Bear dream meanings


Possessive love.


To what extent love is dangerous for me?

General Meanings:

Strength and Power – Bear in a dream most often goes as impetuous and brute force, which you should use with caution in order not to overshoot the target. Positively such a force, energy and perseverance can help you to handle with hard situations. Leadership and healing ability, strength for defense.

Danger and Menace – The dream about bear also has a dangerous, threatening meaning in itself. In the fairy tales and mythology of the Nordic nations and Russia the bear is the king of beasts.

Aggression – A live bear in a dream is a sign of aggression. The dead bear shows that the dreamer is handling with his deeper negative instincts. The dream of a teddy bear, then this is manifested as a child’s need for security.

Warning – Polar bear in ancient dream books is as a warning against disappointment by a loved one.

Psychological Meanings:

Motherhood – In European culture, the bear is mostly associated with the feminine forces of nature. For its brown color, it signalizes closer contact with the Mother of Earth. For example in Germany the bear was the queen of the woods. In the dream the bear is a dominating mother. The bear is also a desire to counter the power of their own creativity.

Sexuality and Exploration – The dream about bear is accepted as the dark side of female sexuality, the part that frightens, if you overcome it, then sex life will satisfy you more. So dreams about bears are more important for men than for women. For women, this dream often an indication which provides a fully exploration of their sexuality, so this is not determined by others. The symbol of the bears is thus an archetype.

Spiritual Meanings:

At this level, the bear symbolizes spiritual strength and power.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Profit If see a bear – This dream informs you about the winning in the games or gain and also you will get a tremendous competition;
  • Hardship If dancing – This dream announces you about uncertainty in interpersonal relationships and also you can even expect some gossips and annoyance;
  • Harm If being attacked by a bear – This dream is a warning that you will suffer from great damage;
  • Good luck If hunting bear – You are on the right way, go on there is no danger, you will succeed in everything!
  • Happiness If see a dead or a bearskin – The happiness doesn’t come without obstacles, all uncertainties will be cleared up the last time;
  • More strength If see more – The signal about imminent events which will change your future, it will require all your strength;
  • Luck If scare away or kill – You can expect some success;
  • Danger If  a young woman sees – The dream is a warning that you  must reckon with a dangerous rival, or other mishap.
  • Weddings If eating bear’s meat – this dream announces you about weddings in your family.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Richness If see – In the dream you see a walking bear, this is a sign that you will get wealth and fortune.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • In general, the bear represents richness and power, but stupid and audacious enemy.
  • Defeated enemy If someone kills – You will destroy all the plans of your enemy and end up his harm;
  • Low power If riding on a bear – This dream predicts that you have limited power to reach your goals;
  • Opponent failure If someone kills a bear with his sword – The sign that you will rejoice over the downfall of your adversary.
  • Wealth If eating – To eat bear meat, you’ll gain from a hulking, but rich enemy as much wealth as they ate bear meat.
  • Riches If  have a bear-skin yourself – In the dream you have a bear-skin or someone else has it,  you will acquire the entire assets.
  • Fear If run from bear – Indicates the fear of the authorities and a long illness.
  • Assets If Someone removes a bear’s head – This announces that you will get assets all entire capital from your uncouth enemy;
  • Worries If see a lot – In the dream you see some bears this mean that you will suffer from injustice;
  • If kill – You will know how to fight your enemies;
  • If blackbad luck;
  • If whitehonorable distinction.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of brown bear, grizzly bear, black bear, animals..

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  1. I dreamt that I was at home at night walking, when I saw a black bear running towards me. I was scared at first but then it started playing with me. We played with each other for s while when the dream changed. Any ideas what it was all about…please tell…. I will wait…

  2. I dreamt that I woke up in the night and went to the toilet and suddenly I hesrd a crow when I got up from the toilet the crow was in front of me and it spoke to me I forgot what it said but then I walked back to the room and I saw a black teddy bear wrapped up and with a card saying happy valentine to you. I do not know what happened but later I opened the front door to go to school and I saw another black teddy with happy valentine.
    and then I do not know what happened but I suddenly saw a sloth with real long claws . That was my dream !
    It now feels like I am losing my mind . Any answers ?

