European (Judeo-Christian)
– Too much fun in a dream is a bad omen. Be careful with your speculation, or you will suffer heavy losses.

* Please, see meaning of pleasure.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation
The quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness; ebullience.

Complete definition
The quality of being exuberant; cheerful or vigorous enthusiasm; liveliness.

Synonyms of exuberance
noun: exuberancy, abundance, opulence, luxuriance, profusion, plenty, affluence, wealth; plural: exuberancies, abundances, opulences, luxuriances, profusions, plenties, affluences, wealths; related terms: joy, joyfulness, joyousness, enthusiasm, ebullience, enthusiasm
sprightliness, liveliness, spirit, life, lyricism, rabidity, rabidness, madness .

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