Ant dream meanings


Social organization, order, industriousness.


How do I have to work with others to achieve my goals?

General Meanings:

Ants are to be assessed differently, though you should specifically consider the following circumstances:

  • Luck – In the dream you see ants, this promises success and happiness, but only if you look exactly like the proverbial striving hard-working insects.
  • Good sign and Ready to implement plans – Ants on your body are also considered as favorable omen, perhaps the conscious wants to point us here and now to the fact, that we have to reflect on our own hard work. Maybe something makes us antsy for the big plans, which are ready for implementation, realization and achievement.
  • Worries – When one kills some ants or destroys their building, this can announce about physical hardships and worries because you have not probably tried to work hard and diligently enough to success.
  • Work – To see the anthill, this associates with the workplace.

Psychological Meanings:

Warning about health – Ants, like other insects more usually are a danger signal, if they appear in masses, then the mind sends an alert. Often the dreams of swarming ants is a signal of a forthcoming psychosis. Now relaxation and tranquility are very important.
In common dreams of ants are an indication of disturbances in the autonomic nervous system, especially when one perceives a tingle in dreams, which gives a reason for medical research.

More trust and work – Sometimes this vision stands only for the fact, that the dreamer should be more diligent, more persevering and more active.

Spiritual Meanings:

In the symbolic language ants are a model of prudence, cleverness and diligence.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • More care about work If Seeing – When you see only few of ants in your dream, then this signifies that you should work more diligent than ever in your life, to reach your goals;
  • Prosperity If Seeing a lot – There are plenty of ants in your dream, means a lot and tough work and great honor, success in enterprises and move into a great city, a lot of patience and a clear vision which brings great benefits;
  • Joy If Seeing on your own body – Announces happiness and success in the near future;
  • Career If one is on you – You see that one of the ants is on you, this shows that you will have a career opportunity;
  • Loss and Stimulus for new start  If Being bitten by many – This is a sign about disaster, loss and grief; Also it may be an incentive to develop new career that brings progress;
  • Destroyed enemies If Crushing intentionally – You are crushing ants in your dream denotes that you will defeat your enemies.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success If Seeing – In your dream you see many ants the it is a signal that your life can be more successful if you show more courage and energy;
  • Problems If Killing – You killed ants in your dream the it means that you are responsible for your own misfortune;
  • Troubles If in the ear – You have to be more careful because in the near future worries will strike you;
  • Health problems If Bitten – You have to pay more attention to your health;
  • Disagreeable days If Step – This notices that you will have unpleasant days;
  • Don’t give up If Lying on them – This is a warning that you must not lose your footing and strive to improve your life, otherwise you will have the risk of having live in poverty.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Ants usually mean disease or low chances of death.
  • Illness If Crawling out – Dreaming how a lot of ants crawl out from the hole in his apartment, can be interpreted as an imminent disease.
  • Recovery and Liberation If Seeing moving out – To see that ants leaving your home slowly in your dream, this means that you will recover after disease and will be set free from what you are afraid of;
  • Worries If Seeing – When you see ants in the barn or shed, this can predict about distress and poverty, if you will not be tenacious.
  • Riches If Seeing – In the dream you see lots of them, then this announces about gain wealth through hard work;
  • Lost chance If Killing – Shows that you will miss your luck, because of your insouciance;
  • Undermine happiness If Crushing – You crush ants in your dreams, then you will crash your own happiness;
  • Problems If Bitten by them – In the dream you have been bitten then this dream announces you bad luck and reminds you about false friends.

* Please, see meaning of anthills, insect.

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  1. Worst nightmare ever: swarms of ants all over the outside of my house, and all over the interior as well as inside cupboards and drawers….and snakes too! only two that I noticed, but one of them was a baby and some guy thought it would be funny to throw it at me and it went down the front of my shirt and I was yelling for my sister to help me and she just laughed

  2. i dreamed of so many ants on my bed when we get up(me&my partner).. all those ants carrying food in their mouth. i dunno but i feel happy when i saw all those ants. they didn’t bite me also..
    when i woke up, i still remember that dream and i feel happy coz the first thing comes to my mind is… i be getting much money in d nxt days.. for me, black ants is a symbol for miney, success.

