Visiting a temple and see god statue dream meanings

Short meaning: the dream about visiting a temple and see god statue may evince warmth, passion and fusion.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud and C. Jung explanation of this dream about visiting a temple and see god statue announces independent nerve, dainty sexual urge, creativity and efficacy.
Positive alterations are around when: visiting a temple and see god statue - It predicts ascendancy and being a pacesetter. For all that, if it was bad dream then this dream could illustrate contra definition: a person of importance might be untruthful or unstable toward your person.
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  • Statue - General Meanings: No emotions Statue as a dream symbol is often understood as an indication of a mood disorder, usually it indicates that one has become emotionally cold and rigid, and this dream urges to show more feelings. Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) Coldness ifbe statue – In a dream you are or feel like a statue then this means that your mind is not right you are confused and became cold because of inability to deal with your emotions. Arabian (Islamic) Shame if see a statue – In a dream you see a statue then this dream indicates that... (read more)
  • Jesus Christ - will experience a feeling of great pleasure and happiness and strength in faith; Pleasure if hear or see speaking about him – When you hear or see people talking about Christ, this marks that you will have happy satisfaction and enjoyment; Need for changes if be intended to martyrdom – This dream shows that your soul is plagued by grief and distress, but you feel great desire for change. Also this marks that you are ready to start this Luck if praising to God – In the dream you are praising this signifies that you will have happiness and blessings at all... (read more)
  • Gautama Buddha - which one you have to escape. Psychological Meanings: If you dream that you are a Buddhist, then it is important to keep in mind the differences between Eastern and Western religion. Spiritual Meanings: At this level the Buddha means the spiritual clarity. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Fear if see Buddha statue – To dream of Buddha statue indicates that you are afraid of the hypnotic influence of a person from whom you can not escape; Say what you think if worship Buddha – In the dream you worship Buddha then this marks that people have to tell other people what... (read more)
  • Cupid (God of love) - Association: Divine innocence, angelic child. Question: Where do my spirit and mind reborn? Psychological Meanings: The dream symbol of cupid indicates a passionate but only temporary love. The naked god of love in the form of a child points to affair which are rather superficial. Also this may be a sign to take a risk and start new relation. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) You are loved if see a cupid – Your loved person is thinking about you; Not your love if see the arrow directed to you – This dream points to a love affair that is not for you; Stay aside... (read more)
  • Ring (jewellery) - the end. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) – Dreaming of ring in general: be careful and thorough consideration in bonds, for which there is not much desire; – To see ring in dream: announcing a binding to a different person; – Dreaming of gold ring: promises a speedy marriage or christening; – See two beautiful rings: announces an early commitment or even marriage; – If ring is broken or you brake one in dream: announces a death, represents a betrayal; Also dreaming of broken ring: dispute in the marriage or separation for married people; – To lose a ring: causes temporary... (read more)
  • Transformation - rich. The gold and silver that surrounds him, we have to give it to a judge, however,it will be exposed to attacks, because all gold and silver attracts many rogues, each of them will be sick. The vision certainly predicts death, as well, when we see that something has become an ore; If we see the statues made of ore you will get a donation as votive offerings. The same meaning if someone sees his picture or his statue made of bronze on a public square. The transformation in iron predicts unbearable tragedy; However the dreamer is going to survive and... (read more)
  • Catacombs - The fear of being recognized and found if hiding in catacombs – for a dreamer to see himself hiding away from somebody in catacombs, shows his fear of being sorted out; Have doubts if is lost in catacombs – usually when we are lost in a dream it is a mirror effect of the reality. Maybe there are things you find difficult to make decision at, especially at the aspects that are related to God and the religious state of the mind. As catacombs are made with religious reasons, such dream might show the lost contact with the God; Fear... (read more)
  • Venus (planet / goddess Aphrodite) - In general: This planet symbolizes all erotic needs and feelings as well as sexual passions and, besides, is responsible for beauty, aesthetics, harmony, femininity, motherliness and artistic talents. In the negative area the Venus stands for exaggerated hedonism, forced up sensual pleasures and laziness. * Please, see meaning of Aphrodite, gods, celestial body, planet.... (read more)
  • Kiss / Kissing - singer, comedian or any other celebrity, then it means that you are willing to be successful in your life. You’ve got the drive to go forward in life and take as much as it possible out of it; Danger if kissing in the dark – the dream in which you were kissing someone in the darkness, suggest to be careful, because the dangerous situations will be lurking for you; Sadness if others are kissing – to see other people kissing brings the longing and sadness in your life. The dream shows you’re in depressed mood while looking at other being... (read more)
