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Puppy (young dog) symbolizes spontaneity, innocence, trust and affection. Dreaming of puppy or puppies usually means, that you will be asked not to reject friendly courtesy from other people.


– Dreaming of puppy: you will help to innocent and unlucky people and for that you will get a gratitude;
– Also puppies in dream can be symbol: for an invitation to a fun party;
– If so, then: dreamer will be happy with these people there, but not intimate;
– If puppy or puppies are awake: you can look forward to strong bonds of friendship and growing wealth;
– Dreaming of pathetic puppy: there is threat of loss.

* Please, see meaning of animal or dog.

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  1. I dreamed I saw my ex-husband with many puppies, puppies of all colors all surrond him and they were in my space as well and they shit all over my floor. At one point the pupplies ran out in the road and he grabbed them and a truck was coming and he held on to the puppies, the truck ran over him holding the puppies to secure them from the moving truck but neither got hurt – what is the meaning, I am quite curious. Please and thanks

  2. I dreamt i was at my grans house with family and these 2 cute puppies came in one was black. They started sniffing my feet then the puppy kept biting my toe it really hurt. Until i couldnt handle it any more locked my self away.

  3. I had a dream I was walking Down the forest with two newborn puppy’s in my hands ? I’m curies anybody knows what that means?

  4. I had a dream i was walking with a poppy and latter i had to carry him to avoid stains on him. Whats the interpritetion of my dream

  5. I dreamt I was sitting next to the fireplace in the lounge with six small puppies and they were jumping into the fire. Then I awoke to find six hotdogs on the table. What does this mean ?

  6. i dreamed that a puppy kept jumping into a fire, i was frantic and kept trying to help, but it eventually went out of reach. i woke myself up straight after that… what does this mean??

  7. I had a dream that I was riding in the car with my ex-boyfriend. We had drove to his old high school and went to the back of the building. We had gotten out the car and was sitting on the floor and new born puppies came running towards me and him. It was a fun moment and I felt very happy. I been having constant dreams about my ex and I don’t understand why. We haven’t been together for 6 years and we tried to keep in contact a year ago but he has a girlfriend, and I don’t want any problems. I haven’t thought about him in a really long time but when I have those dreams it feels like he is with me and all the feelings we have in the dream feel very real. The other dream I had about him that really overwhelmed me was when I saw him with my friends and I went to say hello and he hugged me. As he was holding me he whispered he missed me. That woke me up from my sleep and I still felt his arms around me. I don’t know what this means if he misses me or is thinking about me. This all started happening a few months ago after I started meditating. From what I know he still is in a relationship and he is happy. Like I said I don’t think about him or give any thought to what could have been. We have been done for a really long time he was my first love. Now that I am having these dreams I just started thinking about him.Any thoughts as to why I am having these dreams?

  8. I dreamt a rottweiler had puppies in my yard and they were all alive and i took a female dog cause that’s the one i wanted and i kept her in my house n feed her. what does that mean? first dream of newborn puppies ever!

  9. I dreamt that me and my boyfriend were at his house sleeping in his bed beeing woke up by what im assuming was our brand new puppy he was so cute black with a white spot on his nose licking us both in the face i woke up laughing out loud

  10. I dreamed of a litter of six chocolate lab puppies. I asked myself how was I going to train them ? I am no trainer. The first pup I wanted to play catch. I used a red frisbee and threw it. He looked at it. I took him to the frisbee and placed it in his mouth. We then came back to start. I threw it a second time and he caught it in mid air. I was happy and so was he. I petted and praised him bc I had no treat. The second one I wanted to sit. I placed one hand on his rump and the next hand under his chin. I told him to sit and again he looked at me. The second time I said sit. And he did. I was happy again as I cupped his face in my hands and I praised him. Can you tell me what this means please ?

  11. I had a dream of 2 playful puppies by my feet. I saw my mother and some time later I only noticed one puppy (red/brown like lab retriever)

  12. I dreamt a puppy was playing with my feet and as I was trying to push it away,it kept playing…then I woke up and saw it was my phone I was pushing away.

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