A big house with many rooms dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams of a big house with many rooms can suggest sufficiency, passion and warm friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By Sigmund Freud explanation the dream about a big house with many rooms omens unconnected fire, effeminate desire, creativity and potency.
Reassuring conversions typically are afoot if: a big house with many rooms - This synbol of your dream normally shows eminence and being one step ahead. Nevertheless, if this dream was with negative emotion then this dream might demonstrate backwards subject: somebody should be lying and tricky in relation to you.
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  • Driving into water - earnings; When the dreamer falling into the water – he will not make through some of the troubles; To drink water non stop – riches; If the dreamer’s body is surrounded by water and it keeps flowing on him, the dream indicates possible deals with legal institutions; If dreaming of big river with clean and clear water – fortune; Water in the house – possible death of dreamer’s relatives; To see immense sea – Great happiness and prosperity. Aesop dreambook: Water interpretations by Ancient Greek story teller Aesop If you dreamed that you drink water, it means that something unexpected... (read more)
  • Water - he will not make through some of the troubles; To drink water non stop – riches; If the dreamer’s body is surrounded by water and it keeps flowing on him, the dream indicates possible deals with legal institutions; If dreaming of big river with clean and clear water – fortune; Water in the house – possible death of dreamer’s relatives; To see immense sea – Great happiness and prosperity. Aesop dreambook: Water interpretations by Ancient Greek story teller Aesop If you dreamed that you drink water, it means that something unexpected will happen to you, there is going to be... (read more)
  • Farmhouse parlour - the dream you see a farmhouse parlour then this dream announces prosperity for you; Safety if be in a heated farmhouse parlour in winter – When you feel warm and cozy in the farmhouse parlour then this dream will bring you secured position in your life; Better relationship with family if be in a farmhouse parlour with a large company – This dream shows that a family reunion is coming up, you will become even closer with all of them; if be in a cold farmhouse parlour in winter – This dream symbol announces that you will have losses, your... (read more)
  • Fire - person, activity, or cause; Welfare If dreaming sailors and travelers – bring continued prosperity; Safety and Accomplishment If Seeing big fire – dreaming of big fire, means a convenient and safe journey for sailors & travelers and success with awards for writers and unlimited business success; Disclosure and Wellness If Seeing signs of fire – this points to revelations of a sin or a secret and the healing of a sick person; Friendship If Seeing in the open field or igniting in field – announces that dreamer will have a beautiful friendship; Pleasure and Love If Igniting fire – this dream shows that  a lot... (read more)
  • Big snakes in the road - dream of big snake in a road may have such symbolism: You festering ass. May many South American killer bees find your innards suddenly delectable. You lazy offspring of a motherless fuckwad. May a scabrous platoon of disease-carrying weasels gleefully dance in your mother’s shoes. Also, dreaming about big snakes in road can have more meanings: May an army of disease-carrying maggots and a slavering Rush Limbaugh seek a battleground upon your heinie. May a truckload of plague-ridden weasels, with the power of Thor’s belch, discharge bodily waste on your best rug. You curdled fondue pot. You stenchy, retarded, assinine,... (read more)
  • Bigamy - General Meanings: Hard to choose In a dream to be a bigamist, then this is an indication of your inability to make decision – either between two loved ones, or between two possible action. The dreamer has two options, which are of equal value for him, so this is really hard to make decisions. Psychological Meanings: Betray To be married in the dream with a bigamist, then there is a possibility that you eventually will be betrayed by a person who stands near you. Spiritual Meanings: Two ways On the spiritual level may the bigamy may denote that you... (read more)
  • Islamic Water - acquire knowledge. • A merchant drinking clear potable water: Will achieve lawful gains, unless something soils that water or if he drinks that water in the house of aliens in a Muslim country. In that case, it means rotten knowledge, a low sexual relationship, or suspicious earnings. • Trouble water: A cruel tyrant. • Drinking troubled sea water: Trouble will come from the king (the authority). • Troubled sea water infiltrating a person’s shop or that person drinking from it: Will get ill. • All people drinking of that troubled sea water: An epidemic will strike. • Washing with or... (read more)
  • Dog - with bridle or that he is pulling a cart, it is an indication that you will get enemies; Chained dog means stealing – In the dream to chain or to tether a dog or to see such, indicates that someone wants to steal from you; Dog house symbolizes pet or big trouble – Dreaming of dog house denotes that one will get a dog, but second meaning is contrary -it foretells that the dreamer is in big trouble, because of his actions. The punishment for him might be near; Traveling with a dog means great friends – In the dream to... (read more)
  • Room - hard if you want to reach them; Celebration if lit or switch on the light in room – In the dream you switch on the light in the dream, this dream will bring you big festivities in your family; Changes if paint or apply wallpaper in the room – You are dreaming that you are painting  the room’s wall, this dream signifies that you will experience changes in near future; Good life if seeing many rooms in a dream – Many rooms in the dream will bring you wealth and long life. Contexts’ Meanings: To dream being in the room... (read more)