  3. I dreamt of hugging a pregnant brown bear and she was smiling, and I was saying to her rubbing her belly,the baby is coming,the baby is coming.
    Don’t really understand what’s the meaning of it

  4. My dream was about a bear, cant remember if it was black or brown. In the dream the bear was angry, and my mother was trying to protect, however my mom has been deceased for 15 years now. I have tried to find the meaning to this dream. any idea?

  5. My dream was I am being chased by a big grizzly bear while I’m a tiger. I was a tiger that was running so fast afraid of getting caught by the big bear. Running as fast as I could even at the highest roof just so the bear will not be able to reach me

  6. I dreamt I woke in my bed surrounded by huge grotesque looking teddy bears, they had eyes and stuffing popping out and were covered in dirt. They kept insulting me and holding me down so I called for my parents whom I don’t even live with now. My dad came into my room in the dream and it was like he couldn’t see them and he told me to go back to sleep and he shut the door and then I woke up. Any ideas ? It terrified me and I want to know what this mess of a brain of mine is trying to tell me.

  7. I dreamed I was walking my dog when I see a tiny bear roar like a tiger at a man getting out of his black skoda I looked down at my dog and just the head was attached to the lead so I retraced my steps to find the rest of my dogs body stood up like it was frozen in time. When I picked up my dogs head it was a screw on. Then I woke up and my dog was laying really close to my face which was weirs because my dog always sleep either down my back or under the covers at the bottom of the bed

  8. I had a dream where a tiny babe bear black colour came,there were many people around but i were the only one who consider it very very cute and i start playing with it,i didnt felt fear or danger i just consider it cute…what that mean ?

  9. I’ve been having this dream since I was like 4 and it was when I lived in my old childhood home. It started out me sitting in a green beanbag on our outside deck. It was nighttime, my dad was outside grilling something on our grill by the door. I was sitting in my bean bag right next to the grill. My dad takes food off the grill, shuts it off, then goes inside and locks the door without noticing me like I wasn’t even there. Then I just sit there staring into the darkness. Then I see something, eyes. Big yellow eyes peering out of the Darkwoods. I heard a grawl, it was deep and frightening. It was a bear it was coming out of the woods slowly, it was a black bear. I became frightened and then I woke. But the weird thing is during that same time and in that same house my family bought a black lab puppy and we named him bear. But we had to give him away because he was such a crazy dog, he was uncontrollable and hyper all the time. And I think that’s when the dreams started, and I have this dream about every year. The same dream or “nightmare” nothing has ever changed about it. Could a bear be my spirit animal? Idk what this means even if it has nothing to do with the dog we had…

  10. I’ve seen two white bears being followed by another white bear.The two bears were walking on the road and the other bear was on a rope kinda thing above them.It was kinda angry with the two bears.And the next thing i know is i see a rope and it’s all dark and something is approaching me.I was scared that it was a bear but it turned out to be a cat.But the cat was trying to come onto me. Not in an aggressive way but still……Basically I’m scared of all the animals in real life…so in my dream i was trying to get rid of the cat n somehow that dream ended.What does this mean?

  11. I dreamed my ex was with me but ran off after pushing me down while a bear was going to eat me . I fell onto a couch the brown bear turned into a tall old man who kissed me instead then i woke up.

  12. My dream was of me and my cousin in which I haven’t seen in a long time. We were walking and I noticed a large the brush. A black bear rushed out and we hid. He ran across an open feild. We waited and walked further down a trail. Only to see another hole. Another bear cane out and we climbed a tree. The bear climbed up after us. He was trying to get to me but my cousin was kicking him repeatedly until the bear had pushed me out onto a far limb of the tree. The limb was old. The bear attempted to come across the limb but it broke causing him to fall to the ground. I had grabbed ahold of another tree close to me. Once the bear had fallen my cousin and myself were able to climb down. We walked to a near by cabin. There I was greeted by more of my male cousins in which I haven’t seen in quite some time. All of them are part of my non blood family. We gathered in the cabin and began to talk and reminisce over memories and being happy to see one another again. As the evening calmed down we all started to get rest. I was still alarmed over the encounter with the bear from earlier. So I told my family to be on watch. I looked out side to notice multiple black bears around the cabin. They were all walking on all fours. Some small and one large bear. The large bear seemed to be more aggressive. The other bears were more curious and didn’t cause me much fright. One of my cousins, younger than me, brought me my father’s gun that was given to me when my younger brother passed away. We guarded the cabin from inside. My oldest cousin opened the door to fire off a shot to try and scare them away. We followed him out to give more protection. After being outside again I pushed a smaller bear off the deck of the cabin who was trying to climb up. While being outside I noticed one bear who was all white. This bear was not agressive nor seemed to be interested in anything that was going on. But alone by two other black bears. The larger black bear and a smaller black bear on each side of the white one. The white bear looked right at me. I then noticed the area in which the cabin was located and my attention became drawn to the landscape of beauty. Somehow I was to know that it was Arizona that I was in. And admired the beauty. I have never been to Arizona or have ever experienced anything like this. But I am curious as to what this could mean for me.

