage in my life, one that is much easier. I just had a baby 5 months ago and it has been the hardest thing especially when she’s a cry baby, hopefully everything will get easier. Thank you for posting this!

  16. I saw somebody very close dying and I am taking him for cremation. Suddenly he woke up back from death.
    Please tell what is the meaning of this dream.

  17. I dreamed of cleaning the blood on the body of a dead person (not related to me) which is a victim of an accident, using a piece of wet cloth, when it suddenly became alive, stand up and speak.
    Please interpret the meaning of my dream. Thank you very much.

  18. I had a dream that I died and then came back to life and I found this information interesting because the night before my dream I had meditated unlike I had before so the fact that it “symbolises spiritual growth” made so much sense to me and I’m glad to have made sense of my dream. Thanks.

  19. My dad died 14 years ago, in my dream he had died and I was crying, my sister saw water drip from the coffin and he opened to wipe it. I lay on the ground crying so that I wouldn’t see him in the coffin, but when I woke up I saw him turn his head, I started shouting with joy, praising and after few minutes he turned again and woke up. I hugged him and wouldn’t let him go. Then, I woke up. I have no idea how to interpret this dream.

  20. Thanks for the explanation but it still didn’t tell why exactly I have the exact dream over and over again. In my dream I was at school in lunch room sitting with my bestfriends like any other time of the day. When a girl started fighting one of my friends. I sat there shocked when the girl looked at me with a cold glare. She towards me and then in a blink of an eye I found a knife through my chest. And I saw my friends crying and yelling my name. After that I woke up but in a black dress and in a coffin. When I looked around it looked like a funeral home. And the was a beautiful with brown hair and sparkling golden eyes. She was with a blonde haired boy but his eyes were dark and black. I notice my hair grew much longer and my eyes were silver not brown. The girl smiled at me and said ” Come, now you are one of us” and that’s it . The dream always end like that. It felt so real every time it pops up in my dreams. Can you tell why I have this dream everytime.

  21. I was free falling from a high cliff for a long time and when i reach the ground i think i died for a few seconds and i was alive again

  22. HELP!! Okay I need answers. I had a dream two nights in a row about a baby dieing and coming back to life. What do that mean?

  23. is there a dream interpreter that isnt a new age physic,they channel demons and deceive you but they dont know it.

  24. hello.i had the most 1 of the most demonic dream ever that is in my top list of dreams that felt so real and scary,for sum reason my grandfather and another unknown relative orchestrated a hit on my dad but i ended up being the target i couldn’t find my dad in my dream btw,so i was in my home awoken out of bed from strange noise’s walked in the lounge room and for sum reason my sister was standing right near the front door with a large wooden stick in her hand she appeared to be shaking with fear the front door was slightly open i could not see through the base of the door just the slight opend view and i saw my grandfathers hand in a come hither motion towards my sister it looked strangely evil so i rushed to her to grab the stick ready to attack anyone who is outside including my grandfather cause i knew sum thing was wrong and right then i herd in a loud voice outside of the front door he’s got a gun i anticapated their storm of hot lead fireing right through my font walls and door so i ducked down immediately to the ground and slowly crawled towards my laundry room to look fo a hide spot as the bullets were barely missing me when the gun firing stoped thats when the massive police special forces quickly stormed in my home looking for me! one police officer found me straight away i had my hands up in indicating surrender even tho i have done nothing wrong and then straight away he or she fired multiple shots in my torso i fell to the ground and then minutes later i was mysteriously resurrected outside of my home with blood thirsty urge to kill i began to slay the entire police force with a sawn off single barrel shotgun and even used my hands as lethal weapons towards the corrupt pig’s, i was pretty much invincible the feeling i had inside my body was no human i was on a vengeful mission to send every one to hell who did me wrong starting with those evil police officers.in conclusion i obviously was brought back to life by a powerful demon or Satan himself against my will but yet willingly to commit gruesome murder i hope this occurrence’s i had in my dream never comes to reality.i wished Jesus had stopped that terrible dream.Wat does this dream mean? i never had a dream exactly like this b4 and i dream a lot.i don’t know Wat happened to my sister in that dream i assume she went some where safe.this was a real dream that felt very real and not made up bullshit!

  25. I had a dream that my grandma (who just passed away recently) was lying in her casket and everyone was there for her wake and she got up and stumbled down off the casket and was looking for us. I’ve had this dream multiple times too

  26. Thank you so much for this, the beginning of the dream was a little blurry but what I do know is that I was shot and killed and for the first few seconds I begged Jehovah to let me live but then I accepted my fate and told him thank you but I fought to live again and I did. The killer gave me a 4 digit number before he shot, but the way he said the number was almost like a time. I am extremely thankful for being here right now. Jesus saved my life!!!!!!

