Assault dream meanings

General Meanings:

Fear to have negative emotions In the dream to experience attack or assault, this dream denotes that the dreamer is afraid to have imminent external events or negative feelings. This dream signifies the dreamer to take defensive posture.

Fear of own instincts On the other hand if you were assaulted by animals, this marks that the dreamer is afraid of his own natural and wild instincts, especially against aggression and sexuality.

Psychological Meanings:

Defense To be an attacker in the dream, may be a sign that the dreamer tries to defend himself from negative instincts and feelings.

Learn to control and to change negativity An attack, an aggressive act and all other kinds of violence and repression signify inferiority feelings and emotions in order to hide them from people around him. This shows that the dreamer has to develop his own personality, not only to fight with your negative emotions. The dreamer has to learn to to change them into more positive.

Spiritual Meanings:

There is a risk or a threat for your spiritual or supernatural life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Wrong information if dream assault – This dream means that you receive incorrect information. You have to be careful and to prove the facts;
  • Helpless if be assaulted – This indicates that you feel powerless in your life, because of difficult situation;
  • Feel persecution if be sexually assaulted – When you were sexually assaulted in the dream, this shows that you were victimized by someone and this worrying you;
  • Fight with yourself if be attacked by an animal – The dream shows you fear and desire to repress your bad and wrong behavior, your inner world fights with it;
  • Defense if attack somebody – This denotes that you defend yourself from negative influence.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Hiding instincts if be attacked by an animal – This indicates that you try to get rid or to hide your wild instincts;

* Please, see meaning of fear.

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    I had dream that
    so what happened is that I met a girl online and we were about to meet each other when I come to her home she was not there
    There was 2 guys and 2 old aunty so I started talking to her bro
    He told me joke and I started laughing and he was starring me like happly and I starred him weirdly.
    And then he kissed me I pushed him and screamed for help
    And he put his hand on my mouth and and the other guy took my pants off and guy one took his pants off guy two started recording us
    I screamed so much but No one came (crying) and they raped me ( Crying )
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  2. please help…I dreamt a men was chasing me..he wanted to bit me up so bad..but I ran and as i was running i came across these gabbage plastics bags..I stopped for a while and looked at these plastics..and then I relised he was coming..I continued running..I ran..then suddenly I was in this dark room with him and he had a piece of broken bottle in his hand..he stabbed me in the stomach with it..but nothing happened..I didn’t even bleed..I begged him to stop,as I was begging for my life, suddenly there..was a table with a huge knife on top of it..I quickly seduced and kissed him to prevent him from seeing the we were about to take of our clothes… I woke up…please what’s the meaning of this?

  3. I recently had a dream that 2 guys tried picking me up at a random house party. In the end I punched them out and they called the cops on me. the police came and put me in handcuffs. i thought to myself what about my son, then i thought he will be okay he will be with my mom (who is deceased) i thought she will take care of him. they took me to jail and when the female guard was putting me in my cell she tried to pick me up. i told her i wasn’t a lesbian and she placed me by myself but where all the other female inmates could still see me and they were all staring at me. what does this mean????