  13. I dream of a brown bear I heard a breaking glass outside of my home as I like looked outside of my window the brown bear was walking away across a small brigde . What do that mean ?

  14. I dreamt that I was at a strange elephant funeral. There were hundereds of elepants each with a man sat apon its back stood around this vast and extremely deep grave. Each elephant had a giant cocnut under its foot, then silently, they all kicked the coconuts into the grave and three elephants fell in and it fell like I fell in with one of them for a second because, I got a close up of the sheer panic in the animal’s eyes. Horrible. My mother was their and she didn’t seem bothered. she just said “Oh, they’ll die down there.”

    Then the scene changed and there was a mass congregassion of people in what looked like a big church basement, which had large grey stone columns and clean floors. Out of nowhere charged this huge brown bear with a red third eye in the middle of his forhead. And I knew he wanted to eat me (and the third eye looked really angry!) It looked straight at me and ran. I sreamed “BEAR!!!!” and ran. I kept going around corners and columns and when I stopped, I seemed to have lost the animal. When I thought the coast was clear, I stuck my head out and across the way, standing tall was a Sliver Back gorilla. It screamed, I screamed and shouted “GORILLA!!!!” More people screamed and ran. I ran, it chased. I climbed up a lampost??? (no idea where this lampopst came from) and just as the gorilla was climbing up after me, my alarm went off.

    It’s weird because, you’d think I was really scared in this dream but, I was not. I woke up pumped up, as if I had been running. One of the craziest and most vived dreamed to date. Anyone have any idea what any of this means?

  15. I dreamed about a Polar bear only his head sticking out from the ground, I was with a friend and I got close to the bear and was a little scared in the same time teasing him and pulling back when I looked at his face, he looked harmles and innocent so I just continued on walking with my friend next thing I know is we were sliding down on a rope and could see wild animals under the ground and we were laughing and having fun.

  16. I had a a dream that I was trying to escape from several bears that were ready to attack me. I was in a vehicle and could not leave beacause they kept coming. Instead of running a way, I held my ground because I was in a vehicle. In a ‘game like’ manner, as they came, I was able to control my vehicle to attack and bounce them back to where they came from. After several attack and hits from me to bears and vice versa, all of the sudden the bears changed to people who were friendly that no longer attacked me. Maybe I didnt notice during my survival, but at the end, I saw my boyfriend was right there standing next to me, ready to defend these unknown, but now seemingly harmless people.

  17. Once i dreamed a whole city was being destroyed by Big Kodiak size looking bears 5-6 of em. Anyways The Bears decided to go after a Young Girl like about 14 years or so. I ran to the Bears & killed them all one by one with my Hands using brute force. I saved the Whole City. I always find my self dreaming about Animals & Demons, Dracula, Werewolf I always end up killing them all with my hands. & yes most all my enemies in real life that were rich & power full or bigger in size or numbers i always manage to Win against them with my bare hands. My life being long War I never start any trouble is never being my style. Peace,Love & Happiness

  18. My 33 yr old son died suddenly one year ago. Last night I dreamt I was swimming at night thru long canals of a lake with houses on both sides of the canal. A baby brown bear appeared next to me swimming. He would not leave my side. We swam together for a long while. Finally I got out of the water with the baby bear and was hugging him. Someone came outside and told me that one of the mother bears cubs had died. Sure enough, a little dead bear was laying under a shrub. I had to put my little swimmer bear back in his body under the the shrub

  19. I’ve dream about bear
    The bear followed to my younger brother and when the bear can’t reach my younger brother the bear suddenly came to me and i run away until to my house but the bear still follow me until inside my house and then i shout “help” but no one help me even they’re hear me ….

