Alphabet dream meanings

General Meanings:

The basic features of a person In the dream the Alphabet can appear partially or fully written, plastic or spoken. It is not always our alphabet, but also may be a foreign language (for example, Greek). Because the alphabet is the basis of language, this dream stands for the basic features of the personality and the basic trends which influence the behavior, actions, thoughts and feelings. All alphabet letters have their own different meaning.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Back to real you if see an alphabet – This dream indicates that you will meet your old and forgotten friend, who knows you from the basic and he/she will help you to remember true you.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Be yourself if see – This dream symbol warns you that you have forgotten your true personality and the actions and behavior of you contradicts with the attitude you had.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Ask for help if write alphabet – This dream shows that you want to do everything by yourself, but too much work will confuse you;
  • Useless work if read alphabet – Signifies that you do the pointless work, which will not bring you any benefits.

* Please, see meaning of all letters.

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  1. Was in a medical facility and i was talking about people not knowing what their blood type was. And to help people remember there should be a bracelet that individuals wear with BTB which stands for blood type bracelet and my type was an O negative.

  2. I was getting off a bus with some people I knew. We were transfering to a train. I remember thinking one girl was missing and maybe she will show up on the train. There was another little girl that left her coat on the train. I told her parent or the person with her that she left her coat and she needed to go back and get it before it was too late. I remember thinking that lost girl never showed up and hope she was all right. Everyone was going into the same compartment and I was going to sit somewhere different when the conductor told me not to sit where I was originally going to sit but to sit in a cooler spot where he showed me. He assured me it was a more comfortable and cooler place. I noticed I was the only one sitting there and everyone else was sitting in a compartment inside a door because the conductor closed the door after I sat down. I noticed on my right the letter C. I supposed I was in compart B since the letter C was to my right.