Nits lice dream meanings

Short meaning: a dream about nits lice might embody repose, adoration and welcomeness.
Psychoanalytical meaning: By C. Jung interpretation of the dream about nits lice announces freewheeling guts, fertile sexual urge, creativity and influence.
Approving in the affirmative way restylings are ahead only: nits lice - This occasionally signals primacy and being a scout. But, if this dream was with negative emotion then your dream could body forth contra essence: a person of great significance can be iniquitous or unsafe in relation to your interests.
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  • Driver’s license - Authority, changes and self-confidence To see your driver’s license in your dream represents your authority and rightfulness. If you lose your license, it symbolizes your inability to cope with changed status of yours. Possibly you have lost the sovereignty to move forward towards finishing your goals. If you find it, it means that you become stronger by overcoming obstacles. Additionally, it shows that fortunate changes in your influence to others. Also finding of lost driver’s license shows increased self-confidence. You will have more weight in any given situation, related to work or relationship. You are the one with the... (read more)
  • Malice (law) - General Meanings: If you experience a dream of malice, this usually means that the dreamer is aware of the impulses, which he rejects when they are wrong. Bad behavior towards others in real life, then the dreamer feels horrible and disgusting in his dreams. Psychological Meanings: Each violent act can be interpreted as the evil and damage to others. Many people between the darkness and the evil see a close connection. (evil arises from deep darkness) Spiritual Meanings: The evil goes hand in hand with the devil. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Low respect if act with malice –... (read more)
  • Accomplice - Quick and Clear: Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about accomplice in dreams To dream of being someone’s accomplice while making a crime, represents someone in your life, who is making negative influence on you. Think who is that person, who is affecting your behavior and try to stay out of contact with that person. This dream is a sign that you should finish having for this friendship as soon as it is possible. This dream might want to tell you that there is a guilt you are having for something you did... (read more)
  • Guard (police officer) - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Warning if see guard – In the dream you see a guard then this is a warning to take care of your property because there might have the loss by theft. Hindu (Hinduism) Be attentive if see police officer or guard – You are dreaming of police officer or guard then this may be a sign to be more attentive because someone wants to make damage you your or your reputation. Arabian (Islamic) Warning if see guard – The dream where you see a guard then this signifies that there is a danger of loss.... (read more)
  • Surplice - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Marriage if have surplice – In a dream you have surplice then this means satisfaction for those who are married, a marriage for the unmarried.... (read more)
  • Guard - Association: Work on safety. Question: Which part of me requires protection? Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Be ready if see a guard – In the dream you see a guard then this dream announces that you will have obstacles in near future and you will have to protect your plans and opinion in order to reach what you desire; Wasting time if stand as a guard – You see yourself standing as a guard in the dream then this dream marks useless time and wasted efforts; Warning if guard somebody – To dream of guarding somebody against a threat means that you have... (read more)
  • Dog bite hand - A dog bite or his scratch in a dream means harm caused by one’s enemy and its effects will depend on the amount of pain one suffers in the dream…. (Dog) Laying one’s head on a dog or relaxing with a dog or using the dog for a pillow in a dream, the dogthen represents a friend or a good companion…. (Dog) Dreaming of seeing a mad dog, denotes that enemies will make scurrilous attacks upon you and your friends, but if you succeed in killing the dog, you will overcome adverse opinions and prosper greatly in... (read more)
  • Criminal record - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) No support if have criminal record – In the dream you stand in the police office and you have a criminal record then this means that you have contact with people who do not know how to estimate current situation and to solve troubles; Hindu (Hinduism) Anxiety if have criminal record – You are dreaming that you see your own picture in police and you already have a criminal record, then an enemy will bring you torments and anxiety. Arabian (Islamic) Be attentive if have criminal record – The dream of criminal record is... (read more)
  • Onions - General Meanings: Wholeness In the dream and in meditation the onion can occur as a symbol of wholeness, this holistic approach consists of many layers. Onion promises new courage, hope and good health. Personality features The dreamer peels an onion in his dream, then this dream suggest to unveil valuable personality features of himself or other people. This is an indication with all the effort to understand various features of their own personality. Unpleasant experience  In the dream the onions is cut or consumed (often with tears), then this dream announces a painful experience, falseness and deceit that will come very... (read more)
  • Burglar - General Meanings: Danger and Needs for sexuality Burglary often stands for a danger which you yourself have not noted, but still can not avoid. Besides if you suppress the sexuality too strongly in your waking life, here also can be expressed the need for sexual adventures. Sense of guilt and Destroyed minds When you are caught in a burglary, the senses of guilt and shame come to light, because of supposed or real failure which you repressed in your waking life. Burglars throng in our peace of mind, they want to destroy the order and take possession of what is... (read more)
  • Authority - General Meanings: The advice and support Occasionally we encounter in our dreams with authority figures. They usually appear in our dreams to teach and to lead and to try to impose their will on us. The first authority figures who come into our lives are the parents, but also they can appear as priests, judges, kings / queens or head teacher. Don’t forget your responsibilities Sometimes these figures remind us our duties or responsibilities that we would rather forget. The solemn Cardinal or a strict dictator, they come to our subconscious in order to share with us an... (read more)
  • Bellows - Psychological Meanings: Bellows is a symbol of busybodies – someone who “inflates” and does more than he is able. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Troubles if have bellows – This dream symbol stands for recklessness and dishonesty which will cause disputes and difficulties in your life; Wealth if work with bellows – In the dream you are doing something with bellows then this dream shows that with patience and energy you will defeat the poverty; Good experience if hear the sound of bellows – In the dream you hear the sound of bellows then this marks that you will... (read more)
