Army dream meanings

Psychological Meanings:

Fighting with conflicts Army can display an (often unconscious) fear of the future or profound changes in life. You may have conflicts with your inner world. You are ready to fight the difficulties in your real life. Also this may be an indication that feel anxiety and fear what will happen in near future.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Concerns if be in an army – In the dream to see yourself in an army, this marks that you have concerns about the future, you do not know what to expect;
  • Changes if see marching – In the dream you are marching in the army, this announces you great changes in your life and you are ready to meet them;
  • Success if join an army – In the dream you joined the army, this denotes that you will have success in financial affairs;
  • Wealth if be in the war – This dream has a very good omen, that you may expect great wealth in your life, because you have fought for this.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Success if join the army – This dream signifies that you will have ability  to achieve great financial success and this will change your life.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Great experiences if march in the army – In the dream you are marching in the army, this indicates that you will experience great things with the most important persons in your life;
  • Warning if see standing soldiers in the army –  This dream is a warning that you have to be aware of enemies, they are trying to make damage to you.

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