Leaking water from ceiling of house dream meanings

Leaking water from a ceiling of a house in a dream can have symbolic meaning that the dreamer is going into new but still very small phase of the spiritual purification which is represented by the water and the house here can be seen as your body while ceiling is indicating the head and because of that we see this dream. Something special is happening very slowly and the dreamer encounters this firstly in the dream.

Additionally such dream can also have those explanations and meanings, which are based completely on physical world:

  • As external stimuli:
  • the dreamer while sleeping is hearing falling raindrops on the roof or,
  • there might be somewhere in the house leaking water from the ceiling,
  • also such dream can be induced by running water, by rain, by any similar real sound happening in the waking life while a person is dreaming, as example – actual drip of a leaking tap.
  • As internal stimuli:
  • the dreamer might have been seeing leaking water from the ceiling of the house in the past, in real waking life or in the movie;
  • Also, it is possible that such dream is induced by thinking in the waking life about the level of the weatherproofness of the ceiling or the roof;
  • Very often any dream related with water can be an alert to the dreamer that the bladder is full of liquids and the person needs to wake up in order to use the toilet.

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