Ball dream meanings


Ball – integration, wholeness. Ball game – integration of individual and collective consciousness. Healthy competition.


Ball – Which parts of me do I join together? Ball game – What would I like to share? To which group do I add myself?

General Meanings:

A ball as a dream symbol stands for playful, childlike side of the dreamer, also shows his need to express himself freely. To follow a ball in the dream points the need for freedom and refers to the ostentatiously attractive side of the personality. Depending on what happens with the ball, has the following meanings:

  • Playing with the ball shows mostly favorable turn of your fate.
  • To be hit by a ball, then soon you may have the caprices of fate, usually this is an unfavorable sign.
  • The sagging or deflated ball sometimes points to contradictions of the personality that is not rounded, but may also show lack of vigor and energy.

Psychological Meanings:

Need to be free from everything The dreamer is playing a ball game then this is a sign that he desires for freedom. Ball games reminds a childhood which is associated with relaxation and leisure. On the other hand, the fight for the ball always has an erotic symbol. The ball is a symbol of wholeness, comparable translated the earth and the sun – your psychic energy. The ball in the dream may indicate a change or a transformation processes.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level the ball denotes Sun and Moon festivals, also indicates the impenetrable emotions.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Cheerful fate if see a ball –  The ball in the dream marks that your fate plays with you, you can lose time or win or give up with your own fortune;
  • Better time if play with a ball –  When you are playing with a ball in the dream, then this may show that after concerns will come good news, happiness. Also this is a warning about superficial love affairs;
  • Sorrow if children play with balloon – In the dream the children play with a colorful balloon, this means that soon will disappoint, but the pain will end really quickly;
  • Partnership if play with a ball (man) – The man is playing with a ball in the dream then this is an indication of a good new partnership (business or private);
  • Love if a lover plays with the ball – Your lover plays with a ball in the dream, then you may understand this dream as sign of a very positive relationship from both sides;
  • Pleasure if give a ball – In your dream you give a ball to someone, then this may bring you unexpected pleasure and satisfaction;
  • Valuable thing if lose a ball – You lost your ball in the dream do not upset because you will find something that is useful for you.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Joy if see a ball – The ball in the dream is a sign of joy and happiness;
  • Wasting time if play with a ball – You live frivolously and you waste your time with useless things, because they will not make your life easier or even happier;
  • Rude person if playing ball games – In the dream you are playing ball games then in your real life you act  really rashly;
  • Disputes if beat a ball – This dream announces that you will have big disagreement and negative attitude to yourself.

* Please, see meaning of sphere, game.

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