  3. I saw that my bedroom wall, kitchen and living room walls were cracked and a lot of small black ants were coming out and they were just crawling through the cracks. What does it mean?

  4. I saw a dream last night that there were so many ants just walking all over the place in a line. But I didn’t realize that earlier so I just sat on the bed but then I felt some things crawling over my hands and waist..they were black ants and then I shook them off. I just didn’t understand.. I also saw my teacher sitting there near the ants.. Does that mean something. Feel free to leave any comments.

  5. i saw army of ants taking a head of a dead whose teeth seems like demon on another side i saw a demon completing his lesson to be a complete demon …….. i felt my cousion is that demon and i asked him that i want that dark power

  6. I awoke this morning after a terrible dream. In the dream I let my dog outside to use the bathroom. After letting him back in, I discovered that he was covered in large red and black ants. They were bitting him severely. I was panicked, trying my best to remove them, but I couldn’t get them off. He was in agonyfrom the constant bitting, as well as myself and my hands. What does this mean? Please email response.

  7. Please help with this dream. I have no clue. I had a dream this morning that there was a red sticky substance all over the walls and on a suitcase on my bed in my home and the ants werw crawling in the substance and couldnt get out.

  8. This morning I woke up from a dream about ants I went into a room and went to the window there was ants in the window I tried to close the window but couldn’t so the room had red flying ants ever where all over me and everything else so I tried to get them off of me then I woke up please help thanks.

  9. My mum just rang me and said she had a dream about coming to visit me and when she walked in the house my loungeroom was full of big ants, my daughter and mum and I started moving everything heavy around to get rid of them and mum had noticed that they had eaten away at some of the carpet. I do work hard in my waking life, extremely hard in my own business is this some sign about that or a health issue or maybe something totally different. Please reply by email


  11. i was in the dream, and it happened that i was looking for my headshaver, my girlfriend and i, we were both looking for the headshaver. i was intune to check under the sopha and i saw one of my shoes which i was trying to wear, behold a multitude of black ants rampage all over my feets.
    can anyone please tell me whats this means?

  12. I dreamed that I was sleeping and I wake up and there is a bed beside my bed and à very nice ant house (Sorry I am french) and shiny ans were nice small ants working to make their house nicer then I go out the bedroom I come back and my boyfriend has destroyed the nice ant nest with the vacuum!!!
    What does this mean ??

  13. I dreamt that i was with my friends and i was lying on the ground and all of a sudden i started feeling something crawling on my body when i stood ants were all over me even in my hair and friend a was trying to wipe them and i woke up.

  14. pls i want to know what it mean to see ant that looks like termite in many numbers in one’s head and feets i.e moving in one’s body. Though i remove them from my boby before i wake up. Pls help me with the meaning.

  15. Just dreamed i was itching like i was being bit i pulled the cover back and turned on the light it was ants randomly all over me i seen one hill n. but don’t remember killing the ants. I’m so itchy i can’t sleep now.

  16. I dreamt that there were red ants on the tub. Only about 7 of them. The tub filled u p with water and they drowned. I then scooped them out with a spoon. I wasn’t nervous or scared at that point. Weird. Any thoughts?

  17. Stella I have a dream of ant. than I saw my self praying for someone that need healing after pray for this person and want to give his life to Christ my little child up me up am not happy for not lead her to Christ before my child wake up

  18. I was @ our farm d other day, wen I saw a very big black ant,I pick it up and he bite me a very painful bit dat leave a black dot in my 2 big thumb…………pls somebody tell me wat he meant?

  19. I dreamt that I was helping my cousin move house and he gave me a heavy potplant ánd fell over with it, when it broke open a massive swarm of black green ant sized ants were crawling on me I was frantically brushing them off but didn’t get bitten

  20. I was walking with my freinds in dream, where we saw ants on a mango tree and no one of my freinds was able to climb it,but i climb it and take the mangoes and came down safetely without been hurt by the ants.Please explain to me.

    • That is a nice dream. It shows u are courageous and fearless to confront ur enemies just to take what is good for u. Those ants are hinderances to ur breakthrough, but u were able to confront it. It also shows a heart that is pure that was y d ants did not bite u.