  20. I have dreamed this dream twice so far, but didn’t recall dreaming it the first time until I dreamed the second. I am in an indoor apartment complex, and I see a small dog,perfectly kept, something like a pekingese or chow,very small dog almost resembling one of those teddy bear dogs….leading a giant brown bear around halls and common areas of the apartment complex (could’ve possibly been a hotel). They weren’t aggressive or angry, in fact the sight made me laugh in the dream……so I followed the dog and bear to see who owned these peculiar pets. I followed them to a door where a lady came out, and I asked her while trying not to giggle..”did you know your dog is leading a bear around, on a leash?”….she answered snarkily that “YES, and they aren’t hurting anyone”…..then as she said that the dog and bear came trotting into the door. Me and whomever I was with turned around and starting laughing…end of dream.

  21. two different dreams about bears. First dream: a big grizzly was charging toward myself and a few family members in a forester cave type of feild. We managed to killed it. It felt and seems very much like the Disney/Pixar movie, Brave. In the second dream, I was attack by a cub, it came and grab my pants by the crotch area. I let it bit my forearm so I can kill it with my handgun, which I did. Afterwards, I slit it’s throat and gutted the cub. A littler after that, I was hunting the other cub. Came across a bunch of wolves, which I kicked it, and the cub finally showed up. It was chasing a women, who was carrying my gun. So I grab the lady, pulled out my handgun and killed the bear. It just felt really weird afterwards.

  22. Another time I had a dream which could also be construed as a powerful Vision…., I was standing cloaked in a field & beside me was a staff with some sort of crystal or orb within it & it was sorta glowing & stood up by itself…., & I reached my hands up to the sky speaking some unknown language , I was standing in a field and as I reached up Day turned to night & out of the darkness across the field an enormous White Bear surrounded by light with eyes like the sun approached me, & stood up before me & reached out his paw & Gave me something I think it was like a Red Rock or something that seemed to be absorbed by me…, & then the bear walked away & I started chanting in some other language again & held my hands up to the sky & the sky became red like blood, & I continued some sort of chanting & held up the staff towards the sky & everything came down, like all of existence became void & I had all sorts of visions of some enormous planet with a purple sky & I saw a castle made of skulls with an array of crystals glowing within…., & I saw a cave wherein there was some God figure…, & this planet was to be divided up amongst a race of giants to create their own universes…., & then it came to pass and I was in a void of total darkness surrounded by field of light….

    psychoanalyze that….,

    • oh yeah then there was like a flash of information like Shitloads of languages, symbols & history that just flashed before my eyes & hit me like a ton of bricks…, then I woke up….

  23. why did you not post my detailed dream that I wrote to you guys about 2-16-2015. this bothers me that you people are selective in what you are posting, Shame on you! How do you think GOD about this? Johnny B.

  24. I dreamed I was hunting bear, and found a medium-sized poached black bear. The skin was removed from its entire belly, but the rest was left there. It made me sad and angry that someone wasted all that meat and warm fur.

  25. I deamt of a Grizzly attacking my sister and I , in my house, with a tranquil black bear in the background.We hide in the bathroom while I scream to my sister to climb out the window as I push on the door sitting down to keep it closed .., the Grizzly passes its paw and tries to get in .I stab the paw with scissors and it gives my sister a chance to go out the window…I dont dare leave the door unattended figuring I wont have time to go out the window…and the dream stops there..This is the first time I dream of my deceased sister since the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007 where she died ,holding the door while her students hid in the back. Thanks for the input .
    Gigi from MontrealCanada

  26. I was riding a bike on a dirt road … Suddenly saw a black bear as I turned around he grabbed my leg either biting or scratching it… But I got away… There were other people in my dream but now can’t remember who they were… Someone also patched up my leg … Hmmmmm???

  27. I was walking around the woods alone with a bow and arrow. It was quite dark. I reached a small pond which was covered partially with ice….suddenly I saw two black bears enter the pond under the ice…I aimed the arrow at one of the bears through the ice and killed it….then I killed the other one with same arrow after it came out of the ice.

