Blindfold dream meanings


Inability to see things clearly.


What is it, that I do not see?

General Meanings:

In General, the dream that relates to blindfold, signifies the inability of the dreamer, to see things clearly. Sometimes the dreamer has an intention to miss the things, which supposed to be obvious.
In some dreams, the dreamer is blindfolded by others, therefore such dream would indicate the ideas or thoughts which are presented.

Psychological Meanings:

On the psychological level, the dream in which the one is being blindfolded will suffer the unknown, which means that things will be unnoticed by mistake, not on purpose. There are some views and opinions that were nor created by the dreamer. Maybe you get the influence from others and do not make your own opinion, instead using the one the other have.
Consider, that the blindfold could symbolize the sexual desires the one has. Maybe the one who is blindfolded wishes to be pleasured by someone and be able to only feel things instead of seeing them. The dreamer could also be the one who blindfolded the other one, which also shows the wish to satisfy the partner and fulfill the hidden desires and ideas.

Spiritual Meanings:

On the spiritual level the blindfold shows the separation of the one from himself. It could also be a sign of initiation.


European (Judeo-Christian)
Difficulties if a woman dreams of being blindfolded – the woman, who was blindfolded by someone, will suffer pain and obstacles, while dealing with her tasks;
Able to deal with anything if blindfolded, but feeling comfortable about it – the one who was wearing a blindfold, but having no difficulties to perform at anything, is the person who is able to deal with things properly;
Must face the truth if one injured eye is blindfolded – to dream of being blindfolded with only one eye, denotes to things the dreamer is trying to avoid. The dream suggest to pull yourself together and finish the work that has to be done.
Sexual desires if see a blindfold before or during the sex – the one who is blindfolded or makes the other one blindfold, has unfulfilled sexual wishes, especially if it is happening during the intercourse.

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