Wasps dream meanings


– Stabbing rage.


–  Where in my life I really would like to sting?

General Meanings:

Low instincts – Wasp stands for “low” instincts, desires and feelings, especially rage, blind aggressiveness, hate or revenge about which the dreamer is warned. Sometimes it also symbolizes a familiar persons of whom you were (are or will be) deceived and harmed.

Psychological Meanings:

Worst character features – Wasp is a very aggressive insect, therefore dreaming of wasp often indicates aggressiveness of the dreamer and also egocentricity, arrogance, and his overly flaunted individualism. Dreaming of many wasps is not a good sign. If it is often dreamed of wasps, this is an indication of serious personal conflicts of the dreamer.

Weak nervous system – Wasps describe the fact, that our nervous system is currently not just overly strong. Sometimes wasps can also be personalized as the annoying “parasites” (peoples) that cross our path in life.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

  • Dreaming of wasps in general – In contrast of the bees, wasps is a sign of laziness rather than hard work, damage instead of benefit and malice rather than kindness;
  • Warning If see wasps – This dream is a warning about dangerous attacks of unknown enemies;
  • Suffer If see – Announces that you will hear something unpleasant and you will feel suffer, because a former friend will become an enemy;
  • Frustration If Bitten by them  – When you dream that you have been bitten by wasps, this mean that you will experience a disappointment;
  • Harm Also If Bitten by them – The betrayal of a friend will have serious consequences because he will use certain knowledge to harm you; Envy and hatred;
  • Separation If Chase – This dream notices that you will have an unexpected separation in your relations or at work;
  • Strength for rights If kill a wasp in dream – This signifies that you have ability to stand up fearlessly for your rights and fight with your opponents.

Hindu (Hinduism)

  • Separation If Dreaming of wasps – This dream shows that you will have an unexpected separation at work or in business.

Arabian (Islamic)

  • Temptations If see – When you see wasps in the dream, means that you have to resist with many temptation, which can damage you reputation or personal life;
  • Overcoming If wasps was driven out with smoke – The dream announces that the enemy will be expelled and defeated with mockery and derision;
  • Annoyance If stung by wasps – The grief-filled days will annoy you and they won’t let you to make right decision;
  • Frustration If bitten – Also means disappointment threatened by malicious friends.

Artemidorus Meanings:

Dream of wasps in general is a bad omen. Wasps in dream predict that you will fall between scoundrels and brutes.

* Please, also see meaning of bees & insects.

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  1. I had a dream of wasp chasing me and just stinging my palms . and i would see the swelling and then i would run but everywhere i went, i was surrounded in every spot i ran too .

  2. I dreamt a wasp was carrying a white substance on it’s back like a square of honey
    it didn’t frighten me as it flew into my chest and into my body and vanished
    the wasp was more brown then red maybe reddish brown.
    I have no idea where this dream came from due to not seeing any wasp
    however a bumblebee was at my front door and I shut the door real fast so it couldn’t
    get inside while I stood on the front porch it was huge it came toward me but
    I didn’t swat at it either however, I stood there, and it didn’t attack me, and flew off.

  3. I’ve been having the same dream multiple times. I got a live wasp stuck in my throat and I try to get it out by holding my mouth open so it can fly out. I sit there for what feels like 10 minutes in my dream while i can feel it move up my throat. It gets to the front of my mouth and I grab it and kill it between my fingers. What does this mean?

  4. Last night i had a dream that i was in a room with my mom and my sister. A giant wasp flew in room. My mom said “dont move and it wont sting you”. It landed on my sister first and she didnt move. The wasp stayed on her for about 5 seconds, but it didnt sting her. Then it flew towards my mom. It didnt land on her, it just circled her for a second and then flew towards me. Even though my mom told us not to move so we didnt get stung, i couldnt help it. I got scared so i walked out the bedroom door to get away from the wasp. It followed me out. I started freaking out a little and i walked over to my step dad who was sitting by the front door. He saw the wasp and he opened the front door so it could fly out. I shooed the wasp outside and he closed the door. What does this mean?

  5. The other day i had a dream about a wasp stinging me on my heart. I didnt feel any pain and wasn’t really worried about it. Somehow the place where the wasp stung me turned into a really big ball of white puss. I squeezed all the puss out with my fingers and my dream ended. Does this mean anything else?