  • Arrested - Association: Forced stagnation; To be caught. Question: Why do I have a fear to be caught? What I would like to halt? General Meanings: Your own attitude To be arrested in the dream, then this dream marks that the dreamer holds and keeps his natural self expression and moral opinions. To arrest someone in the dream, then this shows that the dreamer instinctively disapproves some parts of himself. Feeling guilt An arrest can stand for senses of guilt, intentions, needs and behaviors which the dreamer rejects in himself. You have to analyze them and to accept or to change.... (read more)
  • Thief - General Meanings: Fair of losses and secret affairs The dream of a thief indicates that the dreamer is afraid to accept losses. It necessary must be material things, it can also be love or passion. Thief can stand for secret desires that you allow only furtively, among other things also including sexual needs. Other meanings are derived from the following circumstances of the dream: Seeing caught burglar or thief, this announces a positive and favorable phase in life. Being robbed by the thief is a good sign for business purposes, professional and financial plans. The thief escapes, means... (read more)
  • Occlusion - General Meanings: To dream of being bitten, shows that the dreamer suffers from the aggressive behavior of another human or conversely, that he has not any ability to control his aggressive impulses. Psychological Meanings: Protection This is a symbol for “animal” anger and aggression. The dream of bite may be a sign for self-defend, the dreamer wants to protect himself. Anxiety from others The bite of the animal announces the aggressiveness from other people with the aim to destroy or to make harm for the dreamer. Sexual desires Bites during erotic dream symbolize excessive sexuality with a tendency... (read more)
  • Picture - General Meanings: In the dream a picture is usually the illustration of a part of life. Image (photography, painting) often leads to the expression, that seeks greater self-knowledge, to complete the picture of yourself or to correct it. Dreaming self-painted picture, then this can go to this very deep feelings and thoughts about relation with a person or a life circumstance. A painting of an old master in the dream, so it may be an indication of the attitude which the dreamer has to the past. In the dream the images of known people (like parents, friends) can announce quick... (read more)
  • Vulture - General Meanings: Many people find vulture as an unpleasant animal, colloquially this word also used for greedy people. In Indian dream interpretations vultures are just the opposite interpreted as symbols for benevolent people who support own intentions. This other meaning is probably due to the fact that the vultures were respected and considered in India as useful “health police”. In general, the first unfavorable meaning applies for us. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Watch out for enemies if see – When a vulture appears together with carrion, its can be a warning that you will meet jealous people who... (read more)
  • Apple - General Meanings: Apple is an ambiguous symbol which is found in myths and religions (for example, eviction from the paradise in the Bible). Symbol of temptation Generally, it is interpreted as a corruptibility of the dreamer by worldly material things and then can warn how easily he allows to lead into temptation. In the old testament the apple stands as a ” forbidden fruit ” which can reveal what is good and what is bad. In the original text of the Bible it is spoken only about “fruit”. Fertility For the Mediterranean people the pomegranate, the fig and the quince... (read more)
  • Accusation, Accuse (accused, accusing) - General Meanings: Guilt, worries and losses When you dream of being accused of something, this may be a sign of your own guilt. This dream also may show that you still don’t know what do you want from your life. You have to know what to choose and to start moving. If you accuse somebody else in the dream, this represents that you have worries with people are around you. If you are accused as thief in the dream, this dream announces you financial losses in the future. Psychological Meanings: Guiltiness The feeling of guilt or that you... (read more)
  • Adam (the first man) - General Meanings: Postponement for a short period of time and then success It is considered as a good omen if you dream of meeting one of our first parents, Adam and Eve. If you talk with them or they talk with you, then this indicates some delays in the realization of your dreams, so be patient. In the dream you see Eve and Adam together, then this is a lucky dream. Psychological Meanings: Relationship with dreamer’s father The first man Adam, as the progenitor of mankind, often occurs as a symbol of physicality and sensuality, which is not... (read more)
  • Picked up - Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Journey if by train – In the dream you were picked up by train, announces you  a wonderful journey with your closed friends or family members; Pleasure if from your house by friends – This dream shows that the pleasure is approaching; Promotion if by police or a public official – The dream signifies that you will get a job in the office or you will be promoted.... (read more)
  • Wasps - Association: – Stabbing rage. Question: –  Where in my life I really would like to sting? General Meanings: Low instincts – Wasp stands for “low” instincts, desires and feelings, especially rage, blind aggressiveness, hate or revenge about which the dreamer is warned. Sometimes it also symbolizes a familiar persons of whom you were (are or will be) deceived and harmed. Psychological Meanings: Worst character features – Wasp is a very aggressive insect, therefore dreaming of wasp often indicates aggressiveness of the dreamer and also egocentricity, arrogance, and his overly flaunted individualism. Dreaming of many wasps is not a good sign. If it... (read more)
  • Teeth (tooth) - Association: Independence & power, ability to nurture and communicate. Question: Where in my life I am afraid to be addicted? What do I want to say? General Meanings: Tooth indicates material and sexual needs. The exact meaning derives mainly from the following circumstances: Healthy teeth promises success and material gains. Poor, loose or falling out teeth warn of failures and losses. Dental seal on teeth urges not to displace problems, but to solve them right now. One tooth is pulled out, then you have to recon with financial difficulties or unfulfilled expectations. You pulled out teeth yourself, or... (read more)
  • Snake - Association: Energy; Sexuality; The serpentine power of Kundalini, an unconscious, instinctive and libidinal force. Question: What is the energy, that I am willing to express? Or to understand? General Meanings: The snake is the ancient symbol of dreams and should always be thoroughly analyzed by individual associations. The result of deep analysis will give you an important insight into your personality. For the start there is a lot of examples what a meaning of a snake dream can be. Hidden worries or unmasked dangers – Dreaming of a snake indicates secret fears and hidden worries. These are threats... (read more)