Alarm devices dream meanings

General Meanings:

Warning In the dream an alarm  could be a warning. What kind of problems caused this alarm signal? You have to look up for this problem and try to solve it. This shows that this requires your immediate attention.

Relationships The men dream of car alarm has the most sexual references and relations. This can be a warning that somebody tries to intervenes between partners. This is a sign that you have conflicts and anxiety in your relations.

The need of help A house alarm in the dream is always related to the family. Means that you or somebody from your family members need help and ask for help and protection.

Psychological Meanings:

To make order in your life Symbol of the feeling that “something must be done” right now. Maybe you have you have forgotten the worries that you had and now it is time to solve them. This is a signal to wake up and to do something better, to make order or to tidy everything.

Help To turn on the alarm in the dream, signifies that the dreamer needs for attention. This could be that the dreamer need help from others.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Act quickly if hear an alarm -This dream is a signal should not hesitate for so long time with the current project and act quickly;
  • Confusion if set off an alarm – To dream that you set off an alarm signifies that you are confused about something. You are worried that you have made a wrong move or made a bad decisions;
  • Wrong way if hear a car alarm – To hear a car alarm in your dream shows that you are on the wrong path;
  • Intervenes between partners if turn on a car alarm – In the dream you turned on the car alarm and it started alerting, means that somebody wants to interrupt into your relations;
  • Uncertainty if hit an alarm – This dream marks that you are mixed and confused. Restlessness, haste and nervousness now in your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • New start if listening to an alarm – You have to start quickly to reach your goals, because later it will be too late for you;
  • Worry if hear – Hearing an alarm bell in a dream shows that something cause you great concern.

Contexts’ Meanings:

To hear and listen to alarm – In the dream you listen to an alarm, this signifies that you something is wrong in your life and needs your attention. This may be the wrong decision the wrong way and you must stop and try to correct this.

To dream and hear the house or car alarm  – This dream is a signal that something is wrong in your family. This may be that your family member needs your help or even you need a help from them. Also it is a signal that you have some problems in your sexual life.

To switch or turn on an alarm in a dream – This is a notice that you have to star or to do something now. It may be the new project, the new work or something else. You have only fixed time to reach this.

* Please, see meaning of air raid, alarm clock.

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