Slap on the face dream meanings

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Warning if get a slap on the face – In the dream you got a slap on the face, then this dream is a warning that you have to beware of hasty and not well thought out decisions;
  • Wasting time if you do a slap on the face – The dream signifies that your energy is wasted on something that does not deserve it.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Hard times if get a slap on the face – In near future you will have inconvenience, harm and ridicule, humiliation, loss. This life period is not so positive, but you will overcome everything because you are strong person;
  • Swindle¬†if you do a slap on the face – This marks that you’ll discover fraud in your nearest surrounding and this will hurt you.

* Please, see meaning of box on the ears.

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  2. 05-05-2013 On this day I woke up with a dream dat one of my spiritual son slap me and I am spiritual father. I am looking 4 d meaning and I need your interpretations pls.Thanks. God bless you all from Kafanchan Kaduna State Nigeria. Tanks hop 2 hear from you. My Facebook Address is [email protected]