Gautama Buddha dream meanings

General Meanings:

Wisdom and fortune In the dream Buddha presents denial or loss of the ego. It is necessary to liberate your thought and desire. Buddha (often as a statue) can represent the collective unconscious, wisdom, advice and help, which stands as a symbol of good luck for future events.

Influence and worries To pray for the statue in the dream means that you will probably have concerns, but you do not dare to talk about it with others. Sometimes Buddha also shows that you are overly influenced by outside or by a dominant, revered and idealized personality from which one you have to escape.

Psychological Meanings:

If you dream that you are a Buddhist, then it is important to keep in mind the differences between Eastern and Western religion.

Spiritual Meanings:

At this level the Buddha means the spiritual clarity.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Fear if see Buddha statue – To dream of Buddha statue indicates that you are afraid of the hypnotic influence of a person from whom you can not escape;
  • Say what you think if worship Buddha – In the dream you worship Buddha then this marks that people have to tell other people what each of us have on our mind. But you will not dare to say what you think;
  • Pleasant events if have Buddha statue – In the dream you have Buddha statue then this dream signifies that you will enter into an unexpectedly favorable event.

* Please, see meaning of religious images.

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  1. in my dream i was at side our school, then in my right side their is a statue of golden buddha but their is a light coming from heaven straight unto the statue, in my left side window of the school and when i look to see the reflexion of the buddha i saw a child inside sitting same like the buddha and wearing a white clothe.

  2. I dream of a buddas men dancing on both hands and feet like a monkey but dancing in joy of happiness and he was telling people that walk by about the world and behind him was a door bright light but people kept walking by music was playing he was singing telling about the world what’s going to happen but he was singing in a rythm withe the beat of the music the buddas men was wearing orange garment with bald head in his 60 that’s all I remember in my dream would like to know what my dream means