  27. My dreams was unlike any other I have had. I dreamt about a full moon in the sky and 2 people pointing a gun at me, supposedly they were family but I didn’t recognize them from the real world. Then suddenly I jumped down from the 3rd floor and was turned to ashes and was reborn again not as a human but something else entirely (think Ghost rider) I felt I could do everything my human self couldn’t do, I felt invincible and capable of doing all sorts of things and I wasn’t even afraid of jumping down from the 3rd floor to begin with. And while I was turning into ashes I said something along the lines of “laying here to watch more people burn” interpretation of this would be very helpful thank you.

  28. It’s been almost 20 years my father had deceased and I was a kid that time. I had seen him in my dreamed several times just after he had passed away but after that I never saw him in my dreams. Currently I’m going through a difficult time in my life. Last week I saw him in my dreams after so many years but I couldn’t remember what exactly I had seen. But last night I saw him again my dreams. I saw him in his coffin and as I was reaching the coffin he started moving and waking up. he was slowly moving his body parts. and he was exactly same just as i remember him. and then I woke up with a shock just wondering what was I dreaming.

    If anyone can tell me whether this dream has a meaning.

  29. In my dream i was dead and i felt it. I was inside the coffin during the funeral service and i saw my mom among the attendees. Few minutes later, my body was moving side to side hardly and it produces heavy sound like a somebody hitting the door hardly many times. Attendees were astonished by hearing the sound from the coffin and thier eyes were very suprised by opening thier eyes little more bigger. Then i broke the coffin glass and woke up alive again. Imediately i woke up from my sleep at about 3:35am it was very dark i was very very scared.
    Then i looked the windows it was still dark. I turned on the switch but there wasn’t current then i turned on my lattern. My heart beats so fast and i was still sacred. I prayed to God to protect me and ease me from being very scared. It reduced slowly and i was fine. Probably after 30 minutes current came. Thank God.
    Dear Sir/Madame, Can you please explain me my dream? I will be delighted. Thankyou.

  30. I dreamed I had a gun on my hand.
    Put the gun in my mouth;I Pull the trigger.
    I fall back on to some water, every thing goes black.
    As i’m falling back, i do a 360 degree and I’m back in my body on my bed.
    Then I woke up.

  31. I lost my baby on 18th October, 2015. then on 7th November, 2015 I dreamt that as I was looking at my dead baby I saw him started breathing again. immediately I started telling people around me, look my baby is breathing then I woke up.
    Please what is the meaning.

  32. i dreamt yeste night that i died and upon waking up my dad was taking me somewhere( i’m not sure where). we were accompanied by by kid sister who appeared to be much younger than she is now. we approached a river and she was sinking in the mud,and i had to get her out. my dad told me in my dream that i was found dead in my room in campus and in real life i am not in school. i wonder what that means..

  33. My dream was slightly scary. A had a dream that someone killed me but I came back to life and survived. I would like some insight on more of what that means so I’d like it if someone could resopnd

  34. Thanks your the article.

    I saw hundreds of injured dead bodies- some were soldiers (all dumped in a truck) and many more civilians’ bodies scattered around. It looked like, a battle had killed each person. My sister standing in a corner shivering with trauma, informs me that this happened during our brother’s wedding function (actually to be held this year end). And gradually, each and every dead person comes back to life, normalising the situation.

    I’m not sure does this mean that my brother’s married life will be good, or it predicts my future life after my recent divorce? Or both? And what’s my sister’s presence mean in the dream?

  35. I dream last night about my fiancee, he is in coffin and i am attending the funeral ceremony but when started crying to him near his coffin he wake up. I hug him so tight. I wake up having short breathing and crying thinking about this dream, this makes me worried. By the way thank you for the dream interpretation. I do recall one time when my fiancee told me he experience near death situation -its way back 2004, he was 4 to 5 mins.dead as the doctor declared when he comes back to life. God, im really praying he will be safe in his trip going here in my country for we are about to do our marriage. Hope and pray that God will grant and give us chance to unite and make a family of our own.

  36. But when we see someone as like my parents are dying then coming back to life in my dream. what does it means?

  37. Hi,
    I had a dream that my 4 year old son and my baby (which i am still pregnant) both died and then hours later i was holding them and they both just started breathing again! I woke up thinking that maybe this dream meant that I might misscarry again.