  6. Younger sister had a dream about eating an apple but before she ate it , she noticed there were a lot of wasps in the apple through the skin and after that every single apple she ate after that occurence had a rotten spot near the core

  7. i had this dream,
    i was sleeping..i felt suffocating i decided to move to the second room somewhere i dont know i found the room so full of insects and wasps..them i decided to move away i got back to the room i were sleeping..this time i find there my brother..i sleep with him i sufforcate again i try to get off bed again my brother pulls me back..when i woke up i found myself sufforcating….

  8. For about 2-3 months, I am dreaming about wasp /hornet/ – at the beginning it was normal size, let say about 5 cm. But it is bigger and bigger from one dream to another. Last night it was as big as an adult. All the time, it firstly does not want to hurt me, just flying above my head, but I am afraid of it, so I kill it, just then I wake up. Last night it was really bad, killing such a big wasp was a disgusting dream, I felt like a murderer. I have no problem in family, but I have achieved a lot of success at work, maybe some people would like to hurt me…?

  9. I dreamt there was a bunch of wasps sitting on my right elboW…i quit my job over a month ago due to my manager favoring another worker…but im also taking my childs father for child support, where he is claiming no income, when he does work full timE…his girlfriend also took it upon herself to msg me of how i should leeve him alone, which i dont bcuz i try to coparent with hiM…does the dream of wasps relate to either of my life episodeS?…

  10. Dreamed of wasp stinging me on the face on several attacks. Kept squashing them but they came back. In the dream it didn’t really worry me that they were stinging me. More annoying if anything and not very painful. Never had a wasp dream before and I am 50 years old

  11. Last night I had a dream and I was at an amusement park. There was a wasp and it stung the front of my neck and my face. What is the meaning of this?

  12. Im having this dream, there was a hornet nest in my living room and i saw a bunch of dead hornets on the floor in my house, acompanied my larves, and a single ladybug, idk if i had a dream before or if it was just false memories, but i remember seing one of those larves before the nest was there, i was wondering to kill it but i ignored it instead.
    The nest wasnt really abandoned, as i saw a bunch of hornets suddenly crawling around on it, they attacked me and my mother, i remember feeling the stings of pain all over, as if. I was being burned, my mum also got stung and we went to the bathroom to try and get the hornets off our hands, it worked and killed them attacking our hands, it was pretty painful from.what i remember, but the bad part was that it looked as if my hands were all knawed on, it had these big open holes in them, as if insects had dug caves inside me, i saw bone and i tried touching abit and i got this awful shock, after that i lost the feelings in my hands, i remember getting all hysterical and sad about it, and the water stopped coming, aparently we couldnt aford the water.bills…

  13. I dreamt that wasps the size of my palm were hovering around me and stabbing my chest. I would rip them off and squeeze them in my hand but the stingers would stay in my chest. They were massive and had big eyes. After a while I got terrified but the wasps just hovvered around me as if they were afraid to attack me, but I was still afraid.
    Also dreamt that my bottom teeth fell out while being attacked by the wasps. Instead of feeling angry or upset I just felt like the world was on my shoulders and I was fed up and about to crack.

    From what I’m getting, teeth falling out means someone close to you is going to die and wasps mean hate, rage and revenge… Maybe someone close to me tries to kill me and I kill them instead. Loooool, I better start praying!

  14. i dreamed that i had a wasp nest behind my house and my boyfriend wanted to remove it for me. but when i saw how he wanted to do it (in a agressive manner) i yelled at him to stop but he didnt listen and did it anyway. he threw smth into the nest and hit it with a bat. as a result I was hunted by to big hornets. i ran into his arms, and he picked me up and carried me. he killed one of the hornets but the other one sat down on my jacket and i couldnt shake her of before i knew it, it crawl into my jacket. and thats when i woke up. my fear wa so real and strong.

  15. I had this dream just once last night that one wasp came and made its home in our neighbors garage and then after sometime there were many more…making a home in the garage..thats all

  16. I had a dream that a wasp was following me and I tried running away from it but then it landed on the back of my head by my neck. I do not believe that it stung me, but it started to build a nest. I have no clue what this means.