  • Corner house - General Meanings: The old dream books explains the corner house as a dream symbol which announces that you will gain advantages through other people. Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) Good future if live in the corner house – In the dream you live in the corner house then you will have an ability to create good plans and to reach your goals. Arabian (Islamic) Good future if live in a corner house – You live in the corner house in your dream, then you will get benefits and will create wonderful future. * Please, see meaning of corner.... (read more)
  • Leaking water from ceiling of house - person is dreaming, as example – actual drip of a leaking tap. As internal stimuli: the dreamer might have been seeing leaking water from the ceiling of the house in the past, in real waking life or in the movie; Also, it is possible that such dream is induced by thinking in the waking life about the level of the weatherproofness of the ceiling or the roof; Very often any dream related with water can be an alert to the dreamer that the bladder is full of liquids and the person needs to wake up in order to use the toilet.... (read more)
  • Snakes in house - and safeguarding your interests. However, when you don’t like the snakes and if this dream has induced negative feelings for you, then the snakes in a house dream may suggest opposite meaning: some person of high ranking might be ominous toward your interests. Additional, your dream about a snake coming into your house together with agreeable feelings embodies that you are in balance with your gender character and you are having greed for passion. Otherwise when a dream was with hostility notions then it shows that you are having problems with the feminine aspect of in your waking life.... (read more)
  • Workhouse - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Profit if see workhouse – In a dream you see a workhouse, this means that soon you may get a large inheritance or profit; Damage if be in a workhouse – When you are in a workhouse in your dream, this signifies that someone wants to make harm for you.... (read more)
  • Horse - it slipped away means misfortune – to dream of catching the horse, that’s been running around, but later losing it, signifies to unluckiness; Prosperity if the horse is in the barn – to dream of the horse, that is standing in the barn, denotes to prosperous deals you will have or simply will become rich; Enrichment with obstacles if dream of the draft horse – to dream of the draft house denotes to richness, but will face some barriers and obstacles while achieving it. Consider, that the dream could also show the difficulties that are connected to love affairs; High standards... (read more)
  • Burglar - and expensive to us. Mistaken Pathways and Reward Sometimes the burglary in our house, is only the instinctive thought which reflects your wrong ways. For women, the burglary can be connected with fear of the sexuality. You are a burglar in the dream, you will be praised and rewarded in the near future. Psychological Meanings: Distrust and Fair of losses With this dream the conscious expresses the need, secretly to acquire something, what apparently is not possible in open manner. Burglars also stand for exaggerated distrust. You see acquisitiveness and deception in your environment and always incline to search the blame in... (read more)
  • Poor house - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Wealth if see from outside – In the dream you see a poor house from outside, this means that you will have wealth and happiness only through hard work; False friends if see from inside – You are inside a poor house, this marks that you have unfaithful friends. They are keen on just how to use of your money and your possessions; Richness if see yourself as owner – In the dream you own the poor house, this announces you success in great ideas how to become rich.... (read more)
  • Demolition - that you participate in demolishing the house – means that you want to eliminate a mental disorder. The demolition of of a crumbling house means that you will overcome a psychological disease with your own force. Desire to leave behind bad relations Together with other break off something, means that you want to leave rotten or a bad connection behind you, because you want to come to new and better relations, circumstances. However, you must examine carefully, the symbol of the demolition is expressed not only as a danger, that can destroy the building of life. This arises from the other accompanying... (read more)
  • Mouth - wrong direction. Alternatively, the dream can be the symbol of shyness you have. Arabian (Islamic) The mouth is the place of people, just like the house, which carries everything that contains in it. The community will become stronger and bigger if the mouth is big – the house of the dreamer will become very powerful; Danger if unable to open the mouth – to dream that you are unable to open your mouth, shows the possibility of dangerous situations or even the sickness you will get. * Please, see meaning of thirst, butt, hunger, kiss, lips, human flesh, teeth.... (read more)
  • Big snake killed by car - To dream big snake killed by car can suggest very powerful surprising fearfulness or intuitive resistance. In addition, such dream denotes entirely concealed dangers, very unfeeling human. Despite everything, it means grand strength of the unconscious part of the mind, which gives valuable ingredients for successfulness in waking life. According to Freud, big snake killed by car has meaning of impulses of erotic nature.... (read more)
  • Nose - who has nose that is red, signifies the good reputation and wealthy life. Arabian (Islamic) Nose as the symbol of beauty: In many cultures the nose is part of the beauty which shows the strength or the weakness of the dreamer. It is very important for woman to have a well shaped nose as it is part of the face and it has a lot in common with the beauty in all. Consider that for men the big nose is the symbol of power and ability to feel the danger by smelling. Nose as the symbol of news: Very often... (read more)