  38. Recently I have won the heart of someone I have been trying to for years. I had a dream that I was gunned down a point blank range and I was to fall for a few seconds and return to my standing position, seeing the man before me and his reaction was priceless… well long dream short he got what came to him.

  39. I keep having this dream that my deceased husband of 12 years came back to life, and I kept telling him I knew he would come back.

    • I know you wrote this a long time ago but did u get any insight as to the meaning of the dream? I’m newly widowed. .. husband passed 5 months ago and I keep dreaming that he’s back and we got a second chance at life (in the dreams we both know that he died)

  40. I dreamed I was looking in the mirror and I saw my own spirit coming back to me there was no scene or whatsoever of me being dead infact, how can I go near the mirror if I was right? Maybe… my real self is coming back.

  41. I dreamed that my father who had been dead since 1998 awoke from the dead. In my dream he had been dead lying in a comfortable looking bed in a small one room house right behind my dwelling for two weeks. He had not decomposed. I went out back to check on/see him and he woke up. I screamed in excitement “he’s alive!” I proceeded to clean him up as his bowels had let go upon arising from the dead. Once I got him cleaned up my dream switched to seeing him at a counter like that of a convenience store. Like he was about to purchase something. He did not talk Or look at me as if I was not being seen or noticed. I awoke so emotional that I cried somewhat uncontrollably for a while. Can you help me interpret this dream?

  42. It was so weird but scary.
    I was having a normal day in my dream and then all of a sudden i get shot in the middle of my forehead and die and then i come back to life .and then all of sudden something tells me that there is 10 stages we go through before we actually do die .its like it was judgement day for me

  43. I had a dream where I was involved in an accident and then I am telling my wife that I’ll be back..
    Next thing I know is that I am in front of god and I really requested that I want to go back..after lot of request I went back but in different body whose name was also Mohit (different surname) and I am now searching for my parents and wife and son…and then I woke up..
    Any clue on what this means?

  44. Thank you for your post. It relieves my mind. I died and came back and I was told that I was given a second chance. It was frightening, but I woke up very thankful.

  45. I had a dream that my dog (polo)who passed away in September 2014 came back to live he looke a bit whiter in color and a bit older I phoned my husband and we were both excited. My other dog (bo)was also in my dream and I then woke up. On January 10th 2015 my other dog (bo) had a seizure and ran away We are still looking for him and I can’t let go of my hopes of finding him.

    I’ve read that some people believes that what you have lost comes back. Do you have any idea of what these symbols in my dream mean? I’ve had dreams that have come true before but everything is out of context.

  46. I was originally trying to find out about murder victims in dreams coming back to life. That would be my first dream, but my second one was discovering a victim that had been skinned left on a trail bleeding to death, when I found him he pointed down some kind of grassy familiar path. All the way down that path was a railing of heads and they would make a different expression every one of them as i walked down the path and patted their heads. Soon I ended up down the path which turned out to be my elementary school. blah bla bla

  47. I dreamt of someone I do not know. The person wsas about to be buried and they just suddenly moved and rose from the dead leaving us stunned as he walked away with his two daughters.

  48. I dreamed that my husband died. My gran was there and she died nearly 20 years ago. In my dream I remember me going to sleep. I told my gran who was looking after my dead husband that I was going to sleep.

    When I woke up it was raining. I went outside to where my husband was lying and my gran was still there looking after his dead body. I saw him in a lot of water and on his side but his face in the water from the rain now.

    I said to my gran I was going to lift him up to let the air out of him. When I did this my husband came alive.

    What could a dream like this mean. Where my gran is also present who has been gone for nearly 20 years.

  49. Hi I dreamt that I killed my mother, in my dream my mother put the gun and bullets scattered in the table then we talked I dont remember what we discussed but after the discussion I grab the gun then the bullets and point it to my mother then I fired at her. During the funeral I was crying very hard, but when I looked at her in the coffin she opened her eyes then smiled at me. Then she stood right in front of me, I hugged her very very tight and I could not stop crying. I also woke having tears all over me.
    Can you please tell me what does my dream means?

  50. I had a dream about my favourite author – George Orwell – in fact i had been reading a one of his books a day before this dream. In it he was my father, and had killed 3 people for some undisclosed reason, and so he had to commit suicide, then me and this old woman were looking over his body saying “why did you do it?” And then suddenly he opened his eyes and looked right back at me! I got such a shock it woke me up! Anyone know what this means? I know it’s pretty complicated.