  • Silver ring - for eternity and divinity. Silver ring in dream at the spiritual level indicates eternal and divine feminine part of the dreamer. Ring of silver is better omen for woman than for man – it shows that husband or fiance is truly devoted for his spouse and woman in the relationship is the spiritual leader. But for both ring of silver shows the state of being unified. Unification occurred on spiritual plane, so it is very good sign for married couples and for fiancees. Also, silver ring shows that the dreamer with his thoughts and actions is little bit closer to God.... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - Water — (Life; Rain; River; Vapor) Water in a dream represents a happy life, money, prosperity, expansion of one’s business, increase in one’s income, or it could mean marriage. If one sees the water pure and abundant in his dream, it means lowering of prices, peace and social justice. ggg If one sees himself chewing on water in a dream, it means toiling and hardships related to earning his livelihood. Drinking a glass of water in a dream means protection against any danger from one’s enemy and it denotes a prosperous year for the one who drinks it in... (read more)
  • Hairdresser (Hair stylist) - Financial losses if visiting the hairdresser and/or salon – for a dreamer to visit the hairdresser indicates the losses of income, which will be influenced by your intention to take risks and being fearless. Make sure you are aware of the deals that links to money; Beware or flatterers if talking to hairdresser – to talk or to communicate in any other way with the hairdresser warns of his falseness. Marriage if see the hair stylist – the dreamer will get married soon if dreaming of meeting or seeing a hair stylist. * Please, see meaning of a barber.... (read more)
  • Apple - of intellectual fruitfulness. Spiritual Meanings: Beauty and Fertility The apple blossom is a Chinese symbol of peace and beauty. On a spiritual level an apple indicates a new beginning. Since ancient times it is a symbol of fertility and therefore attribute for many gods. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Satisfaction if see a beautiful leafy – In the dream you see a beautiful leafy apple tree, this brings you fulfillment of your wishes, expectations; News if apple tree blooming in a dream – The dream denotes about impending good news that is relevant for all your life; Earnings if apple tree before the harvest – In... (read more)
  • Islamic Ring - M. Ibn Sirin dreambook in Islam: Islamic dream meanings and interpretations about a ring by Muslim interpreter of dreams Muhammad Ibn Sirin Ring Source: Strong The ring in dream represents a peace, an authority, a wife, a child, a job or a gift, a reward. The ring in dream stands for the reward, then size of that reward will be equal to the value and size of the gemstone which is placed on the ring. If one’s wife is pregnant, and if he sees himself wearing a golden ring in a dream, it means that she will give a birth to a son.... (read more)
  • Bronze - things are made of bronze, then this dream goes as a warning that your success will be unsafe and will not bring you any satisfaction; Damage if see snakes or insects in bronze – When you see snakes or insects in bronze in your dream, then this dream announces envy and ruin in your life; Love affairs if bronze woman statue – To dream of a bronze statue of a woman this dream signifies that you will be involved in a love affair without a subsequent marriage. This dream may bring a disappointment of a person that you trusted.... (read more)
  • Yucatan - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Journey if be in some part of Yucatan – You are dreaming that you are in some part of Yucatan then this may indicate that you will move to new place and will experience satisfaction; New interests if visit Yucatan – Dreaming, that you are visiting ancient ruins and monuments of Yucatan, then this promises new interest in travelling and visiting new lands.... (read more)
  • Cemetery (graveyard) - unknown grave in your waking life; Finding peace if old person seeing cemetery – The old person is dreaming cemetery or graveyard, this shows that soon you will leave this life and at last you will find the peace; Hindu (Hinduism) Fail if visiting – In the dream you are visiting cemetery or graveyard, announces that your plans will fail, because you didn’t put all your efforts to finish this; Long life if seeing – You are seeing cemetery in your dream, signifies about quite and ling age. Arabian (Islamic) Loss if you are in it – In the dream... (read more)
  • Bricks - well-being, also this may show that you are ready to create something new in your life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Happiness in life if see bricks – You dream of bricks then this is a sign that you have an opportunity to create a solid and good living; Love family if see roof tiles – The dream indicates that happy and peace family life is above everything; Worries if see broken brick – When you see a broken bricks in your life then this shows that you will experience a failure, also will have business concerns. Hindu (Hinduism) Money if ready-dried bricks and pick up them –... (read more)
  • Desert - desert, then this may show, that this relationship is useless and leads nowhere. Another aspect of the desert can be explained by the fact that desert played a major role for many founders of religions: Moses, Jesus. Desert was the place, in which they withdrew to hold direct dialogue with God. So, becaus of that dreaming of a desert could mean also that you will go far away from everything in everyday life. You want to find solitude and contemplation in your inner determination and your own way to God. Psychologically: In the desert is not growing anything or growing... (read more)
  • Nakedness - Hindu (Hinduism) The truth will be revealed if got naked and was seen by anyone – the dreamer who will become naked and someone will see him, will reveal his secrets; Will get to conclusion if got naked at home – if the one became naked in his own place, he will make a final decision or action for certain problem to solve; Will get enlightened if naked in the house of dreamer’s God – such dream indicates the state of the mind which will be opened up completely in front of yourself, your God and your beliefs; Poverty if... (read more)
