Champagne dream meanings

General Meanings:

Desire to free yourself Champagne (sparkling wine) often stands for a happy event, which will only be for short duration, even if it began so hopefully.  Perhaps the subliminal need is expressed with the symbol of champagne, to break out or to free yourself from a firmly established life order that is too narrow for you, to experience an adventure.

Psychological Meanings:

Desire to be free Those who dream of spirits drinking – especially the sparkling wine – wants to enjoy life without thinking about tomorrow, to be careless and free. Perhaps a moral barrier is disengaged, to be uninhibited in the sexual area.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Unstable life if see champagne – In a dream champagne means unsettled life, much pleasure, infidelity, inconstancy;
  • Unfortunate omen if see champagne – This dream announces luck of short period. Also unlucky omen for love affairs;
  • Unhappy about environment if drinking alone champagne – This dream shows that you do not find sympathy in your environment;
  • Cheerful time if drinking in society – this dream shows about your joyous and cheerful pastime;
  • Joyful life if break a champagne bottle – This symbol shows and announces a stormy experience for you;
  • New perspective if open the bottle of champagne – The life gives you perspective and new beginning. Some of them may be risky and will requires all you efforts, but everything will go well.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Happy life if opening champagne bottle – this dream will bring you happiness and wonderful life. It is time for you  to enjoy your life;
  • Money if drinking glass of champagne – This announces you money and good incomes. This will help you to improve your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Work on happy family if drinking champagne – Do not rely on your happy relationships, you have to work with it all the time;
  • Be more attentive if consume champagne – You have to beware of overabundance and extravagance in your life.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Dreaming drinking and toasting with champagne or sparkling wine – This symbol stands for happy event in dreamer’s life. In the real life people want to celebrate something very special with the glass of champagne. In the dream champagne indicates the desire to celebrate personal achievements, completed work or project. Also this dream announces good money incomes, wealth and better life.

To open or to uncork a bottle of champagne in the dream – This may be that you want to free yourself and enjoy your life like these bubbles in the glass of champagne. To express yourself without any difficulties, to make decisions and trust yourself. You are going to start new interesting and perspective life, because the champagne expresses joyful events. You have lots of ideas and it is time for you to show them, this will bring you success.

Drinking champagne alone or breaking the bottle of champagne in the dream – This dream shows that you are to extravagant and look at the people from higher position. You don’t want to share your happiness with other people. You have to involve more people in your work if you want to reach better result. The broken bottle announces that all your efforts can damage because you are too greedy and too proud to ask for help. You are near success but you have to share your happiness and ask for help from other people. Then everything goes well.

Dreaming getting drunk on champagne – This dream shows that you had really good and carefree life. You have enjoyed all the gift that life gave you. Now it is time to stop and to be more responsible. Drunkenness doesn’t give you any opportunities to move forward, this irresponsibility stops you to reach your goals. You overvalue yourself because at this time you are in the great position, but drunkenness and drinking too much champagne can low you down, and you can loose everything what you have. You have to be more attentive.

* Please, see meaning of alcohol.

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