Demolition dream meanings


Work on the removal of the old thing.


What part of my life is no longer appropriate?

General Meanings:

Positive changes in your life If you are often dreaming of the demolition of a house, which stands as “life building”, that is interpreted as a (mostly) favorable and positive change in your life, that can overcome all existing problems and concerns, also often means a better professional position.

Fear to lose reputation However, the demolition of a house can indicate fear that someone’s personality or reputation may be tarnished.

Removal of a mental disturbance If you are dreaming that you participate in demolishing the house – means that you want to eliminate a mental disorder. The demolition of of a crumbling house means that you will overcome a psychological disease with your own force.

Desire to leave behind bad relations Together with other break off something, means that you want to leave rotten or a bad connection behind you, because you want to come to new and better relations, circumstances. However, you must examine carefully, the symbol of the demolition is expressed not only as a danger, that can destroy the building of life. This arises from the other accompanying circumstances of the dream and the quite real life situation.

Psychological Meanings:

New start Demolition often includes an end of the usual situation and an opportunity of a new start at the same time.

Desire to get rid of restriction and free yourself Dreaming the walk through a dilapidated and demolished house, arises the question: which hopeless feeling or connection (unsuccessful effort, pointless habit, etc.) blocks my life? It is very important to recognize that there is “nothing more to save” here. To dream repeatedly the demolition of rooms which has the meaning of your home in the childhood, shows that you feel controlled and manipulated (perhaps unacknowledged) by parents / relatives. You wish to break off to contact which became too close and narrow for you.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fear if see demolition – This dream shows that you have a fear that the other will contribute by word and deed to the destruction of plans, hopes or reputation;
  • New start if house –  This dream shows a new position on better life. Also this is a positive symbol for the liberation from an old burden if you decide and choose a new beginning and new ways of live.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Slander if dream demolition – In the dream you see any kind of demolition means defamation;
  • Warning if the act of demolition – This dream denotes that should be wary of bad, inappropriate suggestions.

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