  28. I am stuck in the middle of a small gap. Chased by a brown bear with one arm missing.
    My mom has recently helped me escaped from the bears sight.
    But now I was stuck inside a collapse building with two windows that were small enough for me to fit in.
    A dog comesyby, stares at the bear, then comes to me and stand next to me.
    Bear attack me twice without touching me and then…
    I woke up

  29. I had a dream last night of that I had to take care of a baby grizzly bear, there were people after it and I had to protect it from them. I don’t know if they were hunters or Wildlife rescuers but I had this sense of having to care and protect it. I went as far as going into a lake to hide from the people looking for it and falling asleep out in the woods cuddled with it, but the core of the dream was protect the baby bear. What could this possibly mean? never had a dream like this before and it felt so significant and its stuck to me all day long.

  30. I had a dream a friend had a black tame bear as a pet and it took a liking to me and followed me around like a dog. Then it got scared and ran away to my house and was whimpering. I could see fear on its eyes and although it knew and trusted me if I touched it to calm it, it would bite me. My daughter went to touch it because she trusted it and it growled so I moved her and tried to comfort the bear who was lying on its side showing its belly. I went to touch its paw and it opened its mouth at my hand but couldn’t hurt me. Just looked sad, licked me then ran away. Then my grandmother who is passed away now came out and told me she thinks I need to start dating.

  31. Last night i had a dream that I was being chased by a bear. But as I was running I saw 2 cubs ahead of me. I ran to the opposite side of the cubs and waited. The mother bear wasn’t chasing me. She was looking for her cubs. The cubs and mother bear were happy to be reunited as they walked away. In that moment I saw a turtle with also reuniting with her 2 tortoises. They followed closely behind the bears.

    What does this mean?

  32. Last night I dreamt of my brother Bear standing next to a sacred bush. We are surrounded by people but no one notices us. He is trying to speak to me about angels flying to close to the ground but as he tries to point with his frozen right arm. I woke up with literally 5 tears on my face at 3:40 AM on Dec 3rd ….. he wouldn’t let me ho back to sleep until I’d written down:
    5 tears
    sacred bush
    3:40 AM Dec 3rd
    right arm cold
    angel flying to close to the ground

    What does Bear want from me? What is he trying to tell me? He was murdered 6 years ago.

  33. Around 4 pm. It was a beautiful curvy road. The road was smooth and perfectly shaped with gentle hills up and down. It felt like away from the city. I drove. My mother was a passanger. Autumn. Tress were tall. The trunks were white with blackened parts. The leaves were changingoing colors from red to orange to yellow. It was stunnig. I wanted to pull over to take photos with my phone. I kept driving and enjoying the view in my white car. Then, as the road was curving toward the right side, I saw a beautiful lake. I drove towards it in a gently curvedo road. I noticed some small, ugly shops (maybe 3…attached with a bell hanging at the entrance to signal when someone entered. I pulled over. Got out. Took my phone out and began taking pictures of the trees, I was taking shots from different angles but I coI’ll not get a photo of the lake because if the shop. I walked towards the right side of the shop and was amazed athat how beautiful the lake was with all the trees in the background tightly growing along the road. The lake was in a shape of a number 8. It was so still. I could see the reflecting trees and colors in the water. I began snapping more photos. I heard a growl. And very close to me, just below the small hill that I was standing on, a bear was floating. I could only see his head. It was round like a plush bear’s in brown. His eyes were fierce. He growled at me. I felt threatened. I was afraid to run. I started to move slowly avoiding further eye contact. I began walking left, back towards my white car. I got in the car and felt relieved. I continued to drive. I am not sure where I was going. This scenery is where I enjoy myself the most. I felt peaceful. But I was coming from a mall where my mom dragged me to go. And I was looking for something I wanted to buy, but I could not find anything a I liked. We walked for like 2 hours.

    I didn’t like my mom. We had different interests. She was annoyed that I pulled over and then she wasn’t annoyed. My mind kept changing how she felt about it. When I got into the car, she acted like I should not have pulled over. She made me rush to drive away. As I was driving away, all I wished for is that instead ofor walking to my the lake, I drove closer to it to look at the bear more. He was so beautiful. The lake, the trees, the bear, the stillness so beautiful. The air so clean. Not cold, not hot. I wished I had taken pictures from the car. But saw the bear more.

    Please tell me what this dream is.

