Alps dream meanings

General Meanings:

Success and fulfillment of wishes The Alps is a sign of development of personality. The highest ambitions and aims of the dreamer. The success is with you, you will reach everything what you have planned.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Happiness if see Alps – In the dream you see Alps, this promises fulfillment of your desires. Also will bring you a travel, health and long life;
  • Wealth if be in the Alps – This dream shows that you will strengthen your relations with family members or even with your partners. This may bring you wealth in your life;
  • Work of life if walk or hike in Alpine tour – This dream signifies that you will have happiness in the profession, your work will be your hobby and you will do this with a passion and will reach high evaluation;
  • Growth of personality if see alpine flowers – In the dream you see alpine flowers this indicates that you will improve yourself intellectually and you will grow as a personality;
  • Good choice if be on the top of Alps – This dream signifies that you are on the right way and moving toward your goals;
  • Fear to start if see Alps far away – You are afraid to take a first step toward your goals, you are afraid to make mistakes. But you have to trust yourself because every little misfortune makes us stronger;
  • Unrealistic desires if see Alps in fog – Your desires are too unrealistic and unfulfilled.
  • Consider again if can not climb or fall of Alps – This dream do not show a misfortune or failure. This indicates that you have to consider your way once again and you will find the easier way to reach your goal.

* Please, see meaning of mountains.

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