  51. I dreamnt my sister in law and I had just got held at gunpoint..we escaped and were running in the woods in a trail that lead to a river…we were walking through the river and both of us got caught in a strong current…forcing us down stream..I made it to the bank, and reached my hand out to grab my sisters hands to help her but I couldn’t reach..so I jumped back in to get her ..and just as the current swept us both away somehow I knew there was a thrifty foot underwater drop coming up with a water turbine at the bottom..less than a second later my sister in law got sucked down..I follow but right as my eyes were going under I looked up and said “I love you mommy and daddy, I’ll see you soon grandpa (since he is already passed on in real life) and I love everyone ” my last words. I died. We both died. The dream ended for a “few minutes” I can’t remember then “9months later” I was back at the site where we died, with my mom and a park ranger who found our bodies..I came back to life, but my sister in law did not. I showed the ranger the “scars/scratches” on my hips, stomach and bottox from when I died…but scratches were perfectly scratched like something had used a ruler to make them to straight and hundreds all over my low abdomen…then I woke up…very real feeling.. I know something has to be brewing in my “reality” for me to dream something like this..makes me want to dig deeper in the dream worlds and dimensions. And thanks to whoever took to the time to read this..I know hearing others peoples dreams gets boring..but it’s nice to compare and talk about it. Thanks

  52. Hello!
    I dreamt that I was on a bus or some type of transportation vehicle and there was a woman on a bed covered to be transported to a morgue or funeral home.
    As we were riding, I was standing right next to her and noticed her head moving, well that was enough for me to get back out of the way! Later, someone covered her head back up.
    Then it seemed as though we were in a building and the “dead woman” got up and went into another room and people were running and screaming, then I woke up!

  53. Thank you for this. I dreamt that I was with two of my friends, one of them unknown, and we all drowned in a pool. The next thing we knew, we woke up in a room that we could not escape from. Two weeks later (supposedly) we heard a knock at the door and a man revived us and we came back to life to a room full of people happy to see us alive. Strange…

  54. I had a childhood friend (one whom I remained friendly with through college but haven’t seen in the last 9 months or so) pass about three weeks ago. Last night I had a dream that I was watching his suicide through his bedroom window (where he shot himself in the head). In the next part of the dream, I was in a relative’s house, but his family and our mutual friends were all there.. Except the day was exactly two days before he took his life. The weirdest part was, we all knew he would kill himself in two days even being in this strange past/present time frame. His parents hugged me, crying, and thanked me for whatever I had done to make this possible. We all agreed not to tell him he would kill himself two days from then, but that we would try to stop him from doing it and that it would be up to me to truly keep it from reoccurring.
    All throughout the dream, he was drinking alcohol; something that many of us thought had something to do with his state of mind during the real life incident. We were slightly intimate in the dream as well, nothing major (just kissing/hugging often) but we never were in real life even though the attraction was there.
    Sure enough, the two days pass in the dream, two days of his family and friends doing his every hearts desire, showering him with love and affection. I am again at his window, watching him put the shotgun in his mouth. Except this time, I bang on the window and he sees me and stops, and let’s me in. He doesn’t understand how I knew to be there.. Crying, I confess to him that he had already killed himself the day after thanksgiving and that we all knew it was going to happen. He got upset and confused and started to cry, so I hugged him and explained to him that he was dead and that a lot of people had come to his funeral and that so many people missed him, I think I asked him how he could do this to his family – but that’s when things become less easy to remember, and again I’m at his window, this time only a second too late because I watch as he pulls the trigger and see the mess and condition of his body as if I was the one who found him (which was his mother).
    I am having a hard time calling this just a dream… Do you have any opinions on it? It’s been really bothering me and I’m not sure if I should tell his family about it. I got the impression his cluelessness about being dead implied he was not in the right mind when he truly committed suicide.

    Thank you

  55. You make it all seem like a good thing. My dream was very real; I was dead, don’t know how, but my family and friends was mourning. they arranged the funeral, but the flowers didn’t come. About a week later, i woke up on the way to “getting turned to ash” the nurses panicked, because they had made such a big mistake. When i came home, My family was crying, and they had been falling appart. my older sister had deleted my facebook, so i made a new one, and wrote to one of my friends, he thought it was a joke…
    The dream didn’t seem happy at any time, just depressing and sad :/

  56. My Dream Was I Was Trying To Run Away From Something, I Couldn’t Tell What It Was. I Remember The Last Thing I Did Before I Died Was Call My Mom && Say I Love You, I Then Called My Grandmother But She Never Answered. I Died After That Then Before I Knew It I Was Back With My Mom Like Nothing Happened.

