Sphere dream meanings

Short meaning: dreaming about sphere can stand for alleviation, inclination and favoritism.
Psychoanalytical meaning: 
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  • Atmosphere - General Meanings: Blue sky and sunshine are one of the most auspicious of all dreams, because they prophesy prosperity in money matters, happiness at home and true friends around you. Clouds, rain and thunderstorms are all signs which signify about troubles and misfortune and this also depends on the strength of the storm. The heaviest storm is the bigger worries are announced. * Please, see meaning of sky, sun, storm, clouds.... (read more)
  • Water - ...many meanings and associations about water in different cultures, but some of them have the same symbols and meanings such as: emotions, intuition, feelings, mental consciousness, as well as magical spheres of the feminine energy. Water can also symbolize fertility, birth, new life and harvest. In nature there wouldn’t be any life if it is not for the rain and water; In Chinese culture the water is a source of everything that people are surrounded by; In the Vedic literature it is written that the water is associated with motherhood, because everything started from the water it is the rudiment... (read more)
  • Driving into water - ...life to survive. It is known that there are many meanings and associations about water in different cultures, but some of them have the same symbols and meanings such as: emotions, intuition, feelings, mental consciousness, as well as magical spheres of the feminine energy. Water can also symbolize fertility, birth, new life and harvest. In nature there wouldn’t be any life if it is not for the rain and water; In Chinese culture the water is a source of everything that people are surrounded by; In the Vedic literature it is written that the water is associated with motherhood, because... (read more)
  • Diamond ring - Association: Pure obligation, clear promise, oath for the ages. Question: What is precious to me to unite  myself with? General Meanings: Diamond ring stands for a highest standards on the earth. It is an absolute perfection in all areas of mankind. It is a  power source of concentrated energy for the dreamer. Ring with diamond represents connection, an ultimate excellence in a relationship. If it is wedding ring with diamond in dream then this symbol is for unbreakable bond between two. Diamond in an engagement ring shows even deeper and stronger bond, focused promises and eternal loyalty. Diamond in ring can... (read more)
  • Meeting - General Meanings: You are dreaming that you are in the meeting. The reason why you participate in the meeting in the dream is that you might be keen on what is happening in the political life, you may support the aims of the political party or fight on the contrary side, this is very important for the interpretation. Psychological Meanings: Be special If you hear yourself talking in the meeting , you should not use so many words or do not be so talkative when you talk in public, in conference or in other important meeting in your... (read more)
  • Transformation - Artemidorus: If your dreams are about transformation, then you must pay attention to three main sections. First on the quantity, secondly on the quality, and thirdly, on the outer appearance. The quantity: It is favorable to dream that something grows from small to big one or grows beyond its natural form, but only if it does not exceed the normal size of a human. (According to ancient idea superhuman size and beauty that comes only to the gods and heroes.)The vision do not announce a physical growth, but the increase of the activities and the financial situation of... (read more)
  • Decayed - Psychological Meanings: The dream symbol of decayed things is like the dream symbol of spoiled things. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Division if something decayed – Such a dream points to the division of a big family property, which will be markedly more effective if in the dream you see rotten fruit or rotten wood. Hindu (Hinduism) Unpleasant time if see decayed things – In the dream you see decayed things, this dream announces you lack of money and this will cause bad atmosphere. Also you will have troubles at work or in your family. * Please, see meaning... (read more)
  • Horse - Association: The horse associates with fast, usually elegant, feelings of developed consciousness, sometimes unexpressed sexuality. Question: How do I find my own power? What kind of natural forces I suppress or express? General Meanings: Horse is one of the most ambiguous dream symbols. Mostly the horse symbol embodies instincts, impulses, passions, desires, sensuality, awareness of the body and sexuality. The horse or the mare also represents femininity, gentleness and harmony. Different conditions in the dreams have individual interpretations. These meanings can arise from the following circumstances: Free-running horse means freedom – usually if the horse is running, the... (read more)
