Lightning strike dream meanings

Short meaning: the dreams about lightning strike may symbolize convenience, heart and friendliness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung interpretation this dream about lightning strike signifies separated temper, gynic desire, proficiency and authority.
Enthusiastic transformations are ahead in life only: lightning strike - Symbol of a dream forebodes the occupation of a position of dominant influence. You are a person who runs ahead of other. Under other conditions, if it was bad dream then this dream might argue backwards significance: an unspecified person could be shifty and menacing in regard to your being.
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  • Lightning rod - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Enemies around if make lightning rod turns into a snake – This dream is very negative and this denotes that your enemies want to destroy your plans, they act against you because of envy. The are furious about your success; Sorrow if see lightning strike – In the dream you see a lightning strike then you may expect an accident or unpleasant news which will give you grief; Warning if make lightning rod – When you are making a lightning rod so this dream is a warning that you shouldn’t start to open or to create... (read more)
  • Lightning - and events; especially well among wealthy people, wealthy people with no luck and wealth, it announces of short duration; – without thunder: distress, discord and strife, anger and annoyance; – thunder and lightning: promises happiness and profit; joyful reunion with boyfriend or girlfriend; – the strikes with thunder announces a loss; – be near flash and feel the beat: the happiness of a friend you will harm or you are angry about gossips and slanderers; – see a pale ride through dark clouds: for sorrow, happiness will follow soon in difficulties; – from ominous-looking clouds: a harbinger of impending loss,... (read more)
  • Thunder - soon you will have a happy reunion if you see thunder and lightning; Loss if the lightning strikes – The lightning strikes in your dream together with the thunder then this announces a loss; Disturbance if storm in a very dark sky – You dream of storm in a very dark sky and hear thunder then this dream denotes about unrest in the your family. Arabian (Islamic) Worries if listen of a thunder – In the dream you heard the thunder then this dream marks about inconvenience or loss, also you will hear shocking news; Sign if see the thunder from distance – The dream is a sign that it... (read more)