  17. Okay, so background would probably be needed for this story. I moved in with my bestfriend and her two kids recently. I brought my cat ninja, and a kitten. We named her baby. Well after a very traumatizing event we had to bury Baby.

    After burying Baby I took a nap before work because I work third shift (11pm to 7am) and I had a dream I was outside someone’s house, mine I’m assuming. And a bunch of little bugs, like 100 or so came at me. So I ran inside to grab some spray to kill them and when I got inside there were about 50 wasps/hornets coming at me. I had freaked out in my dream (like anyone else would in real life) and started spraying the spray EVERYWHERE. Well I had gotten a couple hundred stings and had dead wasps/hornets (I’m not sure which it was, either way it hurt in the dream and I woke up in pain) in my hair. I woke up, scared. Not sure what this dream meant but if you could shed some light on it I’d greatly appreciate it. I just want to understand what this was about, or have a better idea of what to take caution around. Thank you!

  18. I’ve been dreaming of pregnancy babies and wasps everywhere all with people from work in my dream as well as dreaming about not being able to find my man

  19. i had a dream i was standing out side the shed door and then a group of wasps appear out of no where and started surround me. I wasnt afraid and they didnt sting me, just flying around me, i just stood there stearing at two asians ramming there car into my car my decease mother got for me and thats when i woke up, thinking about those wasps. What does that mean?

  20. I dreamed my 6 yrold daughter was quizzically looking at and hold a red solo cup that had something stuffed in it.. I kept hearing a buzzing noise and i suddenly realized she had an odd wasp nest in the cup.. Then before I could get the cup from her the wasps began coming out and I was afraid she would be bit. Buy they only touched her arm.. Left arm .. And buzzed off.. She was never afraid.. And I think there was only 2.. But big ones.. This sounds crazy.. But one was fuzzy kinda light in color.. And the other was black.. The fuzzy one is the one that touched her arm…

  21. I just had a dream about wasps. I was in the street running from something (not the wasps). I saw this apartment complex which was supposed to be where I lived. I went in and my apartment was made up of my bedroom, my sister’s room and two other rooms. Suddenly my sister and cousin were there (whom I’m very close to) and I think someone pregnant was there and the pregnant woman was part of why we had been running. Then my sister said we had to set something on fire to distract the thing we were running from and she ran into another room. I looked out of the window and the building across from us exploded and I knew it was because of my sister. She then reappeared in one of the other rooms and started to set a microwave on fire and I started to freak out telling her it would blow up the place and kill us all. The pregnant woman was gone now and we were on my laptop looking up this famous guy called Michael? Anyways, they called him vampire lord, but as we know him Michael and his face was all word and he looked like a vampire due to a wasp attack he had just suffered. Suddenly the wasps were in my house and they started to follow me and I knew they were trying to kill me. I ran into the microwave room and hurried to put on a top because I was only wearing a bra. I was about to run downstairs (I don’t know how the apartment changed to a house) and get my mom but the wasps had gotten in and just as they were about to sting me I woke up.

  22. I had a dream that I was eating fruit and a big wasp came onto the counter and stung the cuttingboard until the stinger broke off. Once it broke off, there was this stranger yellow goo coming from the wasp until it bleed out and died. What does this mean?

  23. I dreamt last night that I had got a tin out to put some chocolate bars in that a person had made. Inside the tin was a bag of sugar a jar of jam and a jar of honey that at some stage had all been opened and put in to the tin.
    After I had removed these, I noticed right from deep within the bottom rim of the tin a dead wasp so I put the tin into water to float this wasp out and the next thing lots of dead wasps were floating out of the tin for quite a while. I wasn’t stung, They were all dead. I was the only one concerned about this. Eventually all were washed away and the chocolate bars were neatly stacked into a box. We chatted away and everyone seemed to get on with what they were doing.

  24. Last night I dreamed that, what seemed like, thousands of wasps were emerging from my legs and feet. There was no pain, and they didn’t sting, they just appeared from my skin and walked or flew off. I was curious, but not afraid. I think it must be a symbol of the hidden anger I feel for my late mother, leaving me and hopefully setting me free.

