Blind dream meanings


Can see, unconscious.


What am I ready to see or to understand?

General Meanings:

Don’t want to see reality Blindness in the dream indicates that the dreamer hesitates to see the truth. He has lost the sight of reality. Also the dream may show that you do not understand something or do not want to accept others, even if they have rights, you act like blind person.

Blind moves Blindness can be understood as a sign that you blindly go through life without thinking about consequences. So you can not see either threats nor opportunities.

  • To see blind person– this may be that you are overwhelmed with a task and will fail.
  • The blind beggar – announces success in gambling.
  • To become blind – too much problems to be solved. There is a lack of foresight, or you may not have skills to solve them. You need help to find a feasible way out of troubles.

Psychological Meanings:

Inability to solve problems In the dream you are blind then this dream indicates that the dreamer knows certain facts, but he uses these knowledge in not so appropriate way. But sometimes such a dream may show that the dreamer can not see a specific problem and then can not find the solution. The dream of blindness is associated with irresponsibility, guilt and moral conflicts.

Ready to meet troubles When the dreamer was blind and suddenly started to see, this shows his desire to correct past mistakes and to be responsible for them. He doesn’t run away or get rid of problems, but accepts and tries to deal with them.

Spiritual Meanings:

At the spiritual level, blindness is a kind of ignorance, you wish not to see inappropriate things or actions.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Use your head if blindness – The dream of blindness warns you that you should no go through life too blindly, because this may bring unpleasant events;
  • Fraud if be blind – You are blind in the dream then you may expect deception because you blindly go through life, blindly in love;
  • Danger if become blind – You suddenly became blind in the dream, then this indicates that you will blindly walk into danger without thinking about your family or loved person;
  • Need for support if see a blind person – In the dream you see a blind person, then in the near future a honorable person will ask you for help;
  • Unable to solve if lead a blind person – You lead a blind person in the dream, this marks that you will take on a task that will not be feasible to finish and you will disappoint;
  • Fortune if meet a beggar – The dream when you meet a beggar announces you luck in the lottery or gambling.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Risky actions if be blind – There is a risk that you can be exposed to start big risk which will bring damage to you;
  • Journey if lead a blind person – Very positive dream sign that you will experience unexpected events or adventure travel;
  • Obstacles if see blind people – You see blind people in the dream, then this dream warns that you will meet some barriers in your life.

* Please, see meaning of eye.

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13 responses

  1. In my dream, I called a blind man who was being guided by someone and after I passed a comment he replied and we both bursted into laughter..pls what does it mean

  2. I dreamt I became blind. But I was still going to my college. So when there, some dudes tried to pick on me, but I beat then up (don’t know how). And there where two girls who really supported me, they took me anywhere, they really helped me. The weird thing is that in the dream I could see, but everyone else saw I was blind, and I was blind. I think I was blind in the dream, bit was “able to see” just so I could see what goes on in the dream.

  3. All I could see were the eyes, which had skin covering them, like an embryo. The right eye, where the bottom of the eyelid would be, the only way i can think of to describe it, it looked as if a scab had been cleanly peeled off. I was scared to open my eye for fear of breaking/tearing the flesh/skin.

  4. I dreamt that I was attending my gymnastics tournament and as I was about to complete the final routine I landed on my head and I became blind. Towards the end of my dream, when I was about to wake up, my vision become blurred like my eyesight was coming back. What does that mean?

  5. I dreamt I was blind. But it seemed so real. Like I woke up thinking it was the day before that I lost my vision. I had told my mom.. but it wasn’t til she asked when did it happen did I realize it was a dream. In my dream I was crying screaming at my boyfriend to help me move around. Because all I could see was white, black, and a little bit of red. I remember it clearly. I’ve had this dream over and over for 2 weeks. I know it means something. Please answer my post and tell me what this means.

  6. This is like the second or third time that I’ve had a dream where I was losing my vision but it was going in and out. Since I’ve found out I was pregnant. The first time I was trying to get to the shower to take a shower. I was in a dorm room, I lived there and the other three girls knew it. It was just a feeling but there was only three beds, no place for me. And I kept trying to get my stuff together to get to the shower and the other girls were there but never looked at me or talked to me or really acknowledged me. Then k finally got to the shower and wouldn’t turn the light on and woke up. This time I found something, that I wasn’t supposed to, something to a murder mystery and my brother and someone else were trying to kill me. My step dad was there but he didn’t pay any attention to what was going on its like he didn’t see or care. I ran to my old house they chased me and it was like it was a game that turned real or something. I locked the door and all the windows but I met the man at the last window, I was trying to shut it and put a piece of wood so he couldn’t open it but he broke the wood by pushing so hard. He tried to crawl in and I pushed him out. They were both like going crazy, they couldn’t speak, they were like animals.

  7. I keep dreaming that when I have one eye open I can kind of see, but if I try to open them both to look at something everything goes dark.

    What’s happening in the dream is always different, but the past couple days I haven’t been able to fully see in my dreams. It usually happens part way through the dream, and in the dream I start to panic. Before that starts to happen, I usually wake up then go back to sleep. Does this mean anything?

  8. I dreamed being led by a blind man unknown to me. We were going down a steep slope with green grass but our journey was interrupted by thugs who chased us. As I was desperately trying to help the up the slope to the car, he told me to leave him so I reluctantly did so and drove off. What does this mean?