  • Fire (Islam) - house will have very serious illness; Changes If Lighting the lamp again – new ruler will take over the house; Illness If the light is weak – the light of the lamp so weak that it almost goes out, master of the house will fall ill and become impoverished. Penalty If Filling of smoke – the house fills with smoke, the master of the house will be punished by the authorities, depending on the density and sharpness of the smoke; Loss of property If Burning hair – dreaming of fire, which has caught someone hair on his head, this person will... (read more)
  • Rain - vexation, worriment of mind and loss to the dreamer, if he be rich; repose and perfect tranquillity to him if poor…. (Rain) Dream of seeing or hearing the rain symbolizes forgiveness and tolerance…. (Rain) The rain means purification of feelings and desire to reach your highest form, goodness…. (Rain) If one sees rain falling exclusively over his house in a dream, it means personal blessings…. (Rain) Rain or storm indicates a clean life and the clearance of difficult situations…. (Rain) A good rain in a dream also means prosperity, happiness, refilling wells with rainwater, the gushing forth of springs with... (read more)
  • Conservatory (greenhouse) - General Meanings: Do not be so open Dreaming of conservatory (greenhouse) may indicate that you have something to hide and do not be too open, because now you are very open and frank. You have to be more secretive and not to talk about everything about your life. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Do not talk if see conservatory – In the dream you see a conservatory then this show that you have to keep something for yourself, do not be so talkative. * Please, look into dream meaning of garden and buildings.... (read more)
  • Fire (Christianity) - peaceful family life, if so, then very beneficial if you do not burn in it; Devotion If Watching kindly – If you feel joyful feelings at the sight of fire this witness the desire for boundless devotion; Devotion If you are afraid of the fire – fear means above the absolute love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause; Welfare If dreaming sailors and travelers – bring continued prosperity; Safety and Accomplishment If Seeing big fire – dreaming of big fire, means a convenient and safe journey for sailors & travelers and success with awards for writers and unlimited business success; Disclosure... (read more)
  • Pub (Public house) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Be attentive if be in the pub – To see or you are in a pub in a dream then this dream shows that you like to enjoy life freely and to relax but it is a warning that too much is unhealthy.... (read more)
  • Warehouses - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Journey if walk along warehouse – In your dream you are walking along warehouse then this means that soon you will take a dangerous journey, which may result the accidents; Enemies if be alone in the dark warehouse – You are alone in the dark warehouse then you may make some dangerous enemies which may bring damage; No danger if be in warehouse in the sunshine – Such a dream announces that you will avoid an imminent danger; * Please, see meaning of harbor, wharf.... (read more)
  • Islamic Ring - could be hidden: (1) Wickedness and plots or assassinations (as something is concealed in them). Aspirations to something great and many benefits because their size is bigger than their weight, says Ibn Siren. A tight ring: Relief and comfort. Finding a ring: (1) The dreamer will receive money from foreigners. (2) The dreamer will get married. (3) The dreamer will have a boy child. Obtaining a ring with carvings on it: The dreamer will own something for the first time, such as a house, something to ride, a woman, or a slave, or will have a boy. A ring with... (read more)
  • Build - General Meanings: The dream of building stands for the plans which give us efforts to build and expand your life. The symbol of building assessed favorably, particularly the construction of a house is a sign of future planning. To build something cute and small in the dream, denotes that you will deal with your problems quickly. The building grows aimlessly up and up, then you problems will grow and grow. To build a bridge, this is very positive sign that you may expect that difficulties will be overcome. The building collapses or decides remove, this dream symbol warns against... (read more)
  • Bricks - Association: The strength. Question: What do I want to build as permanent structure? General Meanings: Secure life Brick is a building block for a secure livelihood. The ancient Indian dream book explains that to brick up walls means, that you have to be more careful with money spending. Roof tiles stands for safety and you can feel safe. Psychological Meanings: Creation of life A house is built of bricks and covered with a roof. This dream symbol may have an association with our body. In the dream you build something with bricks then this means that you will have personal... (read more)
  • Arsenal (Weapons House) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Unpleasant period if see weapons – In your dream you have weapons at home then this dream may be a sign that you will have conflict and unrest. Arabian (Islamic) Fight if have arsenal – To dream arsenal may stands for military prospects or fight against enemies.... (read more)
  • Bighorn sheep - Association: Pigheaded. General Meanings: This dream shows that one part of you seeks higher social position or desires to belong to a social group. Psychological Meanings: A gift of knowledge from feminine side. The dream symbol marks that you will have an ability to understanding relationships.... (read more)