Outbreak of unconscious or repressed material.


What do I have to clarify?

In general:

The volcano is a very eloquent vision, not least because of its unpredictability. A volcano goes off, this can mean either that the dreamer has “killed off” his passions, or a difficult situation, which perhaps occupied him for a long time , the end is approaching. Volcano often warns that you have to break suddenly displaced contents of the unconscious and can bring a lot of turmoil in life. Moreover, it may symbolize high internal stress, aggression, anger or hatred.


If the dream is about an erupting volcano, the dreamer consciousness has this image with it, that indicates displacements of engine blocks or latent aggression of the dreamers who want to break through. An erupting volcano usually means that the dreamer does not control a situation or his feelings, and that these may break out the hard way. If the lava on the foreground, the feelings go very deep. If the lava solidifies, so a strong passion has cooled. If, however, the more explosive power exercised, the anger is probably the stronger component. The fire-breathing mountain refers traits that we should sit in order to stand before us. All down the burning lava is raging jealousy, anger and rash actions.


At the spiritual level, a volcano is deeply pent passion that explodes sometimes in a startling way.


European (Judeo-Christian)
– Warns against outbursts of anger and rage, before bigotry and violent disputes that threaten the reputation of being a fair and honest citizens;
– An amazing breakthrough dangerous primal instincts threatened;
– To see: a thing is to evoke its conduct to small storm, or you will experience something, creating a peaceful man, than you are, may become angry;
– For the merchant: dishonest employees, robbery, theft, or other sad events;
– For lovers: a sign that any fraud, each plot, each plot will explode on one side or the other and reveals the author and is branded with the deserved consequences;
– To see a young woman near volcano, then selfishness and greed lead them to difficult adventure.

Hindu (Hinduism)
– In your life will come changes;
– Fire-breathing: major upheavals in life.

Arabian (Islamic)
– To see smokes or break : points to unexpected violent events and dangers that are worrying one, but can not be prevent.

* Please, see meaning of mountain, fire, violence, lava, dance.

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  1. Today, I dreamed of Volcano Eruption.. It was too violent. I was sitting on the top of building with family members (cousin brother’s), I was quite away from the volcano eruption, but my home was near to volcano eruption. My mom, nephew where there…. So when I show that thing (volcano), I jumped off the roof and started running opposite direction of home. I thought that I should go to home to save, But volcano was very violent and lava was coming very fast. I ran like anything.. soon I have realized that, I have done a wrong thing. I should moved to home quickly, and rescue. Or close all the doors and dig after wards.(these all are in dreams).

    Am I weak ?

    • Dats just a dream buddy… dnt worry.

      .learn from this… u actually love yur family n yu ve regret that yu were self centered at that particular tym and u’re feeling bad about it..that means u value them alot.. ve happy.. love them… it is just a caution that any decision yu take without letting them know myt let u regret upon.. so take their advice when u take important decisioms in life.. hav a gr8 tym dude..

    • I realize this was posted a long time ago, but hoping someone can share some insight.
      My love has experienced dreams extremely similar to this, but the lava is blood and the central issue that varies each time is that he has to choose which family member to save. He has had these dreams since child hood, and eventually after many failed efforts by a plethora of people including some known for certain metaphysical insight/ability/etc (long prior to me meeting him) she took him to a shaman that ultimately determined the dreams were far more dangerous than beneficial, and somehow permanently repressed his ability to remember his dreams at all.

      I’m no expert on these things, I’ve just witnessed my own crazy dreams materialize beyond what could be coincidental.. But that has made me a believer that dreams are important if nothing else..
      And what I want to know is 1. How have others overcome and moved on from these dreams and 2. Am I crazy for thinking this repression should be reversed for his best interest?

  2. Yeah i had a dream that a volcano erupted but we were racing down to get away, i nether would run i wpuld help defintly in a dream. I was quiet confused because at the start we were at a shopping centre/mall and then racing down a volcano idk. But at the shopping centre i slapped my arch enemy blake, i chanaled out all my anger thwn and there well i think. Im going to a test today so i hope i dont fail and get angry but still if you think thats the reason, reply quickly…

    Signed kye

  3. I dreamed a very large eruption occurred. instead of magma or fire, it was shooting volcanic bombs..simular to that of a fire work exploding in the air…but very large pieces of rock instead. I didnt see lava or fire only these. But the eruptions were huge and these volcanoe bombs were flying every. I was scared as hell was looking for,my daughter.

    Interesting enough, i managed to navigate without them hitting me by waiting still just seconds before they hit the ground then moving quickly.

  4. Over time since being a child these topics intrigue me. I usually like to find the reasoning in things sometimes to the best of my abilities. Normally I research but I just would like a little more clarity and hopefully you can help. Thank you for giving me the platform to do so. I appreciate you……. :)
    My daughter sometimes have what I will call “vibrant dreams” and they include me. A month ago she woke up and told me her dream so innocently but she hit it on the head to completion. Now she just expressed to me today that she had a dream that we needed to get away from an erupting volcano and instead I continued to walk towards the eruption, no matter how hard she tried to pull me back or called. As I walked away she woke up. I have had some things troubling me on my mind about relations and deceitful people. Is this supposed to symbolize me as the eruption? They are honestly playing with my heart and kindness for weakness and I’ve been passive about so much.

  5. i dreamt of my sisters and i being trapped by a volcano in the city . the volcano building up over hours and we are in the house quickly trying to get ready to out beat it but when i look out the window the lava is following down the road of our building and we are thinking our best option is to stay put as we live on the 6 th floor of a building and it may not reach us . we r scared but know that we don’t wanna die

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