Drinking alcohol dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of drinking alcohol may specify relief, crush and love.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung interpretation of the dream about drinking alcohol connotes self-reliant humor, womanly sexual desire, originality and gravity.
Affirmative adjustments are happening only when: drinking alcohol - This dream often predicts the fact of being primary. You are a frontrunning person. However, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream should evidence upside down significance: a person of great significance could be spurious and/or risky in regard to your being.
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  • Alcohol - ...an inevitable consequence. Desire to escape from responsibilities Frequent intoxication dreams generally point to the tendency to avoid or to escape from unpleasant situations – the harsh reality. Also the meaning of the dream depends on the type of alcohol: Drinking wine in the dream – The red wine signifies blood. Consumption of wine marks sociability, satisfaction, relaxation, pleasure, luxury and wealth life. Drinking beer – The beer represents youth and free of worries and troubles. Enjoyment of life and company. Harmony with yourself and the environment. Drinking champagne – The joyful period of your life. Luxury and richness is announced... (read more)
  • Wine - Association: Social companionship & celebrations. Question: What do I want to enjoy? General Meanings: The long and hard way to perfect and wonderful life  The religious experience has brought the wine to the parable of divine blood. Dreams of wine always mean an encounter with a mental and spiritual content. Dream of wine never indicates any drinking problems (alcoholism). Wine as a cultural object, has a very high value of the soul experiences. Wine always refer to brilliant event of so many factors, such as favorable climate, sunny, healthy and much-bearing vines, sweat and fatigue of the winegrowers in... (read more)
  • Beer - Association: Beer bliss; refreshment. Question: What do I have to loose? General Meanings: Beer signals about an unshakable inner peace and serenity (colloquially we say peace beer), which comes from confidence and harmony with itself. You should consider whether it might not become too phlegmatic. Drinking beer in a dream – announce good health and financial success, also you will find presumably sincere friends. Moldy beer in the glass – suggests that a friendship might be declining. Drinking fresh beer in moderation – this promises good health as long as you do not spill it. Beer is just foam... (read more)
  • Drinking - To dream that you are drinking water represents energetic vitality, refreshment of strengths, increasing spirituality. You have a purpose and any trouble in your way will be eliminated. Additionally, you are learning from your past and you will find resolution to any future issues. Alternatively, drinking of water suggest for you to care yourself more. To dream that you are drinking alcohol indicates that you are trying to escape from current period of your life. Alternatively, drinking of alcoholic beverages, which are delicious for you in waking life, means that you are seeking illusory and deceitful feeling of happiness,... (read more)
  • Champagne - well. Dreaming getting drunk on champagne – This dream shows that you had really good and carefree life. You have enjoyed all the gift that life gave you. Now it is time to stop and to be more responsible. Drunkenness doesn’t give you any opportunities to move forward, this irresponsibility stops you to reach your goals. You overvalue yourself because at this time you are in the great position, but drunkenness and drinking too much champagne can low you down, and you can loose everything what you have. You have to be more attentive. * Please, see meaning of alcohol.... (read more)
  • Brandy - General Meanings: Frivolity and carelessness Brandy may have a similar general importance, such as alcohol. Old sources announce that drinking or spillage is a warning of frivolity and carelessness which leads to failures and losses. In the individual case this can warn specifically about too much of brandy consumption. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Bad influence if seeing brandy – In a dream brandy shows a bad society, this will damage your reputation and make bad influence. This will be hard to get rid of it; Damage if drinking brandy – This shows that your intemperance will make damage to you, and... (read more)
  • Beer glass - empty glass of beer – This symbol marks that you have some worries because of undone works. You trust yourself too much, you were irresponsible, too relaxed and this caused such things. Dreaming full glass of beer – Drinking fresh beer, shows that you have clear plan how to reach your aims. You are moving toward it. Also you will have good incomes because of your hard work. Drinking moldy and bad beer, this dream shows that you have worries and difficulties. Also this dream wants to pay attention to your health. * Please, see meaning of alcohol, beer.... (read more)
  • Drunk - ...your shyness, so that you can cope and deal with current problems without any fear. If be drunk, this dream signifies that the dreamer accepts the realities of life not so seriously, as they really are. Psychological Meanings: Desire to become free and ability to reduce tension The dreamer feels drunk in the dream, then this indicates that he desires to become such a person who acts without any consequences and any fears, because everybody does not pay any attention to drunk person’s behavior. Also people understand drinking as a legitimate tool which means to reduce tension and to celebrate.... (read more)
  • Urine - ...Drinking urine in the dream has a very positive and good meaning. This marks that the dreamer will have good health and property and satisfaction in his life. Also the urine may be a good sign of wealth. As feces the urine may bring you unexpected financial success. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Illness and rejection of friends if see someone’s else urine and smell it – This dream shows that you will have health problems. The smell of urine signifies that you will become uninteresting for your friends and also not acceptable because of your bad and unpleasant behavior; Recovery... (read more)