Adventure dream meanings

General Meanings:

Connection with real life Dreaming of an adventure may be a reflection of the recent real life events. Maybe the dreamer’s life has become more adventurous or the dreamer experienced very adventurous event in waking life.

Warning of dangerous and risky thing The mood and experienced emotions in the dream are particularly instructive here. In the dream general feeling of danger can be interpreted as a warning. Probably the dreamer is taking a big risk in waking life. If the dreamer feels satisfaction with dangerous adventure in the dream, then in waking life he is safe, because he is capable to manage the risk.

Psychological Meanings:

Bored life and need for changes In the life something can change suddenly. Usually it indicates a change to better. Give your life more variety and alternation, check where boredom and routine have spread. Possibly in your relationship too.

Life with risk and danger Your dream that you are alone in the jungle, behind a wild animal, in front of a creeper – far and wide there isn’t anyone, no way out. A nightmare! Have you overdone or overspent your financial affairs or health? In exciting life phase it is frequent nightmare – it has a high risk. Exaggerated images of danger and threatening environment want to make aware that you have exhausted your possibilities.

Signifies boring life and desire of adventures Who dreams of contrast, an erotic adventure with a strange person, in the real life has rather a lack of challenges: mostly only an indication to unattractive, limited and boring routine in the everyday life or love life. This become apparent that your unconscious edged out wishes for unusual experiences!

Find practicable things that can help you to make your life more interesting Who dreams of adventures, this feeling is compensated in the dream. Pay attention to the details because your nocturnal adventures have symbolic value and look what is practicable from this dream.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Uncertainty and danger if experience risky adventure -The dream wants to show that you are now or come to danger. Also you feel uncertainty and insecurity which is concerning by surroundings or another person;
  • Bad connection if with a stranger in risky danger – The dream announces tendency that you will get to risky relationships with people who are not quite perfect;
  • Alive life if experience a great adventure – It is the highest time to plan, at last during the long term, so the life will be more alive again.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Warning if experience an adventure – The dream is a warning that you have to beware from bad people, there is a danger of being deceived.

* Please, see meaning of hero, adventurer.

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