Medicine Wheel:

discharge; blood sucking parasite.

A tick is a wingless insect, that sucks blood from animals and humans.

General meaning
Something that has affected your life essence or drained you up.

A carrier of dangerous diseases.

Transcendent meaning
A warning of something that eats you during the dream state.


– To see tick crawling over the skin: you have to pay more attention to your health and sometimes it means quick trip to a hospital bed;
– To crush tick in dream: one feels that a treacherous enemy is near;
– To see big ticks on animals: enemies are by all eager to take a possession.

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  1. I dreamed scrapping 2 small, dead, red ticks that were settled around my ear lob. After removing them I realised there was one live greyish tick sucking stuck to the back of my neck and sucking my blood and I plucked it off and killed it.

    • This is a common meaning it is most likely mentioning towards a close friend that was causing pain or treachery and needed to be removed from your life……but this dream is a form of closure meaning that you have already removed this friend or that you have been seriously considering it

  2. I had a dream that my little daughter was filled with tiks and they told me that it means money but I really dont no !

  3. I had a dream i was so itchy all over my body.I went into a bathroom and took part of my clothes off and i had a lot of ticks on me.As i took them off i would throw them into the toilet.

    • Hi,

      The dream is telling you that you have “Dry Skin”. All those Ticks on you means that you have alot of Dry Scaly Skin..WHen you were taking them off and throwing them in the toilet means that you need to take care of your “Dry Skin”.

  4. I had a reoccuring dream last night about tick infestation. They were everywhere…on my car, on the carpet, the grass, etc. I am deathly afraid of them, so to dream about them more than once in a night doesn’t sit well with me. I would wake myself up from the dream and then when I would fall asleep I would dream about ticks again…always an infestation. what does it mean?? This is what I found so far on the dream interpretation (from two different websites):

    To dream of ticks represents an annoyance in your life that forces you to be extra careful. An exhausting need to stay perfect or appear perfect to others. Never getting to enjoy yourself because you are too concerned with being cautious of a mistake. Always feeling on the edge.

    To see ticks in your dream indicates that something is slowly draining the energy and strength out of you. A relationship, your job, or someone is sucking the life and energy out of you. The dream may also be a pun on being “ticked off” and thus represent your feelings of being annoyed or irritated.

  5. hi Shari,
    the Ticks in your dream are Symbols of Worry. And that they are manifested and that You keep seeing them everywhere means that You are surrounded by Worry. You are Worring yourself to the bone. Jesus said: “Donot worry about nothing. Just like God take care of Birds, He will take care of Us. We are greater than Birds so if God takes care of lesser creatures than Humans then imagine what he will do for Us. For He will never leave Us or forsake Us~those that believe in His Son Jesus the Christ. You need to Constantly Pray to God and believe that all things are possible through Christ Jesus. By doing this you will increase Your faith and there will be lesser room for anxiety that brings fear and worry into your Soul.

    I pray that I have helped you, in Jesus name! Contact me anytime if you have anymore questions….

  6. Hi,

    When you had removed ticks and killing them in your dream means “PROTECTION”! You are protecting something or someone!

    I hope I have helped You. God Bless YOU!!

  7. I had a dream that I was removing ticks out of my feet and knees and there were like 2 ppl helping me I dont know wat that mean help me please

  8. I had a dream that my fiance was wrapped in a blanket full of ticks and I yelled at him to throw it in the washer while I was killing the ones that jumped onto the couch.

  9. I dreamed my partner had ticks on his boot. That he had a dog (we don’t) ans somehow he end up with many ticks in his boot. I was worried that my baby would catch them and also very worried if would rain as the ticks and the flies would go everywhere…

  10. Hello!
    I dreamed that I was laying in bed wen I realised my skin had became itchy and when I sat up to look at my arms they had ticks on them so I was picking them off but as soon as I picked those off twice as many would appear somewhere else on my body eventually they were all over me and I couldn’t pick them off fast enough, in the desperate need to get these parasites off me I jump out of bed and I started ripping off my clothes as I started scrapping them off me. Still it was hopeless. But before I woke I turn to see a man in my bed who I have never seen before. I can’t stop thinking about it…please help me.

  11. good day, I dreamt about ticks all over my body and I was removing them and throwing them away. until I woke up

  12. I had a dream a girl was pulling a lot of ticks off my head then be for that I woke up pulling a tick off my head but i think it was already dead

  13. Please I had a dream where I was lying down in the dream.
    I saw ticks all over my body and I tried removing them. due to the fear I woke up

  14. I dreamt that this Girl was removing ticks of me and then she saw a big grey one on my arm and when she took that one of it hurt and I just looked at it and then saw her and she wAs getting full of ticks a we had to run away ..can u help me with my dream thanks.

  15. I keep having a reoccurring dream that I take off my shirt and there are giant clusters of 20-30 ticks in a small circle on spots of my body. I would grab a blanket or towel and rip them off. That’s all I can remember of the dream but I wake up and it really freaks me out. I hate ticks.

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