  34. I’ve never…ever had a dream about black bears. Last night I dreamed that I went back to my childhood home where I met up an old boyfriend…visited my childhood house; my father (long time deceased) welcoming us…showed my friend a favorite childhood playground…got trapped by some walls. We were on higher ground, looking down at several huge black bears on the ground, figuring out how to escape, although no danger. We were hugging and kissing, just standing there on top of a hill…while more and more black bears surrounded the area down below. I was not afraid at all…below, there were beautiful green fields, but on the higher ground which we stood on were ancient stones, and walls wrapped around us…very strange dream!

  35. Just had a dream that I had a brown bear as a pet. I was trying to go up a stairway in an unfamiliar house, when the bear comes up n tries to attack my feet/legs. I kicked him off of me and he fell to his death. I cried over him and woke up in tears. 🙁 So what does that all mean? Says if you’re being attacked, you’ll suffer from great damage….but then says if you kill, you’ll have success and luck…

  36. Just sharing and I haven’t seeked an interpretation of any sort of this, yet!! Anyway, I had a dream that an eagle gave me a ride on its back that seemed so real. It allowed me to experience pride, conquer, and fear, and gave me a crystal clear view far and wide but I’m not sure if it was during a sunrise or sunset. The sky was glowing in orange with the sun on the horizon. It then surprisingly plunged down to the middle of a wilderness that gave me fear like no other but I was able to overcome it in a flash and enjoyed the thrilling ride of a lifetime. In the middle of a path that looked overgrown, I found myself walking on it with astonishment, nervousness, and, yet, fear again till I saw a bear come out of the trail up ahead. To my surprise, I was confident and felt no fear towards the bear as it presented itself the same way to me. I walked up to it as it waited for me. We, then, walked together on the path of a journey that I had no idea where it was leading to…perhaps, it is where I should be. I believe I am right on the right path towards it as it greatly challenging that rewards me in each of its unique way to keep me going. 😀

  37. Last night I had a dream in which I killed two bears with a sword. Then the third bear appeared, but he was stuck in some bushes, so I wounded him several times and as I was going for the final strike my son woke me up. I felt sorry for the last bear because he did not have any chance, he was strangled in the bushes, but I knew that I had to kill him.

  38. I had this dream about 2 bears white n brown.. Everybody was trying to kill them because everybody was scared of them. But I found them n they became my friends they protected me n listened to me. But someone found out. They were going to kill them but I stood Infront of the man with the gun and told them not to shoot because they were my friends and protective about me they won’t hurt anyone etc.. But they guy shot but the bullet didn’t hit me but the brown bear which was on right side.. When I looked behind the brown bear was shot and ran to him.. But he died.. Only white bear was with me n it was snowing and everything was white because of snow…
    Do tell me what it means

  39. I dream lastnight that I witnessed a bear attacking a small boy then I tried to save him by courageously jumped on top of it and tried to stop from hurting the boy…

  40. I dreamt all night even after I woke up and went back to sleep that I was being attacked by a bear. I couldn’t hide and it was putting my son in danger. I killed the bears with my bare hand and I cried so hard about doing it. I felt is life rip away but it was about to hurt us and I didn’t have any other choice…

  41. None of these definitions apply to my dream. I was actually happy to see bears lying down at the entrance of my parent’s old house. They were all lying down there as it waiting for me. When they felt my presence they woke up. They were happy and groaning amicably when they saw me approaching them. And there were babies too! I never felt fear or any threat but happiness to see them … and I knew it was mutual – any idea what this means? Would love to hear. Thanks!

    • Feb 15, 2015 all night long. I kept having this re accuring dream, meaning waking up then going back to sleep to continue. However My dream consisted of several younger black bears, and there was one that was larger than the rest. They resembled to me as my pets, for I had them in a large play pen. My ex- wife to be shortly, was in the dream for a small moment and I asked her who was going to feed my bears when I am gone? As I was playing with these bears w/love and no fear, except I did have a thought of a slight fear- of the larger bear, with a mouth that was large enough to swallow my head. The all of a sudden the play pen tipped over (possibly meaning my children were these bears, for the are all- almost of age.), I may have lacked to explain the concern of the fact of the ugly divorce in progress, for which 3 of these children have turned there backs against me, to be by their mother ( even though this means to turn against GOD). When the pen turned over- me and the bears were suddenly in the forest scattering fast, and I didn’t know if I could gather them back- for there were wild bears running around behind the fence, We Found a cabin/ shack for shelter and we gathered in. We did communicate with each other, but I am not sure it was in words. I was afraid that the Man that owned the shack would return. For I know my bears would not be able to make it in the forest with the wild ones we were avoiding. I think I am putting this together on my own, but tell me what you think! Johnny B.

