Beggar dream meanings

General Meanings:

Help others In the dream to be a beggar indicates a sense of failure and a lack of self-esteem. If you meet a beggar in the dream, this means that through this encounter the unconscious wants to show you that there are some people around you who are less fortunate than yourself, you have to help them.

Warning A dream symbol of a beggar can be as a wise counselor which will help with advice. Do not waste your property because one day you may be rich and another poor. Old dream books explains the dream of beggar as a sign of good luck and money growth.

Psychological Meanings:

Inadequacy and constraint¬†Sometimes this symbol of beggar stands as an expression for your own sense of inadequacy and social isolation. Feelings, impulses and thoughts that are “starved” in your real life, so they are personified in dreams as a beggar. Often the beggar may describe an unpleasant memory of a person or an event that we would prefer to get rid of it and to remove it from our memory. Also the unconscious reminds us that we have to live more simple in our real life.

Spiritual Meanings:

A beggar is the same as a hermit and means a spiritual claimant or intercessor.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Bad future if see a beggar – In a dream you see a beggar then this dreams has a meaning of a sorrowful future because of your irresponsibility and improper actions;
  • Losses if see an old, rickety beggar – This dream stands as sign of poor planning. This means that if you are not rich, you will lose a large portion of your estate and these unpleasant events will damage your reputation;
  • Worries if meet a beggar on the street – When you meet a beggar on the street then this means coming trouble in your life;
  • Fortune if be a beggar – In the dream you are a beggar, so this dream is very positive which announces you success in the lottery;
  • Isolation fro surrounding if be a beggar and hide – In the dream you are hiding because you are a beggar, then this is a sign of social isolation and fear of your own weaknesses;
  • Unexpected event if a beggar comes into the house – The beggar comes to your own house in your dream, then this dream denotes a surprise that will arrive soon in your family;
  • Success if a kid is a beggar –¬† A little kid is a beggar in your dream then this dream is a sign that you will have success in all your undertakings; Also you will reveal yourself from an unpleasant situation;
  • Present if a beggar woman – When you dream a beggar woman then you will receive a gift.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Lucky days if be a beggar – Do not hesitate because nice and wonderful days are coming back to you

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Troubles if see a beggar – This dream marks that you will have worries and some losses;
  • Surprise if meet a beggar – In the dream you meet a beggar so he is bringing you an unexpected¬† surprise;
  • Controversy if beggar at home – In the dream a beggar came into your house, then you will have discord, anger in your family;
  • Happy life if give something to beggar – You give something to the beggar in your dream, this dream indicates that your hard work will be rewarded for a good life and happy family;
  • Success if you are a beggar – You are a beggar in the dream, then this signifies multiplication of possessions and success in a particular project.

* Please, see meaning of beg.

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