Drunk dream meanings


Complete insensitivity.


Where in my life am I afraid to lose control, or do I want to lose it?

General Meanings:

To be drunk in the dream, this shows that the dreamer desires to be free without any restraints and responsibilities. Drunkenness often denotes the fact that the dreamer does not quite “sane” . He misunderstand the reality and therefore make mistakes which later will lead to disappointment and failure.

  • If feel drunk, this means that you are disappointed by people from your own surrounding.
  • If you look drunk, this dream denotes that you want to eliminate your shyness, so that you can cope and deal with current problems without any fear.
  • If be drunk, this dream signifies that the dreamer accepts the realities of life not so seriously, as they really are.

Psychological Meanings:

Desire to become free and ability to reduce tension The dreamer feels drunk in the dream, then this indicates that he desires to become such a person who acts without any consequences and any fears, because everybody does not pay any attention to drunk person’s behavior. Also people understand drinking as a legitimate tool which means to reduce tension and to celebrate.

Spiritual Meanings:

The consumption of alcohol may be a desire to inhibit ecstasy and tension.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Need of freedom if be drunk or see drunk people – In the dream you are drunk or you see others drunk, this dream shows that you desire to to relax and to be more irresponsible person because you are tired of tension;
  • Pleasant event if be drunk and happy – This dream shows that soon you will experience a pleasant time, but this will not leave you a great impression;
  • Sadness if see drunk people – When people are drunk in your dream, then this denotes that you will have a disappointment of your closed people;

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Happy days if be drunk – This dream marks that you will experience happy days. You will have the competition and this will bring you a pleasant time and a good experience;
  • Harm if see drunk people – The dream is a warning that you will suffer damage because of others irresponsibility, you have to be very attentive if you want to avoid this.

* Please, see meaning of alcohol, drugs.

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  1. I dreamt and saw my grandfather drunk as I was passing by with friends and the friends were laughing at him getting drunk at his age so I walked to him to help him sit to avoid him falling

  2. I had a dream where people were getting drunk at church and then out of nowhere, an old man that sounded like a crying baby flung himself on me and started to attack me.