Drug dream meanings

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  • Medicine drug (medicament) - General Meanings: Worries and a warning The dream symbol of drugs announces you troubles and worries in professional and financial situation, but you will overcome this by your own efforts. Also this dream signifies about changes in your life. For individual cases that might be a warning about a disease, you have to find it out. Psychological Meanings: Fear and support The drug symbolizes mental or physical distress and the desire for sympathy, consolation and advice. Also the dream of medicine drugs express fear of pain, illness and disappointment. Solved or unsolved problems In the dream to take a... (read more)
  • Drug - Association: The process of healing and recovering. Question: What do I want to soften or intensify? In general: In General the dream about drugs, indicates the need of help. Maybe the dreamer is seeking some kind of approval or simply is unable to handle things on his own. The one that sees drugs or taking them as a medicine, is unable to control his own life, therefore he takes help, which in a dream are drugs that help him to perform the way he suppose to. Consider that an unpleasant experience while taking drugs, indicates the fear of the... (read more)
  • Drugstore - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Want to make happy if see drugstore – The drugstore in a dream then this indicates that you want to please someone and you will do this successfully; Your future if work in drugstore – You are dreaming that you are working in drugstore then this announces about prospects for future employment; Idea if buy in drugstore something – You bought something in the drugstore in your dream, then this signifies that you will get a good idea which will bring you property.... (read more)
  • Miraculous drug - Traditionally: European – To take miraculous drugs: one is sickened at specific issues and should seek to overcome by hard turns to the duties; – To read about miracle drug in advertising: unhappy partner will be doing an injustice and you should be ready for sorrow.... (read more)
  • Take - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Good omen if take money – When you take money in your dream, then this displays good business and matters; Recovery if take drugs – In the dream you take drugs of medicine because sick, then soon you will recover after illness or difficult period of your life; Mistake if take drug but healthy – You are healthy and you take drugs then this announces failures.... (read more)
  • Dose - Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Fulfillment if dose of medicine – In the dream you have a dose of medicine then this marks that all your needs will quickly be fulfilled; Wasting yourself if take a dose of drugs – In your dream you take a dose of drugs then this means that you tend to waste money time and efforts.... (read more)
  • Abstinence - General Meanings: Dreaming of abstinence, for example from drinking, drugs, smoking or any other dependance you are in, this dream is a sign that you are too confident and trustful in your own. This means that maybe you are a little bit arrogant person. What you have to do, is to make sure that you do not move forward too fast. The meaning of the dream is the sign for you to find out what do you want from your life, what you do on the right way and what you do on the wrong way. Make sure, you... (read more)
  • Driver’s license - ...or to bring your qualities back. Solitude and isolation if driving drunk, on drugs or without license Driving without license means that you are wandering throughout your life without plan, without goal, without identity. You are trying to find these aspects by yourself, without any help. Also, it means that your actions is not controlled or is not permitted by someone who should be in charge. Are you in relationship? Maybe you are the one who acts without consultation with partner. Additionally, driving without permit means that you are the person, who thinks that he is always the right one.... (read more)
  • Crack cocaine - Association: Opportunities. Question: What opportunity am I willing to take? Psychological Meanings: The dream of crack cocaine may be a sign that you want to express yourself more freely, you want to relax and to show all your talents without any stress. The stressful situation locks all the unique talents and opportunities that you have. * Please, see meaning of drugs.... (read more)
  • Urine - ...if leave urine – You are dreaming that you leave an urine, this dream denotes the recovery of the health. Also this may show that you will facilitate an unpleasant situation at your home; Get rid of bad things if bed is wet – You dream that your bed is wet because of urine, this is a sign that you have  to practice abstinence of drugs, medicine or alcohol; Health if drink urine – In the dream you drink urine, this is a good sign that you will attain health; Richness if see urine everywhere – In the dream you... (read more)
  • Alcohol - ...then you have positive attitude to them, you trust them. If you do not enjoy their company, this shows that you can not trust them. Seeing that somebody else (mother, father, relatives, partner) is drinking alcohol in a dream – This signifies that you have worries about certain person. This can be a signal that he/she needs your help to go out from the worries and troubles. Your concision sends you a signal, that you have to help them, no matter how difficult it will be. * Please, see meaning of drugs, intoxicants, host, pub, brandy wine, whisky, beer.... (read more)
  • Sedation - Psychological Meanings: Sedation where given for replacing the function of dreams, fears, anxieties, conflicts, frustrations and other negative emotional content. You have to understand this as an invitation to grapple with it deliberately in order to cope with them and do not make any damage. The meaning of sedation in the dream can only be understood by the individual circumstances of life. Sometimes these drugs, more practically wants to warn against the abuse of something in your life.... (read more)
  • Drunk - ...Sadness if see drunk people – When people are drunk in your dream, then this denotes that you will have a disappointment of your closed people; Arabian (Islamic) Happy days if be drunk – This dream marks that you will experience happy days. You will have the competition and this will bring you a pleasant time and a good experience; Harm if see drunk people – The dream is a warning that you will suffer damage because of others irresponsibility, you have to be very attentive if you want to avoid this. * Please, see meaning of alcohol, drugs.... (read more)
  • Vitamins - ...indicates a wide range of possibilities for you in the real life. Psychological Meanings: Support The dreamer takes vitamins, then this denotes that he/she apparently is worried about his/her own health. Every person know that he/she does the best for himself and take as much as he/she can out of life. Perhaps the dreamer understood that there are always certain kind of help when you need it. Spiritual Meanings: Progress On a spiritual level, vitamins in the dream are an indication that the person recognizes higher vibrations as a prerequisite for his own further progress. * Please, see meaning of drug.... (read more)