Black dream meanings


freedom, happiness, independence.


What makes me feel happy, independent and free?

General Meanings:

In General black can stand for darkness and also unknown factors of human-beings. It is also the color or grief and pain, therefore the black symbolizes negativity in everyone’s mind. People are afraid of things they don’t know and do not want to experience novelty as it is something they never did before. The dreamer always waits for the worse that will come out of black.

Psychological Meanings:

If you think of the colors, you should know that black is not really a color it is more of the opposite of the light, therefore in dreams it is interpreted as the death and senseless. The black and darkness is also the indication of the dreamer’s mental state where it is mostly associated with deep frustration. Alternatively, it may have the meaning of the deeper look into yourself.
Contrary to these days, the black was always the color of life and femininity, where the life comes from. There is this darkness and unknown areas in the dark, that is why people are afraid of lurking danger in that dark.
Consider, that the color black in dreams might show your awareness and fear to recognize things that are in the dark. Maybe there are some subjects in your life that you have no answer or do not know where to start while dealing with them, because of the unknown. Make sure you find the courage to walk into the black.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Diseases or frustration if see the color black – to dream of the color black and feeling bad about it, indicates hard times for you. However, the color black might also symbolize your deep look in your thoughts, emotions and generally who you are.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Grief is see black color – the dream that seemed all black symbolizes sorrow and heartache.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Disadvantages if see the color black – such dream indicates discomfort and awkwardness you will suffer.

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


shadow , femininity , intuition ; empty; maturity; mysteriousness ; introspection; rebirth; loss , destruction.


The color black in many cultures is known as the color of emptiness, loneliness and unknown. Black is also the color of the night, mystery and darkness. When the man can not see, it means that he lost one of the senses, that helps to adapt in the world, therefore the color black is emptiness, where you can not see the surroundings and unable to perform on your fullest.
In modern times the darkness and the blackness is the color where everything disappears and becomes empty. According to ancient times the color black is the color of femininity and is interpreted as the darkness from which everything comes including the life of human-beings.

General Meaning

As the General meaning the black is deep, intuitive part of the dreamer. The dream shows the connection you have within your deepest thoughts and intentions. There is no need to be afraid of the dark, because it means you are not afraid to look more into yourself of who you are, what makes you the person you are today.


Africans, classic, darkness, unknown.

Transcendent Meaning

Everything comes out from darkness which color is black, therefore the femininity has got a great gift from nature – to create everything from nothing.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meaning of night, darkness, color, shadow.

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