  57. I had a dream that an ex boyfriend died right in front of me, but that was not the main aspect of the dream. I remember being upset, but there were other things going on. But then later in the dream I saw him and he was alive and we had a big reconciliation. Is there any significance to this or is this just showing that I’m still not over him?

  58. sorry dont mean to spam on here but i been trying to find the meaning of my dream, i keep getting stabbed then coming back to life, and everytime i come back i try something different but still end up getting stabbed then coming back to life, sometimes its by one person sometimes by a group, but the first time i died was when i drank a poison drink, when i came back i didnt drink it then i started getting chased, in my dream i tell like my cousin so he dont drink the stuff and he will get killed as ell, but im the only one that knows this keeps happening, like i pin point when certain things happen before they do…but im scared to sleep cause when i do get stabbed it hurts, very very bad and i feel like i can still feel it when i wake

  59. Hey everyone. I really, really want to know what it means if you have a dream about a friend dying and minutes later they come back? Someone you love.

    I looked out to a field and saw a random man kill two people: one I didn’t know, the other I loved. I bawled my eyes out in the dream. Then, in a few dream-minutes, I looked up to see my love was alive again. What could this mean?


  60. I dreamed myself dying (i really dont remember how) But then i was like a bar with My sister and her husband, then someone (dont remember if it was a girl or guy, But i believe it was an ángel) comes Up to us and sits us down, the ángel told us we were in haven. I asked where was Jesús. The ángel told me to wait while the ángel Went for him, then Jesús comes and sits beside me (some how i dont remember what his face Looked But i do remember he did not look nothing compare to what i thought) i started crying of happiness. Then he told us on march 3rd or 21th (it might have Been May idk) he was gonna send some back to earth and the other to heaven. He left. And we started doing the games, all My friends from highschool were There too! We were having soo much Fun! And everyone was soooo nice! I really Didnt wanted to leave, we were n some fields getting in line to start another game. Everyone was laughing , having the time of There lifes :D But then i woke Up. (Idk if i Came back to earth before waking Up)?it was a nice dream. Im still trying to remember how jesus Looked, even though i was staring at him the while time lol

  61. I dreamed that a person (not sure who it is) died and came back to life within minutes and then I was holding them, while we were taking pictures. Then at the end of my dream, my dead classmate was pregnant, when I was about to ask her some questions, I woke up. What does this mean?

  62. Nice! But does this also apply to someone who just comes back to life in the dream? For example, I have a friend who committed suicide last week and I had a dream last night that she came back to life but not dying in the dream because she is already dead and we were hanging out and she was just there, we went to see her mom and her mom almost fell to her knees in shock..it was really weird. I keep trying to search what this means but I don’t really get an answer quite like my dream, it was awesome though. I felt like I actually hung out with her last night. Thank you

  63. I had a dream like this, but it’s a coworker who died. He was hit by an armored van. Right now i can say that my career is doing pretty good. i’m not sure if that dream has a connection with my new role at work. Thank you.

  64. I keep dreaming of deceased dogs (ones I knew and one I dont know) that are alive in my dream- however, The one I didnt know- In my dream my kids wanted to see if the dog was really dead and I told them it was but they insisted on digging him up (???WTF) So we dug him up and my 18month old pulled a large dog out of the grave by his collar and said ” He’s still alive” Then a small dog (that was alive) kept tryingto wake up the dead dog by jumping on his chest and the dead dogs chest heaved and then opened his eyes, tongue rolled out and he started panting. Id like to point out a) I would NEVER dig up a dead anything b) my 18month old cant speak well, let alone can pickup a 25 kg dog by the collar with one hand. The other two dreams were about dogs I was close too.. the most recent was just plain ol weird…

  65. In my dream my husband was dead. He was laid out in our bed and it was so real. The agony and heart break, our 2 children and myself were saying goodbye and grieving. And then he was alive and the relief was also real.

  66. I had this dream that I had died a hundred times and then I came back to life only once and then I died again and all I saw was white space I felt like there was no air I could not breath then this angel came from a snow storm and said you are a good person then the angel vanished into thin air

  67. I dreamt of a guy I don’t know, that he died I passed by his body 2x and the 3 rd time I passed by he woke up and said he knew he died cause he saw his body and me looking at his body, and said heaven is very rea and I said I know heaven is real. But I don’t know this old man was.