  25. I had a dream I woke up from just now.I was with a girl in my house and we were looking for something.
    when we reached the rest room, she said ‘there’ and I saw something sort of like a cocoon sticking on the right corner of my mirror. Then she said ‘it’s a butterfly’ and said something along the lines of calling her. As we exited the restroom, the cocoon moved and when I pointed it out, she turned and we saw a hornet come out of it. This, small, wire cage appeared and stopped it from coming out for a while. But when it did, itstung the girl on the girl on the index finger and I pulled her out the door and shut it; trapping the e hornet inside.

  26. I had a Hornet chasing me and landed on my neck in my dream a huge one, I could feel its legs on my neck,I knew if I freaked it would bite me instead I was yelling for someone to help me, I think I was yelling for my brother to help me or some one I knew, but I don’t remember.

  27. I had a dream that I was staring at a wasp’s nest in my sister’s room. Then I started walking to my room and they started following me. I got to my room and they started forming a wasp nest in my room as well. Then they all started to attack me and sting me. I was on the ground screaming and waving my hands around trying to get them away from me

  28. I dreamt that it was night time and I was coming down the hall way and stood at the door leading into the lounge room. I could see movement over into the right of the lounge room,I put on a light in the kitchen so i would have enough light to see what it was without disturbing it. In that right corner was a radiator (which we don’t have)and wasps were all over the back of it. There was no sound, just a mass of wasps.I went into my spare room and woke my ex husband and he said “don’t worry about” Thinking of our safety I started to close the hall sliding door (which I don’t have anymore) and the back of the door was covered in wasps. I went and found a new can of surface spray and went crazy spraying them all. Next thing my dog (who lives with my ex) was drinking out of the toilet which hadn’t been flushed. Then I woke up.

  29. I dreamt a cloud of wasps entered my shirt and all settled at my back. They didn’t sting but I was afraid they would if moved my shirt. I asked someone to ring the doctor to ask what to do. This person was rather anxious. It was at an office. She took me to the ladies room, together with someone else who wanted to help or was just curious. She started to spray my hair and told me in the meanwhile I should work with children in stead of freelancing in my line of work. I laughed at her and said the wasps would have been there too. I took my shirt of and saw in the mirror that the wasps had formed the shape of a heart. I asked the other person to take a picture for my Facebook. They where sitting on a metal net and I knew I could take it gently of and bring it outside.

    I wander if this dream has to do with my work. Due to financial reasons the place has to close in the coming months. I am afraid what is being said behind my back. And if I will be treated fairly. All three persons are part of me: the one who asks for help and is rather practical, the one who is anxious and wanders if I can manage this work and the one who is curious and creative and loves taking pictures.

    The one thing that puzzles me is the shape of a heart. It was really beautiful. Any thoughts on that?

  30. I had a peculiar dream three nights ago where I was driving in the backseat of a car..Once I took in the scene, I not only noticed that I was sitting next to my ex boyfriend who hurt me to no abandon with lies and deceitfulness, I realized to my horror that a wasp nest was attached to my left ankle. A single wasp materialized from the nest and kept trying to sting me incessantly. I didn’t feel any pain from the sting and after a while the horrible wasp seemed more like a pathetic insect that proved more annoying than perilous. After reading this excerpt explaining the meaning behind what wasps convey when they appear in dreams, I realize that it is spot on- the symbolism in my dream completely coincides with the dream interpretation(s) on this site! The subconscious is such a strange and beautiful thing, especially when it downright reminds you of the past and helps to purge negative experiences associated with it.

  31. This morning just before I got up, I had a dream about a really big hornet (cartoon sized, as big as a baby bird, size of my palm) and it ate through some toast beside my bed, (which had marmalade on it, which I associate with my old home town and friend) then I tried to shoo it out the door, but it was SO BIG I was scared of being stung/attacked. I tried twice, and twice it crawled over my toast and ate through it (this is what upset me, as I was really looking forward to it). In the dream, everything was very realistic, except the hornet, it looked very cartoonish, and not at all like a hornet, just a black with yellow winged buzzy stingy thing, but I knew it was a hornet. In the end I gave up trying to get it out of my room, and left the room myself, thinking I’d just deal with it later. I have recently (few weeks) rearranged the furniture in my room, and in the dream it was in the old configuration. Any ideas?

