Running tap water dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream of running tap water can convey snugness, piety and partiality.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung interpretation such dreaming of running tap water signifies freewheeling resolution, dainty sexuality, ingenuity and potency.
Reassuring changes are ahead in life only when: running tap water - It mostly means ascendancy and being one step ahead. In spite of that, if your dream has left bad feeling then this dream may say upside down content: a person of authority is being treacherous and chancy in regard to your personage.
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  • Water - can be achieved by dreaming about swimming in ocean, sea, river or even being in a rain. Any kind of a liquid that touches your body, especially if you are sinking in it, may remind about a time for urination. For all, a shortage of liquids in a body can be a cause of drinking water dream. This physical dependency is the meaning of a dream and it is represented by any kind of giving or taking water, like fetching it from a well or a tap. An additional need for energy is another meaning, but only if drinking sweet... (read more)
  • Leaking water from ceiling of house - sleeping is hearing falling raindrops on the roof or, there might be somewhere in the house leaking water from the ceiling, also such dream can be induced by running water, by rain, by any similar real sound happening in the waking life while a person is dreaming, as example – actual drip of a leaking tap. As internal stimuli: the dreamer might have been seeing leaking water from the ceiling of the house in the past, in real waking life or in the movie; Also, it is possible that such dream is induced by thinking in the waking life about the level of... (read more)