  68. Nice respond to what I was looking for.

    It is exactly what I was looking for. It is like hearing God’s speaking to me.

    I want to commit my entire life to Jesus and bind my life and what left of my matrimony under his arms. I want him to guide and protect me in all my life journey. I want God love to dwells in my life and in my soul for ever and ever.

    Bless my life with the strength of your love their God. Bless my spiritual life to the highest that I will never ever lose faith in you again and hold-on on to you no matter what. Bless my physical life that I may have the strength and courage to go-on day by day and live a total healthy life. Bless my professional life and guide me so that I can use my profession for your glory and your kingdom Lord Jesus. Bless my finance and at the same time give me a generous and cheerful heart that I will be able to not allow money to overcome me but be as astute enough to see the needing ones and stretch a hand to them. Bless my family – my mother, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters with the effusion of your power. Bless my matrimony, and no matter what bring harmony in me and my husband lives. But this I asking you according to your knowledge and will and according to what my husband really want in life.

    Teach me to forgive, to love and go-on in life.

    Bless me there father.

    In Jesus holly and precious name and blood I plead for this great petition. Amen, Amen and Amen!

    • In my dream, my boss’s wife’s lifeless body was kept with me and came back to life on the fourth day, walked back to his house even before I finish reporting it to the husband

  69. I read in ur site that seeing people dying and then they come back alive means fulfilment of wishes but is there a time frame when I can see them happen

    • Hello,
      It depends on many factors. Best solution to frame in the time the meaning of your dream is to look deeper into other parts of your dream. Think, how close to the resurrected people you was in your dream. Could you touch them? Could you feel them? In your case there is big chances that fulfillment of wishes is not so close to you than you wish. You wasn’t that person, which has been resurrected. Because of this option, longer time should be expected for fulfillment of wishes. But this time framing is just fast opinion and it can be not 100% accurate, because dedicated analysis of your dream needs more time and more information. So you should look deeper inside yourself or outside to the processes that are taking place around you. Maybe you are now in the process of some kind of fulfillment? If not yet, then you need to wait a little bit.
      Best wishes, A.Goldberg.

      • Thank you so much for this post; it was very helpful. I had one of these dreams about my husband coming back to life. It was so vivid and real (I don’t usually recall my dreams or have vivid ones like this). I woke up crying because of it’s intensity. And he was right there, not distant at all.

        So in a dream like this, the other person really represent yourself? My first thoughts were maybe I was letting go of some pain or grief that’s lingering, but your assessment of this dream meaning also fits perfectly with where I’m at in life. And I mean totally perfect. Thoughts?

        Again, thank you for this page. Very interesting.

      • I had a dream where a close family friend who is like a little brother to me died on his birthday and then came back to life the same day, throughout the dream i was almost always close enough to touch him i cant remember if i ever did.

      • I had a really weird dream last night!!

        I dreamt that I died, peacefully, in my sleep. I remember counting my heart beats and feeling them slow down but that I wasn’t scared, I just kept turning into my right hand side to put less pressure on my heart. Then an spirit came (I couldn’t see it, I could just sense it), leant over me and blew into my mouth, bringing me back to life. I then thanked the spirit and promptly woke up and so did my son who was lying in bed next to me.

        Any ideas what this could mean?

        • That was God. “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” For you did not feel scared on the contrary you felt peace. Peace only comes from him.

      • I had a weird dream before that I was walking through a row of house each different in style and color. It was at night and there were stars in the sky. Then all of the sudden I was at a top floor but I needed to go down, do not know why I couldn’t remember, then as I was walking dead people seem to rise from out of nowhere and I was freaking out! What could that possibly mean? There were a lot of dead people rising…

  70. My dream was very different. I was home getting a ‘procedure done’ by a health professional. I was given some liquid to drink and asked for water. Water never came and next thing I knew I was waking up and could hear the doctor say that because the water never came, I choked on the medicine and died. I couldnt move and laied there still. Then I was like a prisoner on a bus or train after my funeral, trying to get the attention of family members to tell them I was alive. 1 person saw me but then I woke up. Not really sure if I was really dead or forced to fake a death for somene elses benefit.

  71. Thank you for the interpretation, my dream of dying and returning was extremely vivid and spiritual for me. I never experienced any dream quite like it before. Your interpretation allowed me to have insight that was very important for me. Thank you!!

    • I had a dream which I don’t know what it means. In my dreams i was killed several times and every time that i was kill i came back alive can someone tell me what that dream mean