Catacombs dream meanings


– Confusion in your beliefs; Trying to find the way to hide.


– What do I believe in? What is my relation to God? Where I can hide?

General Meanings:

There are many dreams which include images that have to do with underground rooms such as catacombs. These places are made by human for religious practices such as passageways. In dreams catacombs also have religious meaning, practices that are done and/or beliefs. The fear of death and unknown places can also be the reason to dream of catacombs.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically the dream of catacombs are explained as the place you can hide both mentally and physically, where all of the problems and worries are deeply buried. The subconscious mind of yours is telling that maybe the dreamer has secrets to hide or just simply overwrought.

Spiritual Meanings:

Since the catacomb is the place where are hidden forces and occult powers, the dreams about catacombs symbolizes the unconscious in the dreams.

Traditional Meanings:


European (Judeo-Christian)

The dream about catacombs shows the effect of your past experience to your life at the moment. Such dream shows the secrets a dreamer has and is afraid that they will be discovered.

    • The fear of being recognized and found if hiding in catacombs – for a dreamer to see himself hiding away from somebody in catacombs, shows his fear of being sorted out;
    • Have doubts if is lost in catacombs – usually when we are lost in a dream it is a mirror effect of the reality. Maybe there are things you find difficult to make decision at, especially at the aspects that are related to God and the religious state of the mind. As catacombs are made with religious reasons, such dream might show the lost contact with the God;
    • Fear of unknown if feeling terrified in catacombs – if you felt insecure, scared and terrified while dreaming of seeing or being in catacombs, than such dream shows the fear of the things in reality. You should pull yourself together, be braver, trust more in yourself and move forward no matter what happens.

Arabian (Islamic)

In Islamic culture dreams that are connected to catacombs mostly shows the confusion that is related to religion. There is a possibility that the dreamer has lost the connection with God, especially if feels lost in catacombs.

    • Lost contact with God if can not find the way out of catacombs – if the dreamer is lost and can not find the way out of underground, then the dream shows that he is no longer as religious as he used to be;

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