Funeral of someone already dead dream meanings

Short meaning: dream about funeral of someone already dead can argue repose, passion and lasting friendship.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By S. Freud understanding this dream about funeral of someone already dead betokens free vigor, womanhood sensuality, vision and potential.
Enthusiastic remodellings are happening in life only if: funeral of someone already dead - It marks the condition of being superior to all others in authority. You are a notch above the others. Differently, if the dream was more like nightmare then such dream might intimate vice versa content: some person might be phony and/or tricky toward your person.
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  • Funeral - living independently and do not be afraid to express your opinion or thoughts. This symbol encourages you to make the first move to your independence, because unconscious shows that you are ready for this. For parents’ this dream shows that you have to release your children, they are grown enough to live their own life. Dreaming of a funeral of already dead persons ( parents, grandparents etc.) – This dream displays that you still miss them, and you did not free them from your mind and thoughts. You missed their care, love and understanding and support. * Please, see meaning of burial. ... (read more)
  • Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver) - General Meanings: Thoughts about death The dream about the death is not so terrible such as a corpse. The corpse is more than dead, it doesn’t have the life any more. Probably you have been thinking about your death and your mortality, that is why the corpse can appear in your dreams. Unique abilities Although the dream about a corpse or dead body may mean that you have hidden and buried abilities and talents, which you are afraid to show, because you want to be accepted in the society. Psychological Meanings: Hazard symbol The dreams of funeral and death... (read more)
  • Burial (interment) - be the desire for sympathy or to imply for a part of the personality which is dead. Burial as a dream symbol can sometimes symbolize the unacknowledged desire to forget another person who was dead or at least gone for ever from his own life. The most frequent meanings why you dream a burial: Fear of own death or loved ones, the wish to protect from death people you love, this meaning is derived from the real life circumstances. Dramatic changes in personality and / or the circumstances. This may announces many hopes, wishes, goals, attitudes, beliefs because the past... (read more)
  • Pall (funeral) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if see pall – In a dream you see a pall, then this means that disaster is coming to you, you have to be very attentive if you want to avoid this; Bad sign if remove a pall of a dead body – This dream is a vary bad sign which may bring you sorrow because of a death of a loved one or a serious disease. Arabian (Islamic) Death if have a pall – In the dream you have a pall, then this is sign that in near future you will have death... (read more)
  • Cemetery (graveyard) - which for him still contains secret life. When the dreamer goes through the cemetery, this shows that in the waking life the dreamer has conflicts, worries and can not find the answers why this happens. He tries to find answers in the cemetery. The meaning of the cemetery dreams is not unambiguous. Some people have to visit a certain grave because they have a problem which hangs together with the dead person and it is not solved yet. In this case, the dream may be a form of trying to contact with someone you know who is dead and left... (read more)
  • Widow & Widower - decent partner. – If a man is dreaming, that he marry a widow: important matter will be disappointing. Arabian – Generally by ancient Egyptians: dreamer will be full of wealth and happiness; – To be widower: you’ll soon feel very lonely; – To see or to speak to widow or widower: you are attracted to some person. Hindu – To see: your work will be crowned with success; – To be: you must hope for new life, joy; – To marry: you’ll make a rich inheritance. * Please, see also meaning of dead, corpse, dead body, funeral and burial…... (read more)
  • Hair - to them. People and the emperor should be aware of the strangers or visitors in their area. European (Judeo-Christian) Solidarity or sexuality in general symbolism – The hair in the dream in general is symbol of solidarity related to human life, erotic symbol which shows sexuality and attraction; Unpleasant period if losing the hair – means that you will have hard time in your life; Funeral if the hair is falling out – soon someone you know will die; The end if women losing her hair – the activities that’s been very pleasant will come to the end; Fair if... (read more)