Bathing dream meanings


Cleaning, letting go.


What do I want to wash off or to clean of me?

General Meanings:

In the dream to be in the bathroom can mean that the dreamer has the need to clean the old feelings, soul and spirit. The dreamer wants to relax, refresh and this will help to create more favorable conditions in the future. During the bath the dreamer has the ability to ponder past events and the opportunity to reflect new behavior.

  • To become clean, beautiful and rejuvenated after the bath, this means all the kind of purification process in which we wash all the incriminating an unpleasant past. After this your life will become even brighter and happier.
  • The bath with clear water purifies the soul and allows to reach clear insights in your waking life..
  • Outdoor swimming pool and cold pool water indicate that you will gain new vigor, more energy and courage to overcome difficulties more easily.
  • To have a bath in slightly warm water, this dream marks that you need more inner peace and relaxation in a critical situation.
  • Having a bath in murky, muddy water and looks like in the swamp, this dream denotes that you will have financial losses through your own fault, also you will encounter with intrigues and other difficulties.
  • Having a bath in colorful water, this means that you have to consider the symbolic meaning of each color.

Psychological Meanings:

Ability to get rid of everything bad When in the dream the dreamer bathes another person, this shows his need to take care of him/her or to enter into an intimate relationship with him/her. Also the bathing as a dream symbol denotes your desire to clean your soul and mind. With water we wash all the negative and oppressed feelings. The look of the water in the bath reflects mental energy. Many of us already had a bath in a dream before we began a new phase of life.

Spiritual Meanings:

Bad is the symbol of purification and renewal. Having a bath in the city or in the public bath indicates the unit of innocence and sensuality.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Get rid of bad things if bathing – The bathing is a symbol of liberation from suffering, trying to wash away old and dirty things;
  • Success if bathing and swimming in clear water – This dream indicates that you will have luck in your life;
  • Negative events and feelings if turbid water – In the dream you have a bath in turbid water, then this dream denotes sadness, fear, sorrow, loss, and fire hazard;
  • Happy life if wash in cold water – You are having a bath in cold water, then this is very positive sign that your enemies are defeated, this announces good health and happy news;
  • Happiness if have a bath in lukewarm water – Healthy people having a bath in lukewarm then this indicates great success, prosperity and enjoyment of life;
  • Health if have a bath in lukewarm water – Sick people having a bath in lukewarm water, this this marks health and recovery after disease;
  • Worries if in a hot tub – In the dream to be in a hot tub,¬† this marks illness and difficulties;
  • Avoiding danger if clear water in a hot tub – This dream is a very good omen, because you will pass danger;
  • Dispute if be in steaming – Your bath is full of steams, then this dream announces discord because of misunderstanding;
  • Hard work if swim in a lake with lots of waves – You are swimming in a lake in the dream, then this means that you will overcome problems with a lot of skill and efforts;
  • Strength if swimming outdoor and sunbathing – Having a pleasant time while swimming outdoor and sunbathing in your dream, this will gain strength and toughness which will help you to reach your goals in your life;
  • Satisfaction if be in a seaside resort – You are in a seaside resort and have spa, this dream will bring you fulfillment of your desires;
  • Fear if a young man is in a bath – The dreamer works hard for someone of the opposite sex, because he fears to lose his lover.
  • Bad people if have bathing together with others – In the dream you have a bath with other people, then this dream warns you that you have to avoid bad company, otherwise this will make harm for you;
  • New love if see a widow bathe herself – You have forgotten your previous marriage or lover and now you are ready to experience new love affairs.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Sorrow if go to a bathroom to wash up – You go to the bathroom and the bathroom is very hot, this means that you will have great personal sorrow according to the heat that prevails in the bathroom;
  • Losses if go into bathroom – The rich person dreams that he enters the bath, then this dream signifies that he will have serious troubles and loss of money;
  • if bathe in the warm water –
  • Health if take a bath – This dream is very positive which announces you good health;
  • Marriage if take a bath outdoors – In the dream you have a bath outdoors, then this denotes that you have a rich and beautiful bride (or groom);
  • Strength if swim in a river – When you swim in the river in your dream, then the water will bring you strength and endurance;
  • Illness if swim in the murky waters – This dream is a warning that you have to take care of your health, because you will get ill and it takes lots of time to recover;
  • Warning if swim in deep water – When you are swimming in the deep water, then this marks that you have to be careful, because you enter into unknown places;
  • Illness if bathe in very cold water – You bathe in very cold water in your dream, then this dream denotes that you will have a slight indisposition;
  • Infirmity if bathe in warm water – But the warm water has a negative meaning which signifies disease and weakness in near future;
  • Happy time if take and enjoy bath – You feel happy and satisfy while you are bathing, then this announces that you are free from any disease, you will overcome concerns;
  • Inheritance¬†if get dressed in bathroom – This dream marks that you will have an inheritance in prospect.
  • Joy if see bathing children – This dream denotes pregnancy for women, and for other happy times.

* Please, see meaning of stream, bath, grotto, baptism, water.

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11 responses

  1. Im my dream a beautiful lady ask me to bath with her, but i declined she has a long hair and she likes me. That’s why she ask me to take a bath with her. But i declined and told her that i dont wanna take a bath. There was a big water, another was a pale of water. And a fresh water coming from a faucet.

  2. What is the meaning/ representation of my dream that i take a bathe my boyfriend, because he’s drunk. And after i bathe him i’m awake. Please answer my question. I hope you can help me on this question. I’m just wondering if this dream will help me to know well my partner.

  3. In the dream i was ready to bath with my boyfriend but i realised there was a third person in the bath house.So i asked my boyfriend to come out so we could bath after that woman. we came outside and i saw myself packing cooking utensils so we never really took the bath.can u please help me interpret my dream

  4. I had a dream last night that a friend invited me to take a mud bath. Although I seemed hesitant at first, she kept saying “this will be good for you” when I finally got in the muddy pool, I felt at ease. at one point I looked at my arm and my skin looked bright and I was like “wow, this is cool.” I am just confused because all I ready about muddy water is negative, but the feeling I had was of happiness and calmness and I’m not sure what to think of it.

  5. I dreamed that im bathing a child and i dont know her.then i ask after if she could be my child??i told to the child that she will me Mommy.what does it mean?please thanks

  6. I dreamt my father was taking a cold bath in the bathroom, then I asked him why he used that water is supposed to be for me and he said don’t worry and just replaced it again… It was his 40 days death when I dreamt of that….