  42. In my dream I was walking… I looked up and I was standing at the bottom of a hill by I bridge not sure… the bear came walking towards in down the hill… I wasn’t scared I just stood the looking at this brown bear.. than I noticed it was chained up and a woman was holding the chain… than who I think is my boyfriend tells me the she sleeps with this one and pointed to a cub.. but when I looked at the cub it had a tail long and pointy.. than I woke up… what does is mean

  43. dreamt a large brown bear was having fun playing in the water of my backyard swimming pool. I was watching and wanted to join the bear in the water. I do not have a swimming pool in my back yard.

  44. I was with someone else (I’m not sure who they were but it was a middle aged woman.) we were filming some sort of documentary about grizzly bears. The bear we were filming tried to attack us, but there was two men there, a marksman and a man with a large knife. The marksman shot the bear and the other man slit it’s throat. The bear had a den of cubs but before we could investigate, another bear came. It was maybe half the size of the first. (The first was very large more like elephant size) the smaller bear was a male. First it went up to the bear we had killed and seemed to recognize it, then it left. We were up on a hill above the den and looking down. The smaller bear left and chased 4 other bears away and into the mountains in the distance. Then it came back. First it went into the den and we were hiding and being quiet but then it smelled us and came up on the hill where we were. It started trying to get us (me and the other woman) and then the man with the knife ambushed the bear and slit it’s throat once than stabbed it in the throat except his knife turned into a dagger and the man who was the marksman had shot two arrows, one went into the bear and one went high and stuck in the ground about a foot from where I was standing. It was intense and rather scary. And totally unexpected. I knew no one in the dream, not the lady or either of the two men.

  45. I constantly have dreams of black bears attacking me I’m usually walking home in my dreams its always night, but in my most recent dream there was two black bears. One bear seems friendly, and the other bear seems to want to attack me. This was the first time I’ve ever had a dream of a “friendly” black bear… I’ve had nightmares of black bears and other wild animals all my life… always attacking while I’m on my way home… does this actually mean something or is it just the fear of being attack by a wild animal?

  46. I had a dream that I was on a deserted road, in the middle of the night and there was only a couple street lights on. I turned around and came face to face with a big, brown bear. It didn’t do anything we were just face to face and of course I got startled when I turned and saw it in my face.

  47. yesterday i dreamt about bears that forbid me not to get at the upper room as they were scattered all over the place. the only method of me getting to the upper room was to use the tree and all my children where there waiting for me. however i could reach them. please explain this dream for me.

  48. I had a dream I was at a party in my backyard, and out of nowhere there was a bear. No one was alarmed except me. I had a little pistol on me and decided to shoot at it. First shot I stunned it, then later it died. My family then got the bear, and put it on the back of a truck. Later I went by it only to see it lying there 10ft tall. It was also brown. I kicked it, and it was aroused, it was dying slowly I suggest. What does this mean?!

  49. i had a dream about a brown bear. my family and i were having revival? in my dream, my family look like they were preparing some food for after service. then all of a sudden, a big brown bear was standing by the door on it’s two feet then it was making bear noises as if it were hungry. but we were being protected by some door that looked like a screen door. for some reason, it seemed like we were in a cage. being protected from it. the bear was just making it’s bear nosies. then my dream ended. i never dreamt about a bear. what does the bear mean?

  50. I had the wierdest dream that I was back home in my childhood home and then I saw a giant brown bear in the distance……suddenly I realised it saw me and we all ran upstairs and waited for it to get to us. In preparation for the arrival of the bear we were all in my Mum and Dads bedroom but all the family were there and we pushed the bed into the corner and prepared for the arrival of the big bear……..we found two pen knives and a larger knife and planned to kill the bear with them……

  51. what if i dreamt that on a country side my boyfriend and i was on the run because this psycho guy was killing everyone with his field machine I don’t know what it is called but it has very sharp blades in the front; turning fields of goods into dust bowls and snakes were dead. Then we was on the run to somewhere far (it said road 82 or 83) and found an empty village with lots of cars. Used one of the cars that had machine guns and killed people in my dream. Then I lost my man along the way and turned into a brown bear in the lake swimming to the other side? Then at the end I was human and reunited with him.