  21. I dreamed my house was invaded with ants crawling from ceiling walls and floors in every room but the ants in bedroom were the only ones that seemed to be getting bigger as the day progressed I was getting so obsessed in trying to get an exterminator to come and spray but could not find one I woke up very distressed and scared of what does this mean and cannot take the vision of the millions of ants just crawling all over. If someone knows or has a notion of what this means please let know. Thanks

  22. All I remember is laying on the ground and as I look up there is a bunch of black ants coming down the bbedside onto the floor where I am and I can’t get up to do anything. ..

  23. one morning i decide to take a rest on my bed after the days work i know that i was dreaming but suddenly i open my eyes gaping at the selling of my house and i saw a lot of ants on a straight line some comig and some going to the other end of the selling and the more i try to see clearly they start disappearing utill i see them no more. pls what is the meaning of me seing ants live after dream?

  24. In my dream there were small red ants crawling out my bag and many were crawling over my body going somewhere. There were also small white larvas, smaller than the ants, crawling along with the ants. First I thought those were white crunches and then I saw them moving and I realised they were larvas.

  25. My dream was that tiny little ants were entering the house through any crack and cranny in big black swarms. They were chewing through the wall creating larger holes. They came right in to my bedroom where I was sleeping, climbing the walls and the ceiling. They could not be killed – they were too tiny to be squished but worked together in a collective mass.

    • In my dream, I saw a lot of sugar ants, very many of them crawling on the wall beside my bed. They didn’t touch me and I didn’t kill any of them till I woke up.
      Please what does this denote?

  26. My dream was about my deceased son who was sleeping in his bed, and he screamed out to me, mum! I ran into his room and there was ants coming through the wall in these little holes,so I told him to get out of the room, but he couldn’t, the ants was all over him and also, some how coming out of his body. I was trying to pull them out.
    When I did get them out they would be full of blood. One or two of the little buggers bit me and it stung for little while, so when I killed it, it was full of blood. We was both scared
    I was more scared when I woke up, not knowing what it mean. Specially as I still grieve for my son, it’s only been 3and half years since we lost our boy.
    The dream was disturbing for me

  27. I saw a lots of ants in my head and I’m cleaning with a lies comb that old people use. Still most remain so I run water thru it. The ants come out but the sting still remained even after I got up. What is the meaning of this dream?

  28. I saw my self lying on the ground sleeping as i woke up, in other to switch on the light i saw swarm of ant; they’ve eating up the cable began to crawl do to my down to my hand so i ran out… Meaning what? Pls reply via email

  29. I dream that I was in the house one night, As I wanted to open the kichen door I just many soldier ant lying up in group some big ones in one place and some small at the other side. As I saw them I call my sister attention to it but she nt take any action so I try to use the cloth in my hand to born them,so I heard her voice that I use not use it so,i was looking for how to kill them,i just pick a small cut of the bed I saw on the floor,put kerosene on it but as I was tryin to fire it, it was not doin immediately I saw my younger brother pour water on the floor I was mad at him again I saw my younger sister springing water mixed with kerosene and as I looked back again on floor I didn’t see any of this ant again I was vary surprise not seeing them again……….. Pls I need a interpretation of this dream.

  30. I dreamt I was somewhere with friends when I realized my right index finger had been bitten by an ant. I looked at it and a friends said, “I think it laid an egg”. I started to pull out what looked like two different bee stingers and eventually a string of ant larvae was coming out with it. I think there were three until the last thing was what looked more like a termite with really big eyes or some kind of harvester ant. There was a big painful hole where I pulled the thing out of and I forced myself awake.

    I’m noticing now there’s some type of scar or maybe a deep cyst on my finger where I was bitten. It could be a scar I don’t remember.

    I read elsewhere ants could symbolize family and children and I find it funny that as I was going to bed, my wife playfully bit my finger very hard. But the dream was about the opposite hand.

    Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.

  31. Well I was chilling in my dream when my ear started itching, I leave the nice, comfy, scenery, and end up somewhere dark and damp. There’s a mirror and when I look in the mirror I can see perfectly into my ears which appear to get hugh but they aren’t at the same time. All I can see is an ear infested with ants biting through my ears, and I get a hose or some type of water shooting thing to spray them out but some of them stick at first and it makes me panic finally I get them all out and it’s extremely painful, but after all the ants are out it all goes black.