  32. I had a dream that my mom came to get me cause she was stumg by a wasp. we went to a mall and there were maybe 3 wasps outside of oit n a very small nest. i walked by without being noticed by them. she hesitated as she walked and was stung. we endwd up buyinf spray and going back to her house. i see thw same small nest.i start a fogger or something then runs and tells her thwyll be dead by morning. then i wake up.

  33. So I was in a barn tucked off a country lane. I get into the house and a wasp stings me, soon the barn is full of wasps at which point I know I have to escape, I leave the building and run down the drive towards the lane. There is a big chestnut tree by the lane which I have to go under in order to escape the lane. As I get to the tree I notice a hornet, I wave my arm at it and I watch as it’s sting goes into my skin but I can’t feel it. I look back and the wasps are still chasing me. I run under the tree and notice hornets on every leaf. I start getting stung everywhere by the hornets and wasps but I can’t feel the stings but I know I am being stung too much. I look around and see a small house on the other side of the lane, I run to the house and someone is inside but don’t know who. I tell them to close the windows and that there are wasps outside. As I tell the person, I get stung on the arm (I get a real close up of the sting going into my skin) and I then pinch the hornet on my STM until it squashes in half (sting still in) but don’t feel anything. I then look in a mirror and my entire face is stung and swollen but can’t feel anything but know I am
    really hurt. I see the person in the house and ask them to call an ambulance, I say that I am not hurt but going into shock and then I am awake.

  34. mine wasnt a dream i have a bathroom in my room at my moms house and one day i woke up and there was hella wasps so i just started killing them all.. the next day there was more and then more jp just 2 days but then there was more :/ yeaterday or like 2 days ago me and my mom watched one come in our house and i totally ignored it i just found it in my room yesterday it was on my blanket!!! so i got up found it and killled ittttt

  35. All I can remember from my dream was that I was standing in my back yard near where my old shed use to be. There where many brown flying things hovering in like a swarm infront of me in the place where the shed use to be. They seemed to not care that I was there but when I picked up the rake that was at my feet, a baseball sized hornet came in and landed on my nose and immediately stung me repeatedly. I slowly pinch the hornet and take it off my nose without killing it and I look at it. It vanishes and all the brown flying things come at me and then I wake up 5 minutes before my alarm. Its been like this for a few days now but this was first time seeing a hornet.

  36. About 3 days ago I was in a dream surrounded by unknown friends just socializing, when a black wasp approached me and kept trying to sting me, I kept swatting it aways and it would keep flying all over me trying to sting me. I was wearing a sweater which protected me from the sting. I managed to swat it and ran inside the house for safety and closed the door. It started crawling underneath the door and I stomped it and killed it.

    The day after a good cousin of mine had showed up to my house. It had been a while since i’ve seen him. We had drinks and went out to the bar. He parted ways with some friends and showed up to my house after the bar, I was with my roomate and a co-worker, both of whom my cousin knows well. He had been on drugs that night and came inside really aggressive, and started wanting to fight my roomate for nothing. So me and my co worker walked him out of the house and he began talking trash to my co worker over nothing. So I told him calmly to cool it and thats when he began verbally attacking me and threatning me with black mail. I completely lost it and went off on him as he just smirked it off. My friend took me inside. Then I realized my cousin had my phone. Sure enough he called my ex and began insulting her.

    Its been 2 nights since that incident and all I can think about is retalliation in the worst way. This wasp dream nailed it on the head. Thank god for my good friends and family that have been there to keep my cool.

  37. About 3 days ago I was in a dream surrounded by unknown friends just socializing, when a black wasp approached me and kept trying to sting me, I kept swatting it aways and it would keep flying all over me trying to sting me. I was wearing a sweater which protected me from the sting. I managed to swat it and ran inside the house for safety and closed the door. It started crawling underneath the door and I stomped it and killed it.

