Asclepius dream meanings

Artemidoros Meanings:

A young wrestler, who was admitted to the competition because of his great concern. Asclepius was the god and judge. Such a competition is about life, the ability to fight with everything good and bad in your life.

* Please, see meaning of Gods.

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  1. Looked more like fish skins,I ask, what about these ones,he said they were special ones from Africa,then he said, pronouced”everything is covered in poly poly sci,I gave him no reaction,he sternly repeated”poly poly sci”(as if to say very important).

  2. I dreamt I entered his palace(not knowing of him until I researched him)and as I entered I the grand foyer I could see into the two living rooms with huge areas and high ceilings all in oppullent furniture and white,two maids one each room closed the curtains on both rooms,I sat across from aclepius with a coffee table between us.He asked if I would like a tour,I said yes,there was a stack of snake skins on the table two feet high with some wider skins on top that