  52. In my dream this bear is walking I’m watching I’m not scared just watching it, it starts comeing towards me he starts to go up in a standing position with his back towards me in a dance as it turns face to face his head down a arm comes out in a way of come with him.

    • In my dream i see a bear running for something and jumps into a flowing river. The bear climps onto a small island end jumps in the river again from a cliff. Then then bear gets swallowed by the water inlet of a big factory…
      What the hell does this mean?

  53. I saw a small black bear in a public area where all Muslims r gathered nd praying from god and when I screamed and said please Allah give my mum health the small bear suddenly came near to me and try to hug @ that moment I am crying and praying from God then suddenly a voice came through public that God have listen to ur pray and I am crying with happiness

  54. I am so upset and bothered by this dream I had last night and I cannot shake it… In my dream I was living in a more woodsy type area and I had a brown bear as a “pet” I suppose… This dream was a rapid flash that I do not have a ton of details… I was around the bear outside and the bear was friendly and I was not afraid of the bear… I all of a sudden stabbed the bear in the hind end by the hip and and it was in pain but did not attack me… I started to get all upset and want it dead but I couldn’t kill him so I made my husband stab it again in the chest and he was hesitant but did so for me and the bear was then out of my direct site but I could kind of see him and he finally died… What is wrong with me????? I am an animal lover and I am beside myself with this dream!!!! Please somebody help me figure this out… I pray it has purpose and meaning because that was horrific!!!!!

    • Pretty sure it means fear of rejection, maybe feeling a little untrusted or untrustworthy. Also a possibility is the fear of compainship and relatonships as well as sexual frustration.

  55. When I was about 5 years old I had a recurring dream 3 or 4 times. I am now going on 17 next month. Every time the dream started off with me and my brother on top of the cliff fishing on a beautiful sunny day. The first time i had this dream i walked to the edge of he cliff and then tripped and started falling off but I grabbed on to the edge begging for my brother to help me up and he did and then I woke up. But then every time I dreamed about it after that my brother wouldnt help me up but laugh at me and kick my hands off and then I would fall off but into a big circle of big brown bears and at first I was scared then they started just licking my face and I then got the feeling that I belonged with them and that they loved me then after that my parents would come out of a cave under the cliff I fell off of with huge plates of food for me and the bears and then I wake up. Keep in mind me and my brother use to be inseparable and now we barely talk and fight and argue often now.

  56. I dreamt, that my daughter had a white polar bear as a pet, it was very safe with her, her husband and children. I was scared of the bear so I took big circles around it to avoid any contact with it, but the children herself and her husband would cuddle with the polar bear and the children would climb on the bear and play it the polar bear. Then my son and got these text messages, I looked out the window of my daughter house (in my dream she lived in a little valley, very beautiful) and a saw pack of wolves going by, followed by elk, then buffalo, a flock of geese..then my son looks at me and saw the text said, the end is near so all the animals are gathering from all over the world in their specific herds, then I woke up. So what does my dream mean?

    • White or polar bears can represent rebirth. You dream is very profound but you shouldn’t fear the changes taking place. It is a very profound message as to what is taking place in our world… then end is near…..but there is no reason to fear

  57. I had a dream that there was several bears in my back yard they walked onto my deck and started trying to force there way into my sliding glass door then it tried to to enter into the front door. They eventually gained access so I hide my kids in closets and in high places so the bears won’t try to harm them….What does this mean? In addition, I’ve had dreams of snakes and tigers trying to attach/ enter my home.

  58. A bear is between me and my old family homestead. My dog barks at
    him at the opposite hill and the bear attacks my dog and kills him by
    eating the dogs head.
    I run to home. My mom who is now passed is in driveway I yell to her
    to get in the house a bear is coming and my older sister is outside
    cooking on a kitchen like grill.
    She ignores me and continues cooking .
    I wake up at this time.
    I’ve had dreams of bear though out my entire life. They mostly are trying
    to attack me.

  59. i dream that my sister and I entered the wood theres was a carnival and all off a sudden a herd of bears come out of the trees running towards us and my sister managed to get to the top without being pulled, however they managed to catch my pants but i got loose and made it to the top safely.