    The day after a good cousin of mine had showed up to my house. It had been a while since i’ve seen him. We had drinks and went out to the bar. He parted ways with some friends and showed up to my house after the bar, I was with my roomate and a co-worker, both of whom my cousin knows well. He had been on drugs that night and came inside really aggressive, and started wanting to fight my roomate for nothing. So me and my co worker walked him out of the house and he began talking trash to my co worker over nothing. So I told him calmly to cool it and thats when he began verbally attacking me and threatning me with black mail. I completely lost it and went off on him as he just smirked it off. My friend took me inside. Then I realized my cousin had my phone. Sure enough he called my ex and began insulting her.

    Its been 2 nights since that incident and all I can think about is retalliation in the worst way. This wasp dream nailed it on the head. Thank god for my good friends and family that have been there to keep my cool.

  38. Id gone into a bedroom, as saw about three wasps buzzing around, I grabbed a can of fly and wasp killer, but I was just spraying and spraying and spraying and it wasn’t doing anything then eventually they started to die and as they were flying towards me one wasp at a time it turned into the face of a woman, I don’t recognise, and then I felt that I had to hit the face on the head with a hammer to kill it and so eone in the room had a go at me but i told them it was to put it out of it’s misery quickly.

  39. I’m 14 and I really like a boy and I think he likes me to. I dreamt about him and wasps . I was going to school when the school bus came he
    Was there infront of the bus smiling at me. And then after school ended I went home
    But my house was filled with wasps I ran insid my bedroom and closed the doors but the wasps came in and bit me. My whole family was there does it mean my family will betray me or the guy I like will betray me . I’m really scared cuz last year wasn’t a good year for me lots of people betray me…. 🙁 can someone answer me

    • I have read alot of these dreams. I am convinced the lord talks to each of us through dreams. I believe bees represents problems. The fact u ran from them means u try to avoid your problems and not take responsibility for them or face them, but regardless they will still hurt you even when u feel safe. U maybe feel like alot of your problems come from your family. Once you leave home you feel like its possible to see the boy u like in a different light. Hope this helps

  40. Lastnight i had a dream,it was So vivid!(7/24/2012) And like in my dream I was outside with a bunch of strangers in a circle in my back yard, and this boy(like 15) comes by and places a flower on my head, And on the flower a wasp was on it, and i didn’t notice untill i tried to take the flower off of my head, and it started buzzing like crazy! i tossed the flower on the ground and ran to the door, But i stopped in front of this lady at my apt. building, and i asked her to help but she just stared blankly, and then the wasp came by again, very fast . but this time like 5 wasps were there , and so i ran into this house, It wasnt my apt. and it was all smokey and beat up, the wasps came in and tried attacking me, but this time there was around 15 or so, And then one went up my nose and i was trying to blow it out and squish it .. Then another wasp went into my ear and i freaked out and I was screaming ,(i still slightly think that its there sometimes,idk why..) And then I woke up .. And went outside to go to summer school, and i was watching for wasps and anything else that flew , Anything . Then i seen a buunch of wasps, like 5 of them in the grass and it scared me to death! and i started to pace (away from the wasps..) and I been scared all day, idk what this means, can annyone tell me ?? :\ Because i read things like, bad thing are going to happen , personal conflict , etc.

  41. In my dream my older sister & myself were in our moms old house with two cats and a dog.. It was raining outside and a bee got inside somehow. It went straight for me so I hid under a blanket but the sound of the bee got louder n I looked n it was a swarm of wasps! I ran to the bathroom leaving my sister but she followed me so I opened the door but some wasps got in. Some stung my foot but I didn’t feel any pain. My sister did though. In the bathroom we found bug spray so I put my hood up n covered my face and went out n killed them all..
    I’m jus really confused. What does this mean?!

  42. I arrived at my mums house late last night and had a dream last night (22/06/2012 about wasps. In my dream I was entering my mums house but couldn’t find the light switches to the bathroom, there were several so I tried them all, they didn’t work for the bathroom, so I realised I had to put this plug into the ocket for the lights to work, as I was trying to get the plug to fit in, I could vaguely see these flying insects around my hand. I hurried to get the light on and that’s when the lights came on and I saw it was a group of wasps, there there about 15 of them. They began to follow me around thhe flat as I tried to get them to fly out the windows but they wouldn’t at first. It was strange as when they were following me they were all in a line (one behind another). Only a few left the window but the majority of them stayed and followed me around. Then I woke. Just wondered the meaning behind this dream.

