Anarchy dream meanings

General Meanings:

New period of life The dream about anarchy may show that you are on a way of new life. Prom the first sight this may look to you chaotic, but sooner this will come to order.

Warning to be attentive The negative side of this dream may be a warning to you, that you have to be very careful with business transactions. There is a possibility to be deceived and this may destroy you all life work. You have to be very attentive with business matters.

Psychological Meanings:

Changes have started The rebellion and the anarchy signify the need of “revolution” in your own life. The unconscious sends you a sign of extreme changes. You are an anarchist in your dream, denotes that you are ready to change an existing order or duty. Also this dream may express you desire to live free.

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  1. This is totally negligent to the political theory of anarchism. Anarchism isn’t synonymous with chaos, that is a totally subjective and therefore is just pure biased.