Car falling into water dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream about car falling into water may emblematize abundance, crush and sympathy.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud interpretation this dream about car falling into water hints unallied morale, feminine desire, imagination and prepollence.
Constructive rearrangements are ahead only if: car falling into water - This dream sign denotes the state of being superior to all others in status. You are one step ahead of other. In spite of that, if it was bad dream then your dream might mean contra definition: a person of great value may be devious and/or unhealthy toward your personage.
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  • Driving into water - of the water represents the soul’s inner being. – Clear, bright – Dreaming about water which looks bright and clear: promises happy days; promises success and profit; – Dim, not clear, dark – Dreaming of water that is lacking brightness, is even dark: sorrow and misfortune; announces unsafe conditions; – Frozen – Dreaming about frozen water: announces a threat; – Fall into it – Dreaming about falling into water: indicates a great tribulation; – Wade – Dreaming about walking into water or through water: points to rescue from danger; – Walk along – Dreaming about walking in parallel and close... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - water in a dream means conceiving a child, or that he will receive benefits from his wife. In this sense, glass in a dream represent the substance of a woman and water represents a fetus. ggg Drinking hot water in a dream means distress and adversities. If one is pushed into a pond or a river of clear water in a dream, it means receiving a pleasant surprise. ggg Seeing oneself submerged in a body of water in a dream means facing a trial, distress, bewilderment and adversities. Carrying a jar of clear water in a dream means receiving an... (read more)