    • It seems like maybe somewhere that you are comfortable is changing in a way that you can’t quite change on your own. Like your having trouble finding the switches might symbolize that something that you are used to doing might not be available eg. the plug is your new outlet but the bees are making it hard for you to use that option symbolizing a challenge. The few that left may indicate that those are areas in your life that you have control over but the ones that are still there may indicate thatyoustill have issues or things undone in your life. Like for example you may have options available to you outside of your comfort zone ( moms house) that you are afraid to take advantage of because you are not 100% in control of what the outcome may be. Take a chance mom will still be there for you 🙂

  43. I dreamt I was in an intriguing obstacle course. One part of it was having to run through a huge mass of wasps and in my dream I knew it would not be hard if I knew how to do it. I made a mistake though, and saw a wasp had stung me through my jacket and it seemed as if it was almost fully under my skin because I could only see its wings. The pain was getting stronger and stronger as I contemplated trying to pull it out with my fingers. I was afraid a part of it would still be beneath my skin if I did that, so when the pain got unbearable I woke up.

  44. I had a dream last night that I was running away from giant wasps 5ft long. A bunch of people where trying to get away on a trolley type of thing and one zoomed by me readdy to attack and in terror I crouched down between two tall unfamiliar men and then the bottom of the trolley gave way underneath a woman ahead of me and fell down the cliff to me caught up by the wasp that had been following me. When I looked back at her she was being stung again and again until she was unrecognizable and all I could think was please don’t come back for me.

  45. I was in my dream and with my older cousin..we are very close, so I saw a wasp on the wall and he provoked it kinda like took it from the wall and it flew away but to me on my..it landed on my hand and I did not freak out at all…until it sunk all of its sting in near my thumb, and Mike my cousin took it away I didn’t remove it but just said “ouch”and he flicked it away n donno what he did to it..I started bleeding like crazy but I was still chilled!!

  46. so i keep having the same re-occurring dream. all i remember of it is that i’m walking in my backyard i think and there’s wasps, they fly around me and maybe is 5 of them attach them selves to my face and neck, they don’t sting but the crawling and the fluttering of there wings freaks me out so i drop to the floor and crawl into the fetal position. at this time i’m covering my face but some how they still manage to crawl across my brow and left cheek, then all i see is my self in third person and someones arm spraying the wasps with fly spray yelling ‘just run’ the wasps don’t die and what feels like my passing out is my waking up.
    So i’m not really enjoying falling asleep at the moment, if anyone could shed some light on this, so i can sort it out that would be greatly appreciated
    cheers hannah

  47. Hi, I had a dream a couple of weeks ago.
    I was drinking a bottle of cyder out of a big glass bottle(keg)
    As I drank the cider and moved the bottle from my mouth, I noticed it taisted off and bitter, and as I looked at the glass bottle more clearly I noticed the cider had a misty/ milky consistancy
    to it. I then put the bottle on a table in my bedroom(the glass broke slightly as I put it down) and turned round to walk away. As I turned
    I could hear a buzzing noise,I then turned back around and as I looked at the glass bottle again it didnt have any cider in it, It had what i would call a a pile of caviar. Still curious I then broke the glass bottle. The caviar was still there, but as I removed the top broken half of the bottle a wasp the size of a coke can rose from behind the caviar lookin stuff. I then woke up and have had it on my since.
    If you could help me explain this Id be most greatfull.

  48. Dreamed that wasps were stinging the palms of my hands. One even imbedded its head into my hand. Couldn’t get them out and they just kept stinging. What a nightmare! What does it mean?

  49. Wasps And The Nest. I Had A Dream About Wasps And Them Building Their Nests Literally Inside Of A Hospital Like Building, That I Was Living In, In The Dream. It Was A Hospital Like Place, But It Was Like A Free Hospital, The Kind Where You Could Move Around The Building When You Wanted To, I Guess, At The End Of The Dream, I Went Back To The Old Hospital Room, That I Was Living In, Because I Guess I Missed That Old Hospital Room, The Same One Where The Wasps Were Building Their Nests Literally Inside Of, Because I Think I Missed The Old Room Or Something, And I Think That The Hospital Like Room, Facing My Old Hospital Room, In The Dream, Was Burned I I Think…..yikes! the other room was burned….i don’t know what that means, but yikes! that’s all i can really remember, if anything at all, huh??