  • Rain - and boisterous…. (Rain) Drizzle means surprise that may be favorable or unfavorable…. (Rain) If he is poor, it means that God Almighty will enrich him and satisfy his needs, or if he needed something from a ruler or a governor, it means that his request will be answered favorably…. (Rain) Stormy rains are always unfortunate…. (Rain) To see it raining on farm stock, foretells disappointment in business, and unpleasantness in social circles…. (Rain) If it’s a downpour that has us immobilized it means there will be interference or problems that need to be solved before achieving those benefits…. (Rain) Fortune... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - a dream represents an astringent and a bitter enemy…. (Dog) A shepherd’s dog in a dream represents profits and benefits…. (Dog) Hunting with a dog in a dream means satisfying one’s lust or desire…. (Dog) To dream that you are buying a dog, indicates your inclination to bribe or buy your friends or buy compliments / favors…. (Dog) If one is transformed into a dog in a dream, it means that God Almighty has taught him great knowledge which he abused and discarded, then God Almighty stripped him from such a knowledge…. (Dog) Seeing a sick house dog in a... (read more)
  • Asclepius - Artemidoros Meanings: A young wrestler, who was admitted to the competition because of his great concern. Asclepius was the god and judge. Such a competition is about life, the ability to fight with everything good and bad in your life. * Please, see meaning of Gods.... (read more)
  • Dionysus - General Meanings: Dionysus is the god of wine in some areas where wine is grown such a dream is interpreted as a sign of a bad year for wine. Dionysus is a symbol of nature which stands for physical and sensual pleasure. This reflects an appropriate attitude and way of life of the dreamer, but also warns against exaggeration or excessive suppression of the physical (not just sexual) desire. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Annoyance if dream the god of wine Dionysus – In the dream you see a Dionysus then this marks that  your dissolute life arouses annoyance for... (read more)
  • Monument - distinguishes the following meanings: To see monument – this promises upcoming successes with recognition, but at the same time warns not to be so careless and snooty. Build monument indicates the beginning of a work with which you will submit honor, if you want truly and sincerely to help and take care of this. Your own memorial warns about lofty plans, exaggerated hopes and exaggerated opinion of yourself which leads to damage and mockery. Can see monument base – encourages to exert you to reach more. The statue lies near the base, this can be understood as a warning before a... (read more)
  • Ivory - give somebody ivory as a gift, signifies that the dreamer thinks about love. Hindu (Hinduism) New work if work with ivory – The dream of ivory may be a sign that you have to try to find another job; Wealth if carry ivory – The dream announces property and lots of money. Arabian (Islamic) Stay healthy if see ivory – This dream shows that some kind of aches will haunt you. You have to take care of your health; Joy if ivory statue – This dream signifies luck and happiness in your life. * Please, see meaning of tusks.... (read more)
  • Village tavern - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Worries if sit in village tavern – When you are in the village tavern in your dream then this announces that you will have inconvenience and troubles; Joy if visit village tavern – You are visiting village tavern then this means that you will find happiness and joy of life. Hindu (Hinduism) Need of change if village tavern – The village tavern in the dream means that your destiny is not to be envied. you have to make common changes. Arabian (Islamic) Joy if village tavern – The dream of village tavern then this marks that you’ll find modest... (read more)
  • Academy - and feelings An academy is a dream for systematic learning and suggests a further development. On the other hand, it can also indicate restraints that prevent the dreamer’s mind and his creative potential to develop freely. Maybe he puts too much into a tight corset his way of thinking, habits and prejudices, which hindered him now. Live in reality and use the possibilities Dreaming of academy can stand as the “ivory tower”, suggests to live more in reality and to exploit the fullness of the possibilities. Dream about visiting a school may also symbolize the development of the spiritual and the mental... (read more)
  • Doctor’s visitation (Health care) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Very attentive if have doctor’s visitation – In your dream you have a doctor’s visitation then this dream marks that you are careful person and tries to find out all the questions that you have. Hindu (Hinduism) Anger if be a doctor and have a visit – Dreaming of being a doctor and visiting sick person (patient or patients) then in your life you will begin an unreasonable argument and anxiety; Become famous if be visited by doctor – To be visited in your dream by a doctor for inspection examination or some other health... (read more)
  • Astrology - dream you see an astrologer and talk with him, this dream announces you greater success than ever before. You have deserve this because of your great efforts and hard work; Need of advice if visit or go to an astrologer – When you are visiting or going to an astrologer, this is a sign that you are looking for advice and guidance in your life. Now you are in the crossroad and you need to find and to choose the right way; Changes if see astrological signs – In the dream you see astrological signs, this means that you will... (read more)
  • Asia - Association: – Wisdom, subtlety, inscrutability. Question: Where is my wisdom? What do I keep for myself? Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Changes if visit Asia in a dream – In the dream you are visiting and traveling in Asia, this is surely the sign of changes,but this will not be a material benefit. Arabian (Islamic) Support for others if go to Asia or be there in a dream – In the dream you are in Asia, this dream marks that will have the opportunity to help others and this action will bring you satisfaction.... (read more)