  • Giving birth to a baby girl - ...energy and giving a lot of it in order to help others; Giving birth to a baby girl of faceless father – it shows your masculine side or prophecies supportive and caring person in your life; Giving birth to a baby girl twice – means that enormous happiness is waiting for you, alternatively is shows a wish for twins; Giving birth to a twins, boy and girl, same time – means complete balance in all spheres of your life; Giving birth to fraternal twins, a boy and a girl – means that the balance in your life has very solid ground; Giving birth... (read more)
  • Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver) - General Meanings: Thoughts about death The dream about the death is not so terrible such as a corpse. The corpse is more than dead, it doesn’t have the life any more. Probably you have been thinking about your death and your mortality, that is why the corpse can appear in your dreams. Unique abilities Although the dream about a corpse or dead body may mean that you have hidden and buried abilities and talents, which you are afraid to show, because you want to be accepted in the society. Psychological Meanings: Hazard symbol The dreams of funeral and... (read more)
  • Zodiac - ...problem or it could even indicate the actual pain such as headache. Spiritual Meanings: Spiritually there are many different spheres and areas that have influence for every sign of Zodiac: Aries – the sign that is affected by the head. The color of this Zodiac sign is red, the gemstone is amethyst and diamond. Suggestion for Aries – control your anger and learn to be more patience. Taurus – the sign that is affected by the throat. The colors of this sign are pink and blue, the special stone is emerald. Suggestion for Taurus – do not be too greedy... (read more)
  • Elephant - Association: Wisdom, memory and the power of perseverance. Question: Where is my own wisdom? General Meanings: Maternity care – The elephants can be interpreted as maternal nature whose powerful protection we are looking for. Transferred to the waking life: we should build on something that can not harm us. Who rides on an elephant, plans an ascent to higher spheres. Sexual needs – Elephant can be strong sexual needs, for women symbolize the desire for a strong, sensitively sexual partners. In addition, the following interpretations are possible: Moving on with the force – Elephant with driver on the neck indicates the... (read more)
  • Adversity - ...Failures – Dreaming that you are in the clutches of adversity, denotes that you will have failures and continued bad prospects. To see others in adversity, portends gloomy surroundings, and the illness of some one will produce grave fears of the successful working of plans. The old dream books give this as a sign of coming prosperity. This definition is untrue. There are two forces at work in man, one from within and the other from without. They are from two distinct spheres the animal mind influenced by the personal world of carnal appetites, and the spiritual mind from the realm of... (read more)
  • Office - Association: Workplace, vocational aspect of the self. Question: Why or how do I work? General Meanings: The office is a symbol of professional activity, livelihood security and sense of community. The work situation of the people often appears in the dreams. The office is usually ​​more formal than the flat, there is a scenario the relationship with authority and colleagues. The dream of office usually refers to the real situation of everyday life. Good future Well-organized office work perceived as a positive thing because the dreamer has good prospects for a secure future. Confusion Sticky, messy and oppressive... (read more)
  • Dinner - Psychological Meanings: Need for strong relation Always returning dreams of a typical dinner scene with a loved partner (refined atmosphere, candlelight etc) often expresses the wish for a strong relations and getting married (and having a family). You want to be sure and to come back to harmonious, stimulating home. The opposite dream of the dinner: unfriendly faces, icy silence at the table and only listless to pick of food. Too tired and exhausted The dreamer is often overwhelmed and expected too much for family expectations, he should constantly “work”, he has no free space within the relationship, etc.... (read more)
  • World - In general: The world is the living space in which the human collected his experiences and his everyday activities. A dream of a world beyond the human sphere of influence suggests that dreamer should place its narrow-mindedness of a current situation. Psychologically: Dreaming of other worlds and dimensions makes the dreamer’s attention that there are other ways to experience his life more proactively, he should have the courage to try it yet. Maybe he should approach his life with a bit more openness. Spiritually: If the dreamer is progressing on the spiritual level, then he realizes that the world... (read more)
  • Draught - General Meanings: Need to find truth The dream of draft (draught) marks that the dreamer has to be aware of an external force or situation that might influence something in his own life. If dreamer creates the draft, then it means that he tries to clear the atmosphere or the situation in his life. Psychological Meanings: Show yourself The draft from the psychological spectrum may show that the dreamer has hidden talents or qualities. So this dream stands for a message from a hidden part of the self. Spiritual Meanings: The sign of ability to spread the positive... (read more)
  • Storm - General Meanings: Emotions The dream of storm stands as the indication of an outburst. The dreamer may be flooded with good or bad events, positive or negative emotions. The dream symbol can also stand for suppressed anger or negative emotions. Psychological Meanings: Need to clean mind When the dreamer has difficulties possibly with “a storm” he/she can get liberation. The storm in a dream can clean the “emotional atmosphere” of the dreamer and only then with a pure mind can move on. Spiritual Meanings: On the spiritual level a storm in the dream symbolizes creative force. Lightning and... (read more)
  • Acceptance - General Meanings: Desire to be recognized When you are dreaming about acceptance, it symbolizes how much you respect yourself and what do you expect from the others. This is a sign, that you want to be accepted, you want to get into environment and atmosphere where you could express your own personality and ideas. The dream also signifies that you will get back things that you’ve lost before. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Difficulties if accept with everything without thinking – This dream announces that you will come into money difficulties.... (read more)
  • Altar - Association: Holiness; victims. Question: What do I worship? Do I want to give something? General Meanings: Liberation – In a dream an altar represents the means or the needs, to free yourself something, what is more important than the immediate situation. Faith and Separation – Typically, an altar represents religious beliefs and ideals that you want to defend. Often this icon is also an indication of the separation between material and spiritual spheres. Strengthen Faith and Spiritual Development – A believer dream of a richly decorated altar, makes him feel it as a refuge where he can  mentally strengthen. Non-religious... (read more)
  • Leg - Association: Support; movement. Question: What encourages and supports me? Do I get somewhere? General Meanings: Standing securely and firmly Leg symbolizes the state as well as the locomotion, which depends on the circumstances in a dream. For the purpose the state can indicate that you stand securely and firmly on the ground of reality, you can feel certainly safe and represent a correct position. The movement always directs to the future and can show trends in later life. It is possible to draw the conclusions about the present situation and further development from this symbol. We have to pay attention to... (read more)
  • Accompaniment - General Meanings: Desire for close contact The main question is: who will accompany you in your dreams and where? The dream of accompanying person very often shows you desire to make more intense contact with a certain (perhaps loved) people. It is very important to notice what kind of environment was in the dream – was it a harmonious environment or chaos in which the person has accompanied you. Real love or lie The harmonious environment indicates real and truthful relationship. The dream environment was in chaos and hostile atmosphere then this is a request to forget this... (read more)
  • Ball - ...useful for you. Arabian (Islamic) Joy if see a ball – The ball in the dream is a sign of joy and happiness; Wasting time if play with a ball – You live frivolously and you waste your time with useless things, because they will not make your life easier or even happier; Rude person if playing ball games – In the dream you are playing ball games then in your real life you act  really rashly; Disputes if beat a ball – This dream announces that you will have big disagreement and negative attitude to yourself. * Please, see meaning of sphere, game.... (read more)
  • Equator - Association: Ritual of passage, moving from one side to another sphere. Question: In which way can I find more holistic approach? General Meanings: Wholeness The dream symbol of equator indicates the desire to find yourself. You are trying to put yourself from small pieces to the wholeness. Changes Crossing the equator in the dream, may show favorable changes in your life. To stand near the equator in the dream, shows that you will have to make very important decision in your life.... (read more)
  • Adultery - Infidelity and cheating or being cheated by partner* are qualified as Adultery. Use same conditions for cheating as for adultery and apply meanings accordingly. Quick and Clear: Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about adultery in dreams If you dream that you commit adultery or cheating on someone, this is a sign of you not being honest with yourself. Maybe there are some things in your life you can not admit to yourself and hiding the feelings deep down inside of you. Dreaming of an adultery also could be a sign of you being... (read more)