    • Thats very interesting. I’d say take watch of those around you.. Wasps nests are almost always a sign of a large manifestation of evil/malice/anger/aggressive behavior. Have you been moving positions in your life recently? A job? School? Rec. Facility.. Have you taken on any new passtimes? The part where you stepped into what you thought was your old room creeped me out, could mean you feel unsteady in your new place of work/school/etc… It could also signal that a fragment of your past, or old friends are falling apart..
      Good luck

  50. for weeks now ive been dreaming about wasps its got so bad that im waving my hand in my air when im asleep trying to avoid them. recently friends well who i thought where my friends have been talking behind my back. are they wasps a meaning for something or am i just going mad have been dreaming about them for nearly two months

    • Hi. One thing that might help is that you ought to see the freedom of other people – people who you thought were your friends or didn’t – to do as they please. We can easily forget things at times, and there are loads of things to remember at times like this. One is that no-one really ever has any claim on anyone else, as friend or anything. People just are, each ambling along in their life, for better or for worse. (While, how you feel is really important, and if you lose a friend, how you feel is very important and you shouldn’t hide it, for the situation can’t mean anything else to you.)

      Another thing people forget is that people just are, they are how they are and then they change, as you can change – maybe they can control that, maybe they can’t. Things can turn out as you’d prefer them for you, or otherwise, but you ought not let what you’d prefer or think fortunate to cloud that that has nothing to do with reality, and with that you have no claim of possession over anyone.

      A helpful thing to say is that people talk about other people anyway – friends or not friends – behind their back, much of the time. It’s just that at sometimes you don’t realise that – sometimes nearly everyone forgets that, but it’s totally normal. And would you like them to talk positive things about you, just for the sake of it, or would you like them to be free, who they are, perhaps getting lost, perhaps changing for the worse and pulling away from that.

      But, at the end of the day, it’s better for you as a person, I think, much more positive, to accept the latter – it’s quite a joyous thing actually – as anything other than that is kind of being lost in blindedness.
      Perhaps someone is having an episode which will remind them that they don’t want to talk ill of you, but need to experience themselves to see that. (Maybe a long line making a really good relationship of any kind can’t last forever without cracks anyway, for anyone.)

      I know also, as a friend, you may feel you have some link or duty to remind the person how they would best see themself – that’s difficult, anyway. If you do nothing, you should never be ashamed, for you’re letting their free spirit be their free spirit. To actually find something to do or say that’s in keeping with that may be very hard, so just think what’s natural and what’s basic, if anything can come out.

      Nothing lasts forever, nothing is ideal. Something that seems ideal only seems ideal, but it is real.

      I don’t know about dream interpretation, but I was just thinking there of how the wasps dreams might symbolise some 2 worlds situation – 1 world of the myriad points, serious things to think of and remember about life, with all sorts of routes going on off them, and it’s difficult; and 1 world of a time of easily feeling good and perhaps allowing that to affect you adversely after a while, because really it’s the first world that will anchor you. The wasps are flying everywhere and are threatening because they go in all directions, just like all the things to think about in life, seriously.

      I don’t know. Maybe this helps.

      Anyway, take it easy. I was thinking that wasps could be associated in dreams beneficially with thought, and allowing sensible thinking and the goodness and joy which seeing clearly again can bring, away from a possible of ditch of old times and assumptions and losing track of the fact that you don’t know about life, you don’t know how things will be, and that that is how life is truly anyway.

      I hope some of that might be relevant anyway. I’m sorry if none of it is relevant, or it’s all real obvious to you anyway.

        • Try changing what you eat just before bed. A healthy drink of yoghurt, a glass of pure fruit juice, a piece of toast – something good but just different to what you have been having.

        • I’m going on and on – but actually it may be a good idea to tell your doctor, or someone who could help in a similar way. The same stressful scary dream for 2 months, involving physical reactions, waving your arms as you sleep in stress or fear – that’s really bad. This all could be a symptom of something physical, like gallstones